Why Is Luggage So Expensive – Reasons Explained By L&R

During packing for a trip you come across many options like duffle bags, backpacks, handbags, and luggage. You have to carry one according to your needs and the nature of your trip. It also depends on the tour duration. If you choose luggage as your travel companion, it should be sturdy, strong, and of premium quality.

When you go to the market to purchase a piece of luggage for yourself, the first question that comes to mind after hearing their price is “Why is luggage so expensive?” For luggage to become out of budget, there are several factors to consider. Some famous luggage brands don’t make cheap or average-quality cases, which is why they charge a high price.

Some cases have higher rates than others because they are equipped with some additional features that make them unique and more practical. It is true that if you want premium quality luggage with advanced features, it must be more expensive than the other cases.

If you need to buy new luggage for your upcoming trip and are afraid of the high prices of these cases in the markets, then read my article carefully. I’ll give you a complete guide to luggage pieces and the reasons behind their high cost.

Why is Luggage so Expensive?

Why Is Luggage So Expensive

If you visit your nearby market or search for a suitcase, you’ll notice that different cases have different prices. Some cases are in the budget, but some are very costly. Some suitcases are less than $100, but you’ll also see the luggage ranges from $800 to $1000. If the luggage is highly cost, then there are many reasons for their high pricing. The following is the reason for the costly luggage.

  • Quality of luggage material
  • Brand of luggage
  • Quantity of luggage pieces
  • Size of luggage
  • Features of the luggage
  • Collaboration of luggage brands with celebrities

Quality of luggage material

The first thing that makes the luggage expensive is the quality of its material. A piece of top-of-the-line quality luggage can stand up to any weather condition and rough handling. So if you want a piece of luggage that can last for many years, then it is compulsory to get a piece of luggage with premium quality materials.

Cases are of two types: those that are soft and those that are hard. Although soft-sided cases are not completely waterproof, well-made quality soft luggage lasts for many years. In the same way, superior quality hard-side luggage is very useful. Aluminum luggage has premium quality luggage material than all hard side materials.

Good-quality luggage is more expensive than luggage made of low-quality material. So it’s better to invest in good luggage than cheap ones. Because average-quality luggage can be damaged at any time.

Brand of luggage

The cost of luggage also depends on the brand. The most famous brands are expensive because people trust their quality and their designs are unique, so their cases are easily recognized. It also depends on the number of years the brand has been in business.

Some brands serve for many years and people don’t need to inquire about their luggage. This is because they are very well known for the reputation and positive reviews of users of that brand. These brands are usually expensive because they have many regular and trusted customers.

Quantity of luggage pieces

The price of luggage also varies according to the pieces of luggage. You’ll find that many luggage sets come with additional luggage pieces, like a large hard-side suitcase along with medium and small pieces. This luggage set is suitable if you are buying luggage for your whole family. A set of luggage is usually more expensive than a single piece of luggage.

Brands also manufacture some suitcases in very small numbers. As a result, it increases its demand and price. Brands release luggage with unique patterns or additional features every year. As brands manufacture only a few of these suitcases, they become highly sought after, and people are willing to pay a premium for them. The price of that piece would increase by many hundred dollars if the bidding started on it. This is also the reason suitcases are costly.

Size of luggage

Aside from the debate regarding whether to have a single or a set of luggage, the cost also depends on the luggage’s size. Dimensions of the luggage matter a lot when pricing luggage. If you are buying a small piece of luggage, the price will be less than a large piece of luggage of the same brand and material.

Therefore, I recommend you buy luggage according to your needs. If you want a medium size bag, you should never choose the larger one. Also, check your airline’s luggage dimensions. Some airlines do not allow large-sized luggage, so choose the size of your luggage accordingly.

Features of the luggage

In most cases, luggage comes with the same features, but if your luggage has advanced features, it must be more expensive. Currently, luggage comes equipped with inbuilt TSA lock systems, telescopic handles, 360-degree spinner wheels, and expandable features. Some luggage also has an integrated USB cable for charging your phone. Actually, the features of the luggage differentiate it from other luggage.

You’ll also have to pay high for the latest and most appropriate luggage. No doubt luggage features are one of the reasons for its high cost.

Collaboration of luggage brands with celebrities

There’s no doubt that we live in an age of social media, where people are admiring celebrities’ achievements a lot. Nowadays, it’s a trend for celebrities to collaborate with popular brands and advertise their products on their social media platforms. People follow celebrities and feel proud if they use their recommendations.

It could directly benefit the brands too. Brands don’t need to do many advertisements. They prefer to hire the most popular celebrity for collaboration. It was the makeup industry that started this trend, but now luggage brands are also following suit. The main purpose for the brands of this collaboration is to increase sales of their products and this method is also successful.

This also results in a high cost associated with the collection of luggage released after collaboration. In this way, suitcases become more expensive.

Best Luggage Brands

Why Is Luggage So Expensive

Many brands manufacture superior-quality suitcases, but the following are the most famous and trusted luggage brands.

  • Rimova
  • Tumi
  • Brigs & Rilley
  • Samsonite
  • Bric’s


It has been selling luggage services since 1937, making it one of the oldest luggage brands. It is best to purchase aluminum luggage. This brand is famous for its durable, lightweight, upgraded, and high-quality luggage. I also consider this to be one of the most expensive luggage brands. Bags from this company start at $500 and can range up to $2000.


There is no doubt that this is an outstanding brand. You probably know the name “Tumi” if you are searching for high-quality luggage. It is famous for its amazing luggage materials. The Tumi brand constantly updates its products in response to the needs of travelers and makes trendy suitcases. Its suitcases are also affordable and pocket-friendly. Tumi’s products start at $350.


Samsonite is a luggage brand that needs no introduction. You can blindly trust this brand if you don’t want to do much research and want to get good luggage. Samsonite is a trusted brand that has been making amazing luggage for 100 years and is expected to remain that way for a lifetime. Samsonite is famous for its high-quality and durable luggage. Samsonite luggage starts at $200 and it’s a good deal to get a piece of durable luggage at an affordable price.

Briggs & Riley

This brand has been operating since 1993 and has achieved success and fame in a short period. It is the first brand that introduce the expansion feature in luggage. On Amazon, many suitcases from this brand have excellent ratings. Its suitcases are also affordable and its range starts from $240, which makes them really pocket-friendly.


Bric’s is an Italian luggage brand famous for its amazing, high-quality, and luxurious luggage. If you want a piece of attractive and stylish luggage, then you should go with the luggage of Bric’s. It is one of the most famous and trusted brands. Its cases start from $220.

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Do only expensive luggage last a long time?

It is true that if you invest a lot in a good piece of luggage, you will eventually get a high-quality piece of luggage. Expensive cases are worth it because they are manufactured with suitable materials. All the features are amazing and most of them come with a warranty against any manufacturing fault. If you are looking for a high-quality piece of luggage then you should buy an expensive one.

But some low-cost cases are even extremely durable and last for many years. It is not a guarantee that only expensive cases are durable. Additionally, it depends on the way you keep and use your luggage. Clean your luggage thoroughly after each trip. Make sure it is stored in a damp place. With great care, you will also be able to extend the lifespan of your luggage.

Is the luggage warranty also makes it expensive

Yes, luggage warranty plays an important role in making luggage expensive. In general, people believe that if the luggage has a lifetime warranty, it is likely to be of high quality. The luggage that comes with a 10-year warranty or even a long-term warranty is also expensive. People also feel comfortable buying such cases because they don’t need to pay extra money in case of a manufacturing fault or other wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Should I buy expensive or low-cost luggage?

Ans: Expensive cases are indeed of superior quality, but some low-cost luggage is also of superior quality. Always buy luggage according to your needs and budget. Always pick a trusted brand. A reliable brand also sells its products at affordable prices. Check the reviews of the product you want to purchase in this way. You’ll get an idea of its features and quality. Buying expensive luggage is great, but it is also worth considering the average luggage cost.

Q2: How can I choose a piece of high-quality luggage?

Ans: For me, purchasing luggage from Amazon is a better option than buying it from the market. This is because you can read reviews online of other Amazon buyers relating to the product you want to purchase. I recommend you pay more attention to luggage quality than its design. Always try to buy luggage with in-built TSA luggage. It guarantees the security of your luggage and items inside it.

Q3: Is Louis Vuitton a good brand?

Ans: Yes Louis Vuitton is also a good brand. It has worked since 1854 and has achieved remarkable success. This brand doesn’t compromise on luggage quality. It is among the most expensive brands and its range starts from $1900. They offer from single luggage to a set of luggage.


No doubt that you all need luggage for packing whether you are a frequent traveler or you are only traveling for a few days. When it comes to purchasing luggage, most people ask “Why is luggage so expensive?” after hearing about its high price. Some suitcases are indeed really expensive, but they are definitely worth it. Luggage in the average range can also be of good quality and last for many years. Along with buying good quality luggage, you also have to take care of it to extend the life of your luggage.

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