What to do with luggage before flight – Complete Preparation For Hassle-free Travel

Almost all people just love to have trips no matter whether those trips are domestic or international. Trips are the short recreational break from busy schedules. They refresh people and make them feel light, calm, and relaxed. Having a trip sounds good but it needs proper research and planning especially during packing luggage because every airline has its own rules and regulations you must pack the allowed items only.

If you are traveling for the very first time then you must know “What to do with luggage before flight”. In this blog post, I’ll give you a complete guide from packing your luggage to submitting it to the airline staff after security checking. I recommend you take a paper pen and note all the points on it so that you don’t forget them while packing. Hopefully, at the end of this guide, you’ll be able to pack your luggage properly and more effectively.

What To Do With Luggage Before Flight

Packing the luggage for a trip is not a difficult task however, you need to be a little tricky to pack your luggage perfectly. If you have to travel internally then along with your airline also check the rules of your destination airline so that you don’t have to face any problem at customs. I categorized this whole process into two groups for better understanding:

  • Preparing the luggage
  • Things to consider at the airport

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Preparing Luggage:

While packing the luggage you need to follow these steps:

Check the rules of your airlines:

As I mentioned earlier you need to check the rules of your airlines so that you don’t have to face any issues during security check.

Check the weather of your destination country:

It’s also important to check the weather of the destination place so that you can keep your clothes and accessories accordingly.

Make a list of items:

Pre-planning is very helpful in appropriate packing. Before 3,4 days of your flight make a list of all the items that you need during your trip. After preparing this list match it with the airline’s rules and if you mentioned any prohibited item in the list then remove it and write an allowed item as an alternative.

Choose the luggage wisely:

If you need to buy new luggage for your trip then order it at least one month before the flight so that you can check it properly and if there’s a need to return it then you can easily get its replacement on time. If you already have luggage then also check it before your flight. I recommend you use lightweight hard-sided luggage because these suitcases are waterproof and keep your items safe during unfavorable weather conditions. Additionally, most of the hard-sided suitcases have a TSA lock system for security.

Use packing techniques:

In hard-side suitcases, you don’t have some extra space for packing because these are not flexible. It’s good to use packing cubes for packing some extra items with you. By using packing cubes, you can pack all the items properly and in an organized way. If you do not use packing cubes then prefer the rolling method of packing cloths over folding them. By rolling your clothes you can easily get some space in the corners for storing your accessories if you use packing cubes then it’s also good to label all the packing cubes so you can easily pick the items that you need without making a mess.

Pack important items in the carry-on:

You should store all of your essential items in carry-on luggage. Packing all the valuable items in the checked luggage can be risky because checked luggage can get stolen and misplaced. You must keep your expensive jewelry, cash, credit cards, and documents in the carry-on luggage because your carry-on luggage will remain with you all the time and your items will remain safe.

Lock your luggage properly:

After proper packing take a picture of your luggage. In this case, if your luggage gets misplaced and you get it after some days then you can check it properly by matching these items with the picture. If your luggage has an in-built lock system then there’s no need for any additional lock but if your luggage doesn’t have any lock then you need to lock it properly. Always use a TSA lock because they are more secure to use. You can also take a luggage-wrapping service for additional security but it depends on you. You can also skip this.

Measure your luggage:

Before going to the airport it’s also beneficial to check and measure the dimensions of your luggage and make sure that these dimensions should be allowed by airlines. Small planes don’t have enough space in them that’s why airlines set limited dimensions and they mention these dimensions in their policies so that you can get correct information regarding the weight and size of the luggage from the official website of your airline.

In the same way, must check the weight of your luggage and if your luggage is overweight then take out some heavy objects. Checking the size and weight of the luggage at home saves you from stress at the airport because most airlines charge additional charges for oversized and overweight luggage.

Things to consider at the airport

Before going to the airport check your items and make sure that you have packed all the items in your luggage. Must use luggage tags and write all the necessary information on them like your name and contact number.

Protect your luggage:

After arrival, if you need to stay there for some time then keep an eye on your luggage. At the airport your luggage can get stolen and misplaced so never leave your luggage alone even for a few minutes. Be aware of your surroundings and stay attentive.

Security checking:

Try to reach the airport on time and don’t be late. During screening remove the items from your luggage and place them in the screening bin. If TSA officers inquire you about your items then reply to them confidently and honestly. Check the official website of TSA, some items need to be declared during checking so you must declare them.

What Happens to Luggage after Check-in

What To Do With Luggage Before Flight After spending 2,3 days packing the luggage and passing them through X-ray scanners when people finally submit their suitcases to the airline staff, they wonder what happens next. After checking in you can’t see your luggage it is supposed to disappear for 3,4 hours. After proper screening suitcases are sent to the cargo space of the plane or loaded into another plane and you can get them back after landing. Every airline has different methods of storing the luggage and it also depends on the size of the plane and the nature of the flight. Read More


Q1: Can I store my luggage at the airport before the flight?

Ans: If you want to store your luggage at the airport for some hours before your flight then it depends on the airport staff. Some airports have lockers for storing luggage and airport staff allows you to store your luggage there but most of the airports don’t have them. If only 1-2 hours left on the flight then there’s no need to submit to store your luggage because you also have to pay some charges for storing your luggage there. At the airport, it’s good to stay with your luggage all the time and try to come on time, don’t arrive too early and also don’t be late.

Q2: What happens if I pack any prohibited item in my luggage?

Ans: It’s not good to pack prohibited items in your luggage, you can caught in trouble because of these items. If airline staff find any prohibited item in your luggage then they take out that item and leave it there. Prohibited items can’t go with you on the plane. It also depends on the nature of the item, if they found any illegal item in your luggage then you might have to go the jail or pay a heavy fine. Read More

Q3: What type of suitcases should I use for traveling?

Ans: Having a suitcase for your upcoming trip depends on you. You can buy a hard-sided or a soft-sided suitcase. Both of these suitcase materials have their pros and cons. You can pick according to the nature of your trip and your budget. I recommend you buy good quality luggage whether it be hard-sided luggage or soft-sided luggage.


Hopefully, after reading my article you have complete knowledge about “What to do with luggage before the flight”. If follow all the mentioned steps then you can pack your luggage perfectly. You just have to keep the airline’s rules regarding the items in your mind and pack luggage accordingly. Don’t take the TSA and airline’s rules for granted because airlines are very strict about them. If you don’t follow them you might have to face serious consequences.

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