What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage? Learn And Save Yourself From Fine

If you are a frequent traveler then you must know that the size of the luggage can affect your packing. It’s an obvious thing that you have to buy luggage, whose size is according to the weight and size limits of your airline because if your luggage is oversized then the airline can charge you a heavy fine. So, it’s imperative to know the rules and regulations of airlines regarding to weight and size of the luggage.

Most travelers come with the question “What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage?” The quick answer to this question is that 62 inches is the total length of the luggage including its length, width, and height. According to most airlines, your luggage shouldn’t be larger than 62 inches. Later on, in this article, we’ll discuss the measuring of luggage and whether should you buy it or not. For me, a piece of ideal luggage is that which is made up of durable material, fulfills your requirements, and is according to the size limits of your airline.

What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage

What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage

62 linear inches is the sum of the luggage’s length, height, and width. You can simply use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your suitcase. A 62-inch suitcase is termed as an ideal size for the luggage. If your luggage is less than 62 inches then it’s not an issue but if you exceed the limits then it can cause stress during the security check. Airlines charge an extra fine for oversized suitcases.

While buying a piece of luggage along with its size, you must consider its weight mostly 22 kg is the maximum weight limit allowed by airlines. Buy a piece of lightweight luggage so that after packing it can’t exceed the weight limit and you can go through the checking process smoothly.

How to measure the dimensions of the Luggage?

The maximum size of the luggage that is allowed by the airlines is termed the dimensions of the luggage. It can also be termed as the linear length of the luggage. Internationally, 62 linear length is the maximum length of luggage and your luggage should be 62 inches or less. Take the size and weight limits of the airlines very seriously because luggage is an important and very personal item. Now have a look at how to measure the length of the luggage.

  • Firstly, keep your luggage on a smooth surface. You can simply keep it on the floor.
  • Take a measuring tape, measure the length of your luggage, and write it on paper. You just have to select the longer side of the luggage and measure it.
  • Now check the width of your luggage and also note it It’s better to measure the width from the centre of the luggage rather than from the top or bottom.
  • After width now measure the height of the luggage.
  • The last step is to sum up all the measurements and if the calculated number is 62 inches or less, you are allowed to take this on the plane. Usually, if the length of your luggage is 24 inches, its width is 18 inches and its height is 20 inches then collectively its linear length will be 62 inches which is the maximum allowed dimensions by most airlines.

Advantages of measuring the dimensions at Home

As you can see above measuring the dimensions is not a difficult or time-consuming process. You can measure the dimensions on your own very easily and it also has the following advantages.

  • At the airport, if you want to check the dimensions of your luggage before checking then you have to pay some charges, but at the same time if you measure it at home then it’ll be free of cost.
  • If you measure your luggage at home and find that it is oversized then you can simply use another luggage or buy a new one and remain stress-free at the time of checking but if during checking you come to know that your luggage is oversized then you have to pay a heavy fine.

I recommend you check the weight and size of your luggage at home. By doing this you’ll feel free during the security check.

How do airlines measure Luggage dimensions?

Airlines measure both carry-on and checked luggage in different ways.

For carry-on luggage airlines have a sizer box. All airlines have this box and its length and width are according to the airline’s size limits. Usually, this box is made up of metal. During checking you have to put your handbag in this box. If your bag gets fits in it then you are allowed to take it on the plane. Airlines want your carry-on luggage to fit easily in the overhead bin of the plane.

Tip: Use a piece of soft-sided carry-on luggage that can easily fit in a sizer box and in the overhead bin of the plane.

In the case of checked luggage, airlines use a measuring tape. They measure the length, width, and height of the luggage and if it is between 60-62 inches then they let you go inside. Usually, most airlines don’t have any issue if your luggage size exceeds 1-2 inches from the allowed size but some airlines charge you a fine for every inch.

For Detailed Information: TSA Luggage Sizes

Is it necessary to measure the wheels of Luggage?

For checked luggage, there’s no need to include the wheels and handles of the luggage while measuring it. However carry-on luggage needs to be measured completely. Airlines also include wheels and handles when they measure carry-on luggage. As you know airplanes don’t have much space in their overhead bin that’s why they measure handles and wheels too.

Most famous manufacturing brands are aware of airline policies so they also count the wheels while measuring the luggage but still, at the time of purchasing luggage, you need to measure it on your own so that you don’t have to face any issues while checking at the airport.

If you are not very familiar with luggage selection, then I recommend you buy luggage online. In this case, you can read honest reviews from other users. Whenever you have to buy luggage, consider the following things:

  • Try buying online
  • Take some time and do a complete research
  • Read all the reviews carefully
  • Go for luggage having advanced features and good quality

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What happens if you have overweight Luggage?

What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage

For carry-on luggage, Airlines usually don’t check all the bags. They stop 3,4 passengers who look to carry overweight carry-ons if the carry-on is overweight and oversized then airlines usually take them from the passengers and load them in the plane’s cargo. Let’s suppose if your hand carry is heavy weight and checked luggage has some space in it then you can simply transfer your items from hand carry to the checked luggage.

For checked-in luggage, if your luggage’s weight exceeds the limits then you have to take out your items to balance the weight according to the airline’s limits. You can also keep those objects in a separate bag and carry them along with your hand-carry. For oversized checked-in luggage, you have to pay some fine. Almost all the airlines have different amounts of fine but mostly they charge from 40-65$ and it’s really a big amount.

Most budget airlines are stricter about the weight and size limits of the suitcases because their planes usually have less space than most of the other international airlines so they don’t even allow heavyweight and oversized carry-on luggage as they don’t have much space in the overhead bin of the plane.

What to consider when choosing good Luggage

What Is 62 Linear Inches Luggage

Whenever you go to choose luggage, consider different facts i.e. size and weight limits, quality and price, etc. Don’t forget your personal taste. You have to carry luggage on your dream tour or business trip, so you should buy it based on your personal tastes. One thing to keep in mind is that people can easily judge your personality by the items you own. Your belongings are a good reflection of your taste. So, first, decide what you want, then consider these factors and buy the best companion for travel.

  • Quality of luggage
  • Size of your luggage
  • Price of the luggage

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

Quality of Luggage

You can’t compromise on the quality of your luggage. You can choose a good brand. Popular brands usually offer good quality products. It totally depends on you whether you are buying hard-side luggage or soft-side luggage but you must go for premium quality luggage. Luggage is a costly item. You can’t buy it again and again so opt for high-quality luggage.

Size of your Luggage

It is no less than a blessing to find luggage that is the right size. Personally, I observe that at the start of your flight if you are caught in trouble during checking then you lose your confidence and it really ruins your whole trip. Choose luggage whose size is according to the size allowed by airlines and you can also fit all of your essential items in it.

One more thing if you are buying a set of luggage then must check each piece because all the features are not present in each sized luggage but usually sellers claim that they all have the same premium features. Don’t trust them these sayings are just their selling tricks.

Price of the Luggage

Just remember one thing, all the low-budget suitcases are not of bad quality all the time. No doubt, expensive bags are of premium quality but some low-budget suitcases also last for many years. I recommend you choose luggage of a good brand. Good brands offer suitcases for both low and high budgets. They just have some advanced features in high-priced suitcases that can be missed in low-cost suitcases but their material quality remains the same for all of their suitcases.


Q1: Is it important to choose the right luggage?

Ans: Yes, choosing the right luggage is very important to make your trip smooth and tension-free. It’s really important to consider, which luggage is actually the right luggage. Firstly, understand your needs, nature, and duration of your trip then choose your luggage accordingly. Must keep in mind the luggage’s dimensions allowed by your airline. I recommend you invest in premium quality luggage. It’s better than choosing cheap luggage before each trip.

Q2: Can a 24-inch luggage be a carry-on?

Ans: No, a 24-inch luggage can’t be a carry-on. A 22-inch luggage is best to be used as a carry-on luggage. Internationally if your luggage’s length is more than 22 inches, it is categorized as checked-in luggage. There are a few airlines where 24-inch luggage can be carried as carry-on luggage like Frontier and Southwest Airlines. Learn more

Q3: What are the advantages of using 62 linear inches of luggage?

Ans: Firstly, these are the allowed dimensions of suitcases by most airlines so you don’t have to pay a fine if you have 62-inch luggage. 62-inch luggage is suitable for packing as it is spacious enough that you can pack your items easily. Additionally, it doesn’t look heavy and bulky. If you a good quality luggage then it lasts with you for many years.


Everyone wants to have a smooth flight but it can be stressful if you come to know that your luggage exceeds the limits mentioned by your airline. In this case, you have to pay the fine and it’s a little embarrassing too. So, you should know “What is 62 linear inches of luggage?” Actually, 62 linear inches is the maximum allowed dimensions by most international airlines and it is the sum of the length, width, and height of the luggage. Make sure that your luggage’s weight and size will according to the luggage dimensions of your airline.