What Color Luggage Should I Get and Which Color Luggage Is Best?

Luggage is an important item when going on a trip. When you are far away from your home, you have only your luggage that can supply you with the necessary items so it’s really important for you to take care of your luggage throughout your trip. It’s unpleasant to know that your luggage has been misplaced or stolen. Thieves usually target luggage that looks attractive so it’s important to get luggage that is the most appropriate.

Here’s a question: “What color luggage should I get?” Basically, the color of the luggage is the first thing that attracts thieves. You should have complete knowledge about different colors of suitcases and their pros and cons. So that you can decide which one suits you best. Read my article thoroughly to know the details about different color suitcases. At the end of the article, you can easily decide what color luggage you should get.

What Color Luggage Should I Get?

What Color Luggage Should I Get

Firstly, it’s your personal choice which color of luggage you want to get. When you go to buy luggage, you have a lot of suitcases to choose from. So, you need to know about the facts about using different colors of luggage. Usually, suitcases are classified as bright or dark-colored suitcases. For me, bright-colored suitcases are better to use. It’s also good to buy luggage online because there you can buy luggage after reading reviews about it. Along with the color of your luggage also check the quality and features of your luggage. Don’t compromise on the quality of your suitcase.

Bright Color Luggage:

Bright-colored luggage looks fashionable and trendy. In bright color luggage, you have a lot of color options available. You can buy pink, yellow, red, and orange color luggage. These are not commonly used by travelers so it also makes you look different, attractive, and unique. Having bright-colored luggage is really a great idea. The main two benefits of color luggage are:

  • Vibrant color luggage is easy to pick up on a conveyor belt.
  • Thieves also avoid picking bright-colored luggage because they are noticeable and can be recognized very easily even from a distance.

You can also opt for multicolor luggage. It looks fantastic. There are also a variety of multi-color luggage having a floral pattern available on the market. You can use these types of suitcases because they are also easily identified and good to use.

Why Shouldn’t You Travel With a Black Suitcase?

It might sound strange that you shouldn’t go with black luggage because black color luggage is mostly liked by travelers. Basic color luggage looks classier and more unique but they are no good to use. Just imagine how difficult it is to find your luggage among the 5 black pieces of luggage that seem the same. You really need to stand in front of the conveyor belt for 20- 30 minutes to find your luggage. It is also hard to spot your black luggage if any thief crosses you having a pile of 3-4 black suitcases along with your suitcase.

Black color luggage is very common so it is difficult to distinguish. If you still want to buy a black color luggage then it’s good to decorate it with colorful stickers so that you can easily find out your luggage. You can also tie a colorful ribbon or cloth to it. For me, using attractive luggage tags is a great option.

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Is White Luggage A Bad Idea?

No, it’s not a bad idea. Honestly, white luggage looks amazing. For me, you should buy white luggage because it looks attractive and wonderful. At the conveyor belt, you merely found 1,2 white suitcases so it is also easily identified and you don’t have to wait for many hours to collect your luggage. White color luggage is also not well-liked by thieves so it’s also a plus point about this luggage. Let’s imagine you pair your white luggage with a gray suit, white sneakers, and some accessories, you’ll really look attractive and pretty.

The only complaint that people have about the white luggage is that it starts looking muddy and dull very soon but it’s not a big deal. You simply have to clean your luggage after every trip and you’ll definitely have neat and clean luggage on each trip. Luckily the material of white luggage is very easy to clean and wash. You should definitely try it.

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How Do I Choose The Best Men’s Luggage?

What Color Luggage Should I Get

If you are going to choose the perfect men’s luggage, it depends on your personal needs, choice, and budget. Actually, suitcases are not specially classified as they are used by men or women but you can choose the one that suits you better according to your gender. Always remember one thing: the best luggage is not the best for everyone. So carefully decide what you actually need. Don’t compromise on the size of the luggage because it’s better to carry one large size of luggage than carrying 2,3 small bags.

If you particularly talk about men’s suitcases, go for basic color cases. Black color luggage looks very classy on it. Men usually need a suitcase for their business meetings so having luggage in black color also enhances their whole look and makes them look more handsome. If you need luggage for domestic trips or seminars, don’t go for bright or multi-colored suitcases. They don’t look good. Additionally, you must look for good quality luggage having advanced features.


Q1: Is It Good To Buy a Set of Luggage?

Ans: Yes, it is great to buy a set of luggage. Especially if you want to gift someone, it’s great to give a set of suitcases rather than giving a single piece. If you are buying suitcases for your family, you should also go for a set. Usually in a set of 3,4 pieces of luggage, you get different sizes of suitcases so you can use those cases according to the needs of your family members.

It’s also beneficial to use a whole set because they are easily noticeable on the conveyor belt. You can easily check whether you have all the suitcases or not because they look alike. You just have to count them. It sometimes happens that one suitcase gets misplaced so if you have a set of 3,4 suitcases then security can easily find it by comparing it with other pieces.

Q2: Are Cheap Luggage of Low Quality?

Ans: No, cheap luggage is not of bad quality all the time. Sometimes, low-cost luggage lasts for many years. Mainly you have to select a good brand. A good brand offers good quality luggage according to your budget. Size might differ according to cost but quality remains the same. Expensive suitcases are indeed of premium quality but some cheaper suitcases can also be of good quality.

Q3: Which Luggage Is Most Appropriate To Use?

Ans: A luggage that can carry and secure all of your belongings is the most appropriate luggage for you. Always buy good quality and durable luggage. Along with the quality and features of the luggage, check the allowed luggage size of your airline and buy accordingly.


If you are wondering “What color luggage should I get?” then firstly consider your personal needs and preferences. However, I suggest you buy multicolor or bright color luggage. They are safer to use. You should consider the luggage color but don’t ignore the features and quality of the luggage. They are also important to keep in consideration while buying luggage.