What Color Luggage Is Most Likely To Be Stolen? Pick Your Luggage Color Wisely

It often happens to us when we come to know that something is missing from our items that might be misplaced, mixed with other items, or stolen. The loss of something is not so surprising unless the lost thing is too costly or precious. However, just think for a while about what you would feel if you found your whole luggage missing during the trip. There are some factors involved in luggage misplacing, but the color of your luggage also matters a lot.

Here’s a question: “What color luggage is most likely to be stolen?”. The answer to this question is not just yes or no. You should know the complete details about all the luggage colors. This is so that you can easily decide which color of luggage is safer than the other. This helps you keep your luggage safe from thieves.

Before giving you details about the luggage colors or which color is most likely to be stolen, I recommend you follow measures to keep your luggage secure, which includes using TSA locks, trackers, and many other ways. Also, don’t trust your luggage with your precious items. Keep them in your handbag.

If you are planning to buy new luggage for your next trip, you should read my article thoroughly. You can easily determine which color luggage is more appropriate and less likely to be stolen by reading this article.

What Color Luggage Is Most Likely To Be Stolen

If we consider the color scheme, then there are two color groups. One is dark colors, and the second is light colors. Let’s discuss it in detail.

  • Dark color luggage
  • Bright color luggage

Dark color luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolen

All luggage with dark colors falls under the basic color category. Black, blue, brown, and green are the basic colors for luggage. Moreover, most brands also focus more on basic colors because they are a perfect match for the buyer’s choice. Basic color luggage looks classy and gets less dirty.

Basic color luggage also has some disadvantages

Most of the passengers have basic color luggage so during picking up luggage after a flight it’s difficult to find your luggage because all suitcases look the same. So you just need to decorate your luggage to make it look different. For this purpose, you can also read my blog post “How To Identify Luggage at Airport”.

These basic color luggage are also the first choice for thieves. This is because no one can easily recognize his luggage if thieves out his luggage with other 2,3 luggage of the same color. There is a higher likelihood of luggage being stolen if it is a basic color.

Bright Color Luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolen

Nowadays, brands are changing trends and manufacturing luggage in bright colors. There is more attractiveness, modernity, and attractiveness in these suitcases. It adds an element of creative flair to your personality if you have brightly colored luggage. Pink, red, orange, yellow, purple, and sky blue colors are available for bright-colored luggage.

These luggage colors are not commonly used by travelers, but you can easily identify them at the luggage carousel. No one can take your luggage mistakenly as you can recognize your luggage even from a distance. Bright color luggage is less likely to be stolen and thieves hesitate to steal them because they can be identified very easily.

If you don’t want to buy a piece of luggage in one color, you can pick it up or go for a piece of colorful luggage. I think it is the most appropriate choice because there’s no need to decorate your luggage. The appearance of colorful luggage is highly attractive and unique. There are also fewer chances for colorful luggage to get stolen. I also noticed that colorful luggage is available in both hard-side and soft-side luggage so you can easily pick your choice.

What is the most popular luggage color?

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose dark or light-colored luggage. Each color looks different from the other and each color also makes luggage attractive and unique. Let’s discuss each popular luggage color.

Black Luggage

What Color Luggage Is Most Likely To Be StolenThe most traditional luggage color is black luggage. Most of the brands offer a large range of luggage in dark colors. Stains appear less obvious when they are on black luggage. Although dirt and dust are more visible in black luggage.

Brown Luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolenThe brown color of the luggage also looks unique and beautiful. Though it is a darker color for luggage, it still looks beautiful regardless of its color. There’s also the disadvantage of brown luggage that it’s more likely to be stolen. Brown luggage doesn’t show scratches and stains.

White Luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolenYou can also travel with white luggage. White luggage is not common, but it looks stylish. Many people think that a white luggage set is an unwise idea. No, it’s not an awful idea. White luggage is less likely to be stolen. And white luggage is also of good quality. The reason why people think it’s better to skip white luggage is that it gets dirty earlier, but if you keep it properly, it won’t get filthy as soon as you go through it.

Red Luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolenChoosing red luggage is also an excellent idea. If you choose a red color, you’ll get a piece of dark luggage as well as a bright piece of luggage. Red luggage hides dirt, dust, and stains due to its dark shade. At the same time, you can recognize your luggage in the luggage claim area due to its vibrant color. The red color of luggage is easily identified, so there are fewer chances of theft or misplacement.

How often does Luggage get Lost?

Some cases come regarding luggage theft at airports per year, but still, these are not as frequent as they should be. Airport staff also take advanced measures to keep suitcases safe in the event of a stolen. Airports have many cameras to watch everyone.

There is also less luggage theft on direct flights. It is nearly impossible to lose luggage on direct flights compared to connecting flights. Your luggage can be mishandled, misplaced, stolen, or transported to another flight while on connecting flights. Read More

Which color of luggage is easier to find at the airport?

It’s a difficult task to find your luggage on the carousel. Sometimes luggage moves in front of the travelers on the conveyor belt and they can’t recognize it because all the cases look alike. People waste a lot of time in the luggage claim area.

I think it’s better to make your luggage look different and attractive than to spend time in front of the conveyor belt. You can use colorful ribbons and attractive luggage tags to make your luggage stand out differently from others of the same color.

What if you don’t need to decorate your luggage? All you need to do is to buy colorful luggage. Hard-side luggage has floral and pattern designs. They don’t match any other luggage so you can easily identify your luggage. Even if you buy bright-colored luggage, there are also chances to match it with other same-shade luggage, but colorful luggage will always stand out differently. These colorful cases are not liked by thieves, and you can pick them up as soon as you get to the conveyor belt. Read More

What color of luggage is most appropriate?

A colorful piece of luggage makes it easier to identify it. They are also safer than basic luggage. The right luggage can be chosen based on more than just its color. There are other factors involved that make it appropriate for use. In addition to purchasing luggage of a beautiful color, check that its handle is strong and does not get stuck. Additionally, the luggage has wheels and zippers that make it easier for you to use. There must be enough space in the compartments of the luggage to easily store all your products.

So I recommend that if you are finding a piece of luggage that is suitable for colorful luggage of the finest quality with advanced features.

What color luggage should I get?

If you want to buy luggage for yourself, there are many factors to consider. Cost, quality, and features of the luggage are the primary things to be considered. The color of the luggage is attractive and is also an important factor for theft. Because thieves are first attracted by the color of the luggage.

It is your personal choice to select the luggage color. Some people want to buy a basic luggage set, but some people want to stand out from the crowd and pick colorful luggage. I recommend you buy a piece of colorful luggage because you don’t need to decorate it. Read More

How to protect luggage from theft?

It is important to take care of your luggage during your trip. Here are some things you can do to keep your luggage safe from theft.

  • You can use durable luggage tags so that you can recognize your luggage from a distance and no one else can take it
  • Luggage color is also a significant factor in keeping luggage safe. You can make your luggage stand out by buying a piece in a bright color.
  • It is better to pack all of your valuable items in your hand-carry so that if your luggage is lost, the items will remain safe.
  • Use a TSA lock to secure it. You can also wrap it with duct tape, but removing the tape leaves a mark on the luggage.
  • Make sure you remain aware of your surroundings and don’t leave your luggage unattended.
  • Read More


Q1: The color of the luggage is the only factor that contributes to luggage thefts, right?

Ans: No, we consider luggage color a factor in luggage theft, but there can be some other reasons for luggage to be stolen or misplaced. Use TSA locks because these are the highest quality locks that will protect your items from misplacement.

Q2: Does expensive luggage also attract thieves?

Ans: Some luggage designs look very costly. Aluminum luggage falls into this category. They appear to be expensive. No doubt they are costly, but their design makes them look more luxurious. So thieves think that if the suitcases look expensive, the items inside must be expensive, and that is why they are most attractive to thieves.

Q3: Can I get yellow luggage?

Ans: Yes, you can get yellow luggage. There is a great deal of appeal to this color luggage. Bright color luggage like pink, yellow, orange, and purple are the most stylish luggage.

Q4: What is the benefit of using luggage tags?

Ans: luggage tags also make luggage look different and easy to identify. There are different types of luggage tags available in the market. They are also not too expensive. Airports also give luggage tags but they are not good, they are just a piece of paper and can easily be removed from the luggage. Use a strong luggage tag of good quality so that if someone takes your luggage and claims that he mistakenly takes this, then you can show him the luggage tag and prove that this luggage is yours. I recommend a silicon luggage tag.


Luggage color is also a factor in luggage theft, as at first glance only the luggage color attracts thieves. So you should also know “What color luggage is most likely to be stolen?” According to my research and experience, bright color luggage is an excellent choice over basic color luggage. Thieves are hesitant to steal colorful luggage because they are easily identified and difficult to hide. It is important to note that only luggage colors do not matter when it comes to luggage theft. You should also take care of your luggage and keep it secure with TSA locks.

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