US Traveler Luggage Review – The Best 3 Reviewed and Tested By L&R Experts

Nowadays people love to travel a lot to explore the world or for business. The need for luggage also increases a lot because luggage is an important item for a trip. There are also a number of brands available in the market that are introducing good-quality luggage. Some companies are also making scams and they are selling duplicate products under the label of any famous brand.

Along with many other top-notch luggage brands, US Traveler is also a famous luggage brand. If we discuss the history of this brand then this brand has been serving since 1940 and John Ax was its founder. This brand is famous for the quality of its suitcases’s material. US travelers offer both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases.

In this article, I’ll give you “US traveler’s luggage review“. I did complete research about these suitcases and these are really the most amazing suitcases and are traveler’s choices.

Best 3 US Traveler Luggage Review

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1-U.S. Traveller Anzio Soft side Expandable Spinner Luggage

US Traveler Luggage Review

Product Dimensions: 14.25 x 14 x 22 inches Item Weight: 6.32 pounds Department: unisex-adult

If you are in search of carry-on luggage then US traveler Anzio is the best ever option. This is a soft side luggage and Its appearance makes it look unique, stylish, and attractive. You can easily carry this luggage for short trips. If you are thinking that this is carry-on luggage and must have less space for packing then you are wrong. This luggage has enough space to pack all of your essential items. The main key features of this luggage are as follows:

  • Material
  • Spinner Wheel
  • Expandable handle
  • Compartments

Let’s discuss these features in detail for a better understanding.

Material of the luggage:

The first thing to consider while buying luggage is its material. Always choose a luggage which is made up of good quality material. This is a soft-sided luggage made up of Nylon. Nylon is a high-quality fabric and is used for making high-quality and expensive luggage.

Due to its material, this luggage is flexible and you can easily fit most of your items in it. However, in the case of hard-side luggage, you can pack any extra item in them because they are sturdy and are not flexible. One more benefit of using soft-side luggage is that you can fit it in small areas. Let’s suppose you have little space in your car and you have to put this luggage along with other 2-3 pieces of suitcases then you can easily adjust this luggage there due to its flexibility.

This luggage is available in Teal, Dark grey, Burgundy, and Navy. All of these colors are very amazing. Personally, I like it in the Navy because it just looks awesome. If you find these colors very basic then you can decorate them with some colorful stickers, paint, or ribbons but honestly, there’s no need to decorate them. It also looks amazing without any additional effort on it.

Wheels of the luggage:

After the material quality of the luggage, the second thing to consider about it is its wheel. The wheels of the luggage must be able to rotate easily so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in its translocation. US travelers Anzio has 360-degree rotating wheels. There is a single wheel on each of its corners so collectively this luggage has four wheels. Due to these spinner wheels, you can pull the luggage effortlessly.

Keep on cleaning the wheels after each trip so that they can get broken. Let’s suppose if your luggage wheel breaks accidently then use an exact replacement of it. It’s good to order the wheels from your luggage brand and in case, and if you can’t buy those wheels then buy the good quality wheels of the exact size and type of the wheel from the market.                 

Expandable handle:   

US traveler Anzio has a telescopic expandable handle. This handle opens into 2-3 stages so that you can easily fix the handle according to your height. If the handle of the luggage is according to your height then you can easily pull the luggage. Personally, I like this feature because in case, my partner needs my luggage she can easily adjust it to handle it according to her height. The quality of the handle is also good. It is sturdy and strong. This handle also has an easy grip so you can grab it comfortably.

Compartments of the luggage:

This luggage has both outer and inner compartments. There’s no need to worry about packing your belongings because this is soft-sided luggage and is a little bit expandable so you can fill items easily.

On the outside, this luggage has two compartments. These two pockets also have enough space for packing. You can easily keep your accessories in these pockets. It’s also good to keep your toiletries and easy-to-access items in these pockets. However, there’s no in-built TSA system in this luggage so you have to take care of your luggage properly to keep your items safe. For me, you should not keep your expensive items in any of these outer compartments it’s almost unsafe.

If we talk about the inside of the luggage then it also has two big compartments. On its one side, you have enough space for packing your items and it doesn’t have any pocket. You can also use packing cubes for keeping items in it to keep your items organized. This side also has web straps so that your items remain at their place during traveling. On the other side, there’s a mesh pocket having a zipper so that you can keep your essential items there. This luggage also expands to a few inches and provides some extra space for packing.

L&R review (Della):

Exactly the same as what I want. I just want to get rid of hard-side suitcases and I was also a little worried because I don’t have any experience with soft-side luggage. The quality and features of this luggage are on point. There’s no fault. I’m in love with this luggage.

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2-U.S. Traveller Rio Rugged Fabric Luggage, Royal Blue

US Traveler Luggage Review

Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5 x 21 inches Item Weight: 1.3 pounds Department: unisex-adult

This luggage is best for the frequent traveler. Dimensions of this luggage are also suitable for most airlines. If you just love to pack a lot of items with you then you must opt for this luggage. The design, style, and appearance of this luggage is also amazing and it also doesn’t look heavier after packing. Luckily this amazing luggage set is also very affordable. Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Material of the luggage:

This is also a soft-side luggage. Hopefully, you are familiar with the benefits of using soft side luggage although they are not 100% water-proof so must check the weather of your destination before traveling. In crowded areas, Soft-sided cases can be cut down so be attentive during traveling and keep an eye on your luggage.

This luggage is made up of polyester material and is durable. This luggage is available in 10 colors, you really have a wide range of color options available in this luggage. These colors are highly attractive, unique, and eye-catchy.

Handles of the luggage:

The handles of this luggage are very strong and are made up of good quality material. The top handle of this luggage is adjustable. You can open it up according to height and then fix it. It’ll make the luggage easier to pull and translocate.

Along with the top handle, this luggage also has a side handle and a bottom grab handle. These handles are really very useful especially when you have to load your luggage. These handles give an easy grip and can lift the luggage easily through these handles. The small bag of this bag has a strap, you can place your bag on this luggage by passing that strap from the handle.

Wheels of the luggage:

This luggage has skate wheels. The good thing about these wheels is that their corners are covered to protect the wheels. You should also use wheel covers to keep the wheels protected from dust, debris, and dirt. Must clean the wheels of your luggage after each trip. It’s important.

This luggage only contains two wheels and actually, these are not enough. You have to handle your luggage very carefully and try to keep it balanced during moving otherwise it can slide and eventually fall down.

Compartments of the luggage:

This luggage also gives you enough space for packing. It has two small pockets on the outside. The upper pocket is also padded so you can keep your sunglasses or toiletries there. These pockets are good for keeping toiletries and frequently used items. When you open the luggage, you’ll get two rooms here. One is completely empty and doesn’t contain any pocket. The other side has a mesh pocket with a zipper. If you still need more packing space then you can also expand this luggage so it’s an amazing feature and enables you to pack more items easily.

In this luggage set, you also have a small bag. You can also keep your additional items in that bag. The small bag doesn’t have much space but still, you can place your essential items in it. This bag also has a small outside pocket.

L&R review(Marry):

I have been using this luggage for 1 year. This bag is good for short trips. I easily stored my items in it for a 2-3 day trip and honestly, I didn’t need a small bag because this luggage is enough for my items. The luggage color, material quality, wheel, zippers, and handles are just amazing and very practical. I’m fully satisfied with this luggage.

3-U.S. Traveler Boren Polycarbonate Hardside Suitcase

US Traveler Luggage Review

Product Dimensions:21.5 x 14.25 x 9.5 inches  Item Weight: 6.48 pounds Department: unisex-adult

If you are a frequent traveler then you need to keep hard-side luggage too. Let’s suppose the weather of your destination place is cloudy and rainy then you must opt for hard-side luggage because hard-side luggage is 100% waterproof and it gives complete protection to your items and keeps them safe from being damaged by water. Choosing good hard-side luggage is also very tricky because almost all the hard-shell suitcases look alike. If you go to the market to buy a piece of luggage then the luggage seller will explain the good points of the luggage and try to sell a piece of low-quality luggage at the maximum rate but it’s just their marketing strategy.

I always recommend buying a piece of luggage online from a trusted online platform like Amazon. You can read the reviews of users and decide accordingly. It’s really very beneficial and saves your money and time. If you are using a soft-side case and are satisfied with that brand then you can buy a hard-side luggage of the same brand too. It’s more fruitful. Luckily US travelers also offer good quality hard-shell cases along with soft-sided suitcases.

U.S. traveler Boren is good quality hardside luggage. It is made up of polycarbonate material. As you know, polycarbonate is an ideal luggage material. There’s no doubt left about the quality of a polycarbonate material because it is really very lightweight, durable, and affordable. The surface of the luggage is 100% water-resistant.

This luggage has a push-button handle system. The handle works very smoothly, you don’t have to face any issues in pulling this handle. Another good thing about this luggage is that you can fix it according to your height. This luggage also has side handles for easy grip during loading. The surface of these handles is also very smooth and it’ll not hurt your fingers and provides an easy and comfortable grip.

This luggage also contains good-quality wheels. These wheels give 360-degree rotation and move smoothly. You can move your luggage effortlessly. It’s really amazing that this luggage has dual spinner wheels on each corner. This luggage has a total of eight wheels, even some expensive suitcases don’t have 8 wheels.

Along with other amazing features this luggage also gives you enough space for storage. There’s no need to worry about the luggage space. You can easily fit all of your items in it.

If we talk about the carry-on size of this luggage then it also contains a charging port. Inside the luggage, there’s a pocket for placing portable chargers. This pocket is also secured with a zipper. However, the power bank isn’t available in the luggage you have to buy a power bank separately. Additionally, this feature is only available on the carry-on side of this luggage.

Key features of U.S. traveler Boren Hard-side luggage:

  • This luggage is made up of polycarbonate material.
  • This luggage has 360-degree rotating wheels and moves smoothly.
  • you’ll get enough storage space inside the luggage. This luggage also contains a mesh pocket secured with a zipper.
  • T.S. Traveler Boren luggage contains a top push-button handle along with a side handle for an easy grip.
  • The carry-on size of this luggage also has a USB port and an inner pocket for keeping a power bank.

L&R review( Hennery):

I have been using the soft-side cases of US Travelers for the last two years but this time I need hard-side luggage so I ordered this luggage. This suitcase is also very good. Its material and features didn’t disappoint me. I really like this luggage a lot.

I’m glad I could help you with your luggage search and save you some time. Have a safe and enjoyable journey ahead! If you end up purchasing one of the reviewed luggage items, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experience with us. Your review would be valuable feedback for me.

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