Tumi Continental vs International (All Features Are Reviewed By L&R)

There are a lot of brands available in the market that offer good quality suitcases at reasonable prices. However, finding good-quality luggage is still a challenge. Tumi, Brigs & Grill, Travelpro, and Samsonite are the most trusted luggage brands. These brands don’t compromise on the quality of suitcases you can blindly trust these brands and you just have to pick a luggage according to your budget.

Tumi is a well-known and trusted brand. Tumi uses Aluminum for its hard-side material which is very expensive and durable. In the same way, Tumi’s soft-sided suitcases are made up of ballistic nylon and it’s also high-quality material. So, it’s clear that most of the Tumi’s suitcases are made from durable and superior-quality material. Tumi gets permanent and loyal clients just because of their luggage quality. Tumi designs their suitcases by keeping businessmen in mind and that’s why its luggage compartments are padded and well organized.

Most of its suitcases also have laptop pockets in them. Most of their customers are frequent travelers who need to travel a lot internationally a need good quality luggage having advanced features. The one interesting fact about this brand is that each of its suitcases has to experience various tests to check their durability before coming into the market for sale.

If we talk about the features of the suitcases then Tumi’s suitcases have advanced features like a system, Tumi tracer, USB port, and spinning wheels. In terms of warranty, Tumi offers 5 years of warranty against manufacturing fault which is good. The support of Tumi is also very good.   However, Tumi suitcases are more expensive than other brand’s suitcases but they are worth it. If you can easily afford Tumi suitcases then you should buy them.

Most people get confused between choosing Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental for their upcoming trip. In this article, I’ll tell you about “Tumi Continental vs International” and compare each of their features in detail. According to my research and reviews of frequent travelers, there’s a bit of difference in the dimensions and color of these suitcases rest of the features are almost the same in both of these suitcases. However, read my article till the end to get all the information regarding Alpha 3 and Alpha continental.

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Tumi Continental vs International

Tumi Continental vs International VSTumi Continental vs International

Tumi offers all the features for each of its luggage so there’s not much difference in its suitcases. All of its suitcases are made up of good quality material and last for many years. According to Tumi’s frequent users, these suitcases last more than 10 years and it’s pretty good.

Alpha 3 and Alpha continental also share the same features and I’ve discussed all the basic features in detail so that you can get complete information about them.

Dimensions of suitcases:

To travel internationally, it is good to buy luggage whose dimensions are according to the guidelines of international airlines. Must measure the dimensions of the luggage by yourself because the luggage sellers will try to convince you by saying that these dimensions are exactly according to the dimensions allowed by airlines but it’s just their marketing strategy. All the airlines have their own size and weight limits for both carry-on and checked luggage so must check the official websites of your airlines to get proper information.

The dimensions of Alpha 3 are 22x 14 x 9 inches while the dimensions of Alpha continental are 22.05 x 16.04 x 8.96 inches as you can see Alpha continental is 2 inches wider than Alpha 3. It’s just a slight difference you’ll get some more packing space in Alpha continental while the length and height of these cases are almost the same. In this way, if we talk about the weight of these suitcases then Alpha Continental is slightly heavier than Alpha 3 weighing 11.88 pounds while the weight of Alpha 3 is 10.9 pounds.

The dimensions of these suitcases are almost according to the allowed dimensions of most of the airlines so there’s no issue with using these suitcases for international trips. However, it’s still important to check the guidelines of your airline before taking a flight.

Material of suitcases:

Tumi always uses good quality material for its suitcases. Alpha 3 and Alpha continental are soft-sided suitcases. Their suitcases are very beneficial to use as these cases are flexible and also have both inside and outside compartments. There are several materials available for soft-sided cases but “Nylon” is the best one of all of those materials. Alpha 3 and Alpha continental are made from FXT ballistic nylon which is considered to be superior to simple nylon.

Having FXT ballistic nylon makes these suitcases more premium and better than other soft-sided suitcases. Although soft-sided cases are not water-resistant due to FXT ballistic nylon, the surface Alpha 3 and Alpha continental also act as water-resistant in less rain. Additionally, If you use a water-repellent spry then this suitcase will resist water just like hard-sided suitcases, and keep your items safe from being damaged by water and moisture.

Design and color:

The design of these suitcases makes them look unique and eye-catching. If you want to travel for business trips then you can select these suitcases because the appearance of these suitcases enhances your personality and you’ll look more professional and attractive.

If we talk about the color of these suitcases then Alpha Continental gives you more options to choose from. Alpha Continental is available in black, gold, Olive night, and Anthracite while Alpha 3 is in black color only. However, these suitcases are not available in bright colors but all of these colors give a classy look to your suitcase.

Quality of suitcases:

Tumi is amongst the best luggage brands just because of the quality of its suitcases. They never compromise on the quality of their luggage material, wheel, and zipper. Tumi’s luggage users are 100% sure about the quality of these suitcases and they don’t have to face any problem regarding their quality. Alpha 3 and Alpha continental are highly durable and strong. Although these suitcases are not lightweight just because of their material. FXT ballistic nylon is heavier than other soft-sided material but at the same time, this is more durable than the rest of the material.

Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental are scratch and shock-resistant.  Durafold construction of Alpha 3 and Alpha continent surrounds these suitcases and keeps them safe in case of falling during loading. The corners of these suitcases also have caps for additional protection. The zippers of these suitcases are also strong and work well.


Suitcases of Tumi have advanced features and many other brands don’t install some of the features that Tumi’s suitcases have. Advanced features of the luggage made it more practical to use and are well-liked by users.

In most cases, only hard-sided suitcases have an in-built TSA lock system while soft-sided suitcases lack this lock system but Alpha 3 and Alpha continental have a TSA lock system. It’s a plus point for this suitcase because having a TSA lock system in soft-sided suitcases is very rare. One more good thing about this lock system is that it also has space for extra two zippers which means you can also lock the front compartment of these suitcases along with locking the main compartments.

Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental also have USB ports which help you to charge your phone at any place however you have to buy a power bank too.

One of these suitcases’ best features is their Tumi tracer. It is simply a tag on the back of the luggage and has a barcode and luggage number. Let’s suppose your luggage gets misplaced during traveling Tumi can find your luggage with the help of this bar code and luggage number. However, you must have to register your luggage before taking it on a trip with you.

Wheels and Handles:

Wheels and handles of the luggage are the basic features of suitcases that are helpful in their translocation. At the time of buying, must check the wheels of your luggage. If your luggage’s wheel rotates smoothly then it’s no less than a blessing. Faulty wheels can ruin your whole trip because it’s impossible to translocate luggage with jammed wheels.

Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental have spinner wheels. These wheels are highly durable and are made up of good quality material. Luckily, these suitcases have double-spinner wheels on each of their corners. This is amazing because having 2 wheels at each corner makes the luggage easy to handle and it doesn’t fall. These wheels are made of rubber so there’s no doubt about the durability of these wheels. Must use wheel covers to protect the wheels of your luggage so that they don’t get jammed or damaged by dust or small stones.

Handles of the luggage also help it in translocation and loading. Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental have a top retractable handle to pull it effortlessly. Along with this top handle these suitcases also have side handles so that you can lift your luggage easily for loading. Luckily these suitcases also have a bottom handle and most of the suitcases usually don’t have this handle. This handle is also helpful in loading.

Compartments of Suitcases:

Alpha 3 has two exterior pockets secure with zippers and they are pretty big. and one of these pockets is padded and you can use it as a laptop pocket. This luggage opens up in two inner compartments and is also very spacious. On its one side, you’ll get 2 extra small pockets to store your make-up and toiletries.  On the other side, there’s also enough space for keeping shoes or dirty clothes. This side also has a small pocket for jewelry. As you know Alpha 3 also has a USB charging port so there’s a small pocket in the corner for storing the phone to charge it.

Alpha Continental is also very spacious to hold your items. On the outside, this luggage has two small pockets. It also has a front split case opening and it looks stylish. You can also keep your mostly used items here for easy access. Alpha Continental also has a luggage expandable feature for extra packing. Inside Alpha Continental also opens up in two compartments. One of its compartments also has a Tie-down strap to hold your items in place. It also has a Fold-out suiter section that is very beneficial.

In short, both cases have enough compartments to store your items and keep them organized too.

What is the difference b/t Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental?

Alpha 3 and Alpha continental almost share the same features. Their material quality and features are almost the same. However, the following are two main differences between Alpha 3 and Alpha Continental:

  •  Alpha Continental is available in 4 different colors while Alpha 3 is only available in black color.
  • In terms of dimensions, Alpha Continental is 2 inches wider than Alpha Continental.
  • Alpha Continental is more expensive than Alpha 3.
  • The compartments of these cases are very different however both suitcases give enough space for packing.

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L&R Buyers Review:

Alpha 3 Alpha Continental

Nice luggage. According to my expectations.


The quality of Alpha Continental is just wow. Some people might think that it’s expensive but actually, this luggage is worth it.


Being lightweight and durable this luggage is great for both short and long trips. Its wheels, zippers, and handle are also made up of good-quality material.


I’m a frequent traveler and I use this luggage for both domestic and international flights, it’s a great travel companion.


This is an amazing suitcase. Highly recommended.


This luggage looks very attractive and I like this luggage for its compartment because I like to pack many items with me this luggage doesn’t look overpacked and keeps the items organized too.

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