How To Fix Samsonite Suitcase Lock Jammed Issue at Home

Samsonite is one of the most trusted luggage brands. There’s no doubt about the quality of their luggage and its features. All the things are just on point. However, there’s a chance of mishappenings all the time let’s suppose after having a smooth and stress-free flight you come into your hotel room and start opening your luggage and come to know that your “Samsonite suitcase lock jammed“. How unpleasant it is. Luckily, your luggage’s jammed lock can be unlocked.

If you are unable to unlock your Samsonite luggage then first, contact the company. They’ll definitely open it by using various methods of unlocking the luggage. However, if your luggage lock gets stuck during a trip and you can’t contact the company then it is good to go with the local locksmith who’ll also unlock your luggage. Even if you don’t have enough time to go anywhere and want to solve your problem on your own, read my article carefully. I’ll give you a complete guide to opening a jammed samsonite suitcase.

The Samsonite suitcase lock jammed

Samsonite Suitcase Lock Jammed

Ensure the security of traveler’s belongings is the priority of the Samsonite brand. Almost all of the Samsonite suitcases have a lock system. It’s really very beneficial to get luggage that already has a lock in it. But what if this lock gets jammed and you can’t be able to unlock it? It is really a disaster and that situation gives you equal stress as you might feel in case of luggage loss. There are two main reasons behind this unpleasant experience.

  • Firstly, you might forget the exact password to unlock your luggage and the password you are trying with might be wrong. That’s why you are unable to unlock your luggage.
  • The luggage lock might have any fault inside it or it gets damaged during translocation and that’s why it gets jammed and doesn’t open.

How to open a jammed samsonite suitcase?

In case, you are using the right password and the lock is also not damaged then you can do these things.

  • Take a torch and inspect the lock properly, there might be any debris that causes it to be jammed.
  • You can also spray a lubricant there like WD-40.
  • You can also use the same tool like a tweezer and screwdriver but don’t do anything forcefully because it can damage the lock.

These are the simple things that you can do to open your luggage lock and usually, luggage locks get opened by using these methods.

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How to unlock Samsonite luggage forgot the code.

Forgetting the password of the lock is a stressful moment. However, you can open the lock by using this method.

  • There’s a button on the lock, you have to push it inward in order in order of put pressure on the lock.
  • Bring the luggage near your ear and then start spinning the first number, keep rotating it slowly until you hear the “click” sound after hearing this sound leave the first number and move toward the next number.
  • In the same way, rotate the second and third numbers until you hear the same sound.
  • Through this method, you can find three numbers and can be able to open the lock. Now, note the code so that you won’t forget it again.

How to unlock a TSA Lock?

Whenever you set a password for your luggage make sure to note it in a diary so that if you forget the password you can get it. It is also good to take a picture of the lock after setting its password. I recommend using one strong password for some of your devices in this way you’ll never forget it.

However, If your luggage has an in-built  TSA lock and you are unable to unlock it then it’s good to contact a TSA agent. TSA agents have a master key that can open every TSA lock. It’s a pretty good method to unlock your TSA lock because it’ll keep your lock safe and can unlock it effortlessly. You can also visit the market from where you purchased this luggage to get it unlocked.

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How to set a Samsonite combination lock?

If you get a new Samsonite luggage having a combination lock then it’s good to set a strong password before taking it on a trip. Always set a lock that you can’t forget so that you don’t have to face a situation of jammed lock. You can set your luggage password in this way:

Any luggage usually has a combination of 000 by default. unlock your luggage by using this code.

Now set the new password and take a photo of it so that you can’t forget these numbers. Bring the zippers in their place and lock them.

Now try a combination of some random digits and then put the correct password. Your luggage will be unlocked. In this way, you can set the password to your luggage’s lock.


Q1: Is it necessary to lock your luggage?

Ans: Yes it’s really very important to lock the luggage properly. Although airports have proper security there’s a risk of luggage items getting stolen and misplaced. If your luggage has an in-built TSA lock system then it’s great but if it doesn’t have any lock then buy a TSA lock separately and lock your luggage properly. It’s really very unpleasant to have a trip without luggage or essential items so take care of your luggage all the time and properly secure it with a TSA lock.

Q2: Is it possible to unlock the luggage if I forget its combination?

Ans: Firstly you should contact the manufacturer company or TSA to open the lock I’ll safer. However, you can also open it on your own by using the above-mentioned methods in the article.

Q3: Can TSA unlock my luggage?

Ans: Yes if your luggage has a TSA lock the TSA agents can unlock it very easily by using a master key. However, if your luggage has an ordinary lock they simply break it.

Note: if your Samsonite suitcase lock jammed then you should contact the company. You can also unlock it by using the methods described in the blog post. 

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