Lucas Luggage Vs. Samsonite – Compared & Reviewed By L&R

Finding the right luggage is very tricky and time-consuming because some luggage has good quality and features but they are expensive in the same way, low-cost suitcases don’t have advanced features and material quality is also not good. You can also go with brigs&relly, rimowa, samsonite, Lucas, and Tumi but again the same problem some brands are costly while others don’t have enough quality.

Samsonite and Lucas are affordable brands and their luggage quality is also good. In this article, I’ll review “Samsonite and Lucas”. I’ll compare these two brands in detail and discuss their luggage quality, features, warranty, and price. Read my article till the end to get complete knowledge about these cases so that you can easily choose the most trusted brand to get your travel companion.

Lucas Luggage Vs. Samsonite

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Samsonite Luggage

Lucas Luggage Vs. Samsonite

Samsonite luggage is one of the oldest and most trusted brands. This has served best for years. In the luggage world, no one is unfamiliar with samsonite. This brand was founded in 1910. At that time their main focus was to give good quality suitcases at low rates but later on, they increased the prices because this brand installed advanced features in its suitcases and now some of its suitcases also range up to 700$.

The main reason for its achievements is its luggage quality. Almost all the samsonite suitcases are made of good quality and last for many years. To ruin the reputation of this brand, many companies started making cheap quality duplicate suitcases and selling them under the tag of Samsonite. It’s really an illegal and unethical activity. Be aware of such scams and make sure to choose the right samsonite luggage.

Along with the quality of Samsonite luggage, this brand offers a 10-year warranty and it’s very beneficial because you don’t have to pay any additional charges if you ever find any manufacturing fault in the luggage. However, this brand also has some drawbacks. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using samsonite luggage.

Advantages of using samsonite Luggage:

  • Samsonite suitcases are made up of good quality material and are durable.
  • This brand offers a 10-year warranty against manufacturing faults and it’s really good.
  • Hard-side cases of this brand are usually made up of polycarbonate material and are strong, durable, and lightweight. The appearance of this luggage is very unique and attractive.
  • If you want to use Samsonite luggage then there’s no need to worry about its quality and features because this is the most trusted brand and has high ratings.

Disadvantages of using Samsonite luggage:

  • If we compare samsonite luggage with another brand’s luggage, then samsonite luggage is relatively less spacious but that’s not a big deal you can pack smartly so that you can save some space for extra packing.
  • Along with offering good quality suitcases, some cases of this brand are very expensive.

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Lucas Luggage

Lucas Luggage Vs. Samsonite

It’s also a good luggage brand. The thing I like about this luggage the most is that it gives proper organization during packing. Lucas suitcases are very lightweight and their quality is pretty good. Lucas suitcases are not very expensive like samsonite suitcases and are affordable. Let’s have a look at the good and bad things about this brand.

Advantages of using Lucas’s Luggage:

  • Because of its material, Lucas suitcases are very lightweight. They are easy to handle and you can also load them effortlessly.
  • Lucas suitcases are highly affordable. If you choose the Lucas brand then you’ll get good quality luggage at a very low price.

Disadvantages of using Lucas’s Luggage:

  • Lucas suitcases come with a warranty of just 5 years and it’s also a bit hard to contact the brand’s support. Simply, this warranty is useless.
  • Although these suitcases are durable they are only good for short trips.
  • Lucas’s suitcases don’t have advanced features. They just come with basic features.

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Comparison b/t Samsonite and Lucas:

Both of these suitcases are good to go with. If you want to choose a good luggage for you then it’s good to do complete research about both of these brands and then by comparing their features, you can conclude which luggage suits you best. This whole process might sound very difficult and time but no worries I’ve done it for you. Here’s a detailed comparison between these two suitcases.

Quality of the Luggage:

Samsonite offers superior-quality luggage. Its suitcases are made up of polycarbonate material which is highly suitable luggage material. Samsonite also sells aluminum luggage that is relatively expensive but their low-cost suitcases are also made from polycarbonate material. Samsonite never compromises on the quality of luggage material and this quality is the reason behind its popularity.

Along with using high-quality luggage material the wheels, handles and zippers are also made of high-quality material. The wheels of the Samsonite suitcase rotate smoothly and its handle never stuck during pulling up. Most of the Samsonite suitcases have 360-degree rotation wheels and telescopic handles.

The quality of Lucas’s luggage is not very good. If you are a frequent traveler then this luggage is not for you. The soft-sided suitcases of Lucas are made up of polyester while the hard-side are made up of ABS material and both of these materials are cheap and have bad quality. However, the wheels and zippers of Lucas’s suitcases are made from good-quality material. You can’t ignore the fact that they are also low-cost so you can buy this suitcase for short trips.

Winner: Samsonite Luggage

Appearance of the Luggage:

Samsonite suitcases give a modern look. Hard-side and Soft-side suitcases of samsonite look eye-catching. These suitcases are also good to gift to loved ones. The colors of Samsonite suitcases are always on point. Samsonite suitcases are available in both dark and light colors. In terms of design and appearance, samsonite suitcases are best for frequent travelers. These cases are well-liked by people of every age group.

The appearance of Lucas’s suitcases is also good but they are not very attractive. It seems like they didn’t put much effort into its design. These suitcases look simple and very basic. If you don’t want to with eye-catchy luggage then you can simply go with this luggage. The appearance of the luggage doesn’t matter a lot but in comparison with the samsonite luggage, the design of Lucas suitcases is not very good and attractive.

Winner: Samsonite Luggage

Warranty of the luggage:

Samsonite luggage usually comes with a 10-year warranty which is good. A good brand always gives a warranty against manufacturing faults because they are confident about the quality of the material that they use. However, this warranty doesn’t work against the damage caused by rough handling. They’ll also repair that luggage but you have to pay some charges for that. Samsonite always tends to win the trust of their customers and they also have loyal customers this brand is also a favorite brand of travelers.

On the other hand, Lucas’s support and warranty are completely useless. They don’t have any official website so it’s very difficult to fill their form online. Their support also gives a reply after 1,2 weeks. If you want your Lucas luggage to get repaired at warranty then it’s not a good idea. Instead of this, you should buy a new Lucas luggage because they are very low-cost.

Winner: Samsonite Luggage


Lucas is the most affordable brand. If you don’t need to travel a lot then you don’t need to buy expensive luggage. Although the material quality of the Lucas luggage is not good if you handle this luggage carefully then this luggage can easily last with you for 1.2 years. For a trip you don’t have to buy luggage only, there are also many other expenses so it’s good to buy low-cost luggage.

There’s no doubt about the quality and durability of samsonite luggage but some samsonite cases are also very expensive. Some of their premium suitcases range up to 400$ and those suitcases are somewhere overprized.

Winner: Lucas Luggage

Advanced features:

Samsonite luggage has advanced features. In fact, if you compare its premium suitcases with the suitcases of other brands then definitely Samsonite wins. Samsonite luggage has the following features.

  • Samsonite suitcases have durable 360-degree rotating wheels that give effortless mobility.
  • Samsonite suitcases have very basic packing options like hard-side suitcases opens up into two main compartments and soft-side suitcase mainly have two outside pockets along with an inner compartment.
  • Samsonite suitcases have a luggage expandable feature through which you’ll get some extra space for more packing.
  • One of the most amazing features of samsonite soft-sided suitcases is that they have a water-proof coating which means that they keep your items safe from being damaged by water to some extent.
  • Samsonite suitcases have telescopic handles so that you can easily fix those handles according to your height.
  • Some premium samsonite suitcases also have USB ports in them so that you can charge your devices anywhere and don’t need to search for power sockets.
  • Hard-side suitcases of samsonite have an in-built TSA lock system for proper security.

Although Lucas doesn’t offer advanced features like Samsonite the key features of its suitcases are as follows:

  • These suitcases are very lightweight so that you can carry them easily.
  • Lucas’s suitcases also have an expandable feature for extra packing.
  • These suitcases have durable spinner wheels.
  • Lucas also gives basic packing options like samsonite.
  • As you see, Lucas offers basic features but Samsonite’s suitcases have advanced features.

Winner: Samsonite luggage

Final Result:

Categories Samsonite luggage Lucas Luggage
Quality Superior quality Good quality
Appearance Eye-catchy and modern Basic
Price Some suitcases are over-priced Highly affordable
Warranty Beneficial warranty and good support Useless warranty
Advanced features Having all the advanced features Basic features, no innovation

Which brand is more appropriate?

Firstly, it’s completely your personal choice which luggage brand you like the most but As you can conclude from the upper results Samsonite is more appropriate than Lucas. Samsonite suitcases have relatively good quality and advanced features. However, It doesn’t mean that Lucas’s suitcases are completely a bad choice. If you don’t have a high budget for expensive luggage then you should definitely go with Lucas’s luggage.

Don’t use it too much and handle it properly it’ll also last for 1,2 years easily. Must wash your luggage after every trip and store it properly. Without proper cleaning and handling, expensive luggage can also get damaged. So along with investing in good quality luggage also take proper care of it.

I’m glad I could help you with your luggage search and save you some time. Have a safe and enjoyable journey ahead! If you end up purchasing one of the reviewed luggage items, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experience with us. Your review would be valuable feedback for me.

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