Is Travelpro a good Brand? (Best Brand Review By L&R Expert)

Travelpro is a well-known luggage brand. This brand is amongst the most trusted luggage brands. Most of its clients are permanent and they don’t want to prefer any other luggage brand over Travelpro. For a frequent traveler, it’s easy to pick a suitable luggage according to his budget but for a new luggage buyer, it’s a difficult thing to choose the most appropriate luggage.

Most people think, “Is Travelpro a good luggage?”. Yes, Travelpro is a good brand and is famous for its good quality and stylish suitcases. If you are going to buy new luggage and want to know about the Travelpro luggage brand then this blog post is for you. I was hoping you could read my blog post till the end for a better understanding.

Is Travelpro a good brand?

Is Travelpro A Good Brand

Travelpro has been working since 1987 and is the first brand that introduce wheels and handles in suitcases. Travelpro is also categorized among the top luggage brands. This brand offers its suitcases for travelers of every age group. For business persons, Travelpro offers it’s unique, attractive, and good-quality suitcases. You can get duffel bags, carry-on, checked luggage, and backpacks of this brand. Following are some key points of this brand that make its suitcases worth buying.

  • Quality of suitcases
  • Dimensions of suitcases
  • Price of the suitcases
  • Warranty of the suitcases

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Quality of suitcases:

The quality of the luggage is the foremost thing that you can’t compromise on. Everyone wants to have durable luggage made up of good quality material. I prefer to consider the luggage quality before its features. In case, luggage doesn’t have advanced features then no problem but it must be made up of good quality material. A piece of good quality luggage lasts for many trips and you don’t need to buy new luggage for every new trip.

The first thing that I like about Travelpro is the quality of the suitcase’s material. All of its suitcases are made up of premium quality material and are highly durable. This brand offers both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases made up of good-quality material. Travelpro offers both expensive and affordable suitcases so you can easily get luggage according to your budget. In terms of luggage quality, you can blindly trust this brand.

Dimensions of suitcases:

If you are a frequent traveler then you must know that airlines don’t compromise on the dimensions of the suitcases. Every airline has its guidelines and they strictly follow them. During screening, if your luggage is termed as a piece of over-sized luggage then you have to pay some charges for it and it’s very unpleasant. Must try to buy luggage whose dimensions are according to the allowed dimensions of your airlines.

Luckily, the dimensions of Travelpro’s suitcases are according to the dimensions allowed by international airlines. If we talk about its carry-on suitcases then they can easily fit into the overhead bin of the plane. However, the checked luggage of the Travelpro is 62 linear inches and this size is allowed by the airline. Most of the time Travelpro suitcases don’t face any problem regarding their dimensions. Still, you should buy luggage having dimensions allowed by your airline and measure the dimensions yourself before the flight.

Price of the suitcases:

Most of the time people don’t have a high budget for suitcases and they are in search of affordable luggage made of good quality material. I recommend you to select luggage according to your budget because a good band offers good quality suitcases at both high and low cost.

If we talk about the price of Travelpro’s suitcases then they are a bit expensive. Most of the suitcases start from 100$ and go up to 400$. All of these suitcases are durable and their price varies according to their features. Expensive suitcases have more advanced features than low-cost suitcases. If we compare its suitcase’s price with the suitcases of other brands like Showkoo, Delsey, and Samsonite then these are more expensive However in comparison to Tumi and Away, Travelpro offers affordable suitcases.

In short, Travelpro’s suitcases are expensive but they are worth it.

Warranty of the suitcases:

Warranty of the suitcases is the plus point of brands because, through their warranty policies, they earn the trust of their clients. If they repair their client’s suitcases well, give them a response in time, and treat them well then make them permanent clients. The warranty on the suitcases is also a guarantee about their quality and in fact, this warranty shows that the brand is confident about its product that’s why it is giving a 10-year or a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults of the suitcases.

Travelpro also offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults in the suitcases and it’s pretty good. Most of the brands offer a 5- 10years warranty but Travelpro just did the best. However, this warranty only covers manufacturing faults and if your luggage gets damaged by any accident or rough handling then they don’t repair under the warranty. You have to pay in that case. Additionally, you don’t need any registration for this warranty.

Do Travelpro suitcases have advanced features?

Is TravelPro A Good BrandAs I mentioned above, travelpro is the first brand who introduce wheels in luggage. In the same way, Travelpro introduced many advanced features in their suitcases and they are kept on improving them day by day. In this modern era, Travelpro is facilitating travelers with premium features. Following are some of the advanced features of Travelpro suitcases.

  • Travepro suitcases have an in-built TSA lock system so there’s no need to buy any extra lock for your luggage.
  • These suitcases also have expandable features so that if you need to pack some extra items with you, these suitcases can expand up to a few inches.
  • If you are a business person and need to keep your devices charged all the time then these suitcases also have charging ports so that you can charge them everywhere at any time.
  • Another good thing about Travelpro’s suitcases is their compartments. The compartments of these suitcases are designed so well that all of your items remain organized in them. Additionally, some expensive suitcases also have padded pockets for laptops and tablets.
  • Travelpro’s suitcases have a top microscopic handle so that you can easily pull it out and adjust it according to your height.
  • These suitcases also have in-built luggage tags and honestly, most of the good brands don’t offer this feature. These luggage tags are highly durable and you don’t need to spend additional money to buy these tags.
  • All of the Travelpro suitcases have 360-degree rotating wheels so that you can translocate your luggage very smoothly and effortlessly. These wheels are made up of durable material and they can’t easily break if the luggage falls accidently. Wheels are usually made of rubber so there’s no doubt left in its durability.

Advantages of using travelpro’s suitcases:

Following are some advantages of using the suitcases of Travelpro

  • All of the It’s suitcases are durable so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your luggage. The design, compartments, and quality of their luggage material are good.
  • Travelpro suitcases have advanced features.
  • This brand offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults which is very beneficial.
  • If you buy Travelpro’s suitcase then it’ll last for many years and it’s good to invest in a piece of good luggage rather than buy cheap suitcases again and again.

Drawbacks of travelpro’s suitcases:

As far as I did my research at Travelpro, there are no specific drawbacks to using the suitcases of this brand. Overall, this is a good luggage brand. However, the following are the two things that I found a bit disturbing in this brand.

  • Some of their suitcases are very expensive and some other good brands are selling the same product at a low price. However, most of their suitcases are affordable but still, this is a bit expensive brand.
  • The main focus of this brand is to improve the quality and features of their suitcases and somewhere they neglected the design and appearance of their suitcases. If you want to buy a piece of unique and basic color luggage then they’ll provide you but unfortunately for an attractive and multi-colored suitcase, they don’t have many options available.

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Q1: What are good luggage brands these days?

Ans: Nowadays there are several luggage brands available in the market offering good quality suitcases at a reasonable price. However, some companies are making cheap copies of those suitcases and want to ruin the reputation of those brands so make sure to get the original luggage of your favourite brand. Tumi, Delsey, Samsonite, Travelpro, Rimova, Away, Lucas, Swiss Gear, and American Tourist are well-known, highly trusted, and good luggage brands.

For me, a good luggage brand offers its products on both low and high budget but don’t compromise on the material quality of their suitcase. A good brand categorizes its suitcases based on its features but they use the same material for all of their suitcases. First, choose a good luggage brand and then buy a luggage that suits you perfectly.

Q2: Is Travelpro worth buying?

Ans: Yes, Travelpro is an amazing luggage brand. The suitcases of travelpro are worth buying. If you want to buy a piece of luggage for your upcoming trip then Travelpro suitcases are highly recommended you should buy them they are worth it.

Q3: Are Travelpro suitcases are lightweight?

Ans: Yes, their suitcases are very lightweight you can easily carry them. The good thing about this brand is that their suitcases are also very durable along with being lightweight. Some suitcases are a bit heavyweight because of their material. In short, the suitcases of travelpro are very lightweight and durable.


In conclusion to the question, “Is Travelpro a good luggage? the answer is a big “YES”. After doing through research about this brand and reading the reviews of international travelers, I concluded that this is an amazing luggage brand and worth buying. The quality and features of their suitcases are impressive. You can buy the products of the Travelpro luggage brand, they are highly recommended by my side.

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