How To Repair Cracked Polycarbonate Luggage – Complete Luggage Repaire Guide

A damaged traveling companion is really sad to hear. Especially when you are traveling internationally and come to know about the damage to your polycarbonate luggage so in that case, you have two options one is to go to any bag maker and ask him to work on it and the second is to repair it by yourself so most of the people choose the second option and directly go to Google and start searching for the methods to fix cracked polycarbonate luggage as you did. There are several ways to repair luggage. No worries, read my post for a complete guide to luggage repair.

First of all, you should take a picture of your luggage before traveling. This is because if your luggage meets its misfortune during the flight and gets damaged, you have proof to show the airline management that your brand-new luggage was ruined during the flight.

How To Repair Cracked Polycarbonate Luggage

How To Repair Cracked Polycarbonate Luggage

Things to consider when dealing with damaged luggage

  • You can simply ask the luggage manufacturer to repair your luggage or replace it if it is still under warranty.
  • If your luggage is damaged during the flight, you may complain to airline management. They’ll repair or replace your luggage
  • You should also keep a luggage repair kit with you

Having a luggage repair kit is really very smart idea because it saves you from being stressed. As you have this kit, you will be able to repair your luggage on your own in no time. So you should also know about the things that you can keep in this kit.

Luggage repair kit

The kits are readily available at the market, but I recommend that you prepare a luggage repair kit yourself and ensure that you have all the items you might need.

Following are some items that you must keep in your luggage.

When it comes to polycarbonate luggage or any other hard-side luggage, you must keep these things in your possession.

  • Duct tape
  • Sugru
  • Luggage repair patches

But if you have a clothed suitcase or a backpack you must keep these tools

  • Luggage repair patches
  • Safety pins
  • Strong thread
  • 3-4 needles

By doing so, you can easily repair your luggage and save yourself the hassle of securing your items.

So now have a look at the process of repairing luggage. Before you start working, look at the crack in your luggage. It’ll be very fruitful.

Find out the nature of luggage crack

Knowing the problem will help you work more efficiently and effectively toward a solution. Start by taking out all the essential items from your luggage and placing them in a plastic bag. Pay close attention to your luggage as much as possible.

There are two types of damage. Firstly, there is a crack in the luggage, and secondly, there is a hole in the luggage. Cracks in luggage are easy to repair, but a hole requires a strong material and extra effort. If the hole or crack is not very large, you can fix it. However, if it’s large then it’s better to buy upgraded luggage because repaired luggage is not as secure and strong as brand-new luggage.

4 ways to repair polycarbonate luggage

There are several ways to repair a piece of polycarbonate luggage on your own. You can choose the method that suits you the right way and is pocket-friendly too. Firstly, you have to decide whether you want to fix it temporarily or permanently. Let’s suppose if your luggage is not new and you are about to buy an expensive one but this luggage gets damaged then it’s better to choose a cheap object so that it gets repaired temporarily and after returning home you can waste it and buy a new one.

There are 4 main ways to repair luggage.

  1. Duct tape
  2. Luggage repair patches
  3. Sugru
  4. Fiberglass resin

Duct tape

Duct tape is a handy material and is quickly available for a reasonable price. This means a person with broken luggage can easily fix it with duct tape, so the tape can be easily applied. Until your luggage is repaired, you simply need to wrap enough duct tape around the damaged part of it. It can give you a temporary hold on your luggage, but in some cases, duct tape cannot repair it permanently.

You can also repair broken luggage wheels. To do so, cut the duct tape according to the luggage wheel width and start wrapping it. After this wheel reaches the same level as other wheels, stop using it. The tape should be wrapped in such a way that it doesn’t pull off during the relocation process.

Luggage repair patches

These patches work magically. Keeping repair patches in your luggage is also a good idea. The patches can be easily applied by peeling and sticking. These patches are very thin so they can’t be pulled off or torn if rubbed against other luggage. These patches are double layered so it gives extra protection. Whenever you want you can also remove these patches and they’ll not leave any stickiness behind. Almost all luggage is black in color, so these patches match, so when applied, they look alike and there is no mess.

You can apply repair patches in the following way:

  • Firstly, clean the area where you want to apply this patch. Try to use a clean and damp cloth so that all the dirt is wiped away properly and you can stick the patch properly.
  • These patches are sticky, so it is a necessity for the surface to be Use a clean cloth and dry the whole surface thoroughly.
  • When the surface has been prepared for repair, start putting on the patch. Firstly, remove the paper from its back, then stick it to the surface. Make sure to apply the patch smoothly, without creases. Ideally, you should apply a patch on the outside and inside of your luggage. It gives more protection.

In this way, you can easily repair your luggage using luggage repair patches.


The most exciting thing about Sugru is that it is also a waterproofing product that makes your luggage waterproof after being applied. Firstly you have to empathize with your luggage and put all the stuff in a plastic bag so that they can’t be lost or misplaced. To avoid appearance issues, apply sugru from the inside and smooth it from the outside. After noticing that the hole is fully covered, remove the extra sugru and shape it to look like luggage. Always use sugru of the same color as your luggage, for instance, if your luggage is black, you should use sugru of the same color as your luggage.

Fiberglass resin

Due to the fact that this method permanently repairs your luggage, it needs to be more professional. It’s the most effective way of repairing but it is also expensive, so if your budget allows, you should try it.

It also makes your luggage durable, strong, and waterproof, which is the most effective option when your luggage has big damage so instead of replacing it, you should repair it in this way.

So here’s a question instead of replacing the luggage with a new one why should you choose to repair it? Is there any advantage of repairing it? Yes, repairing luggage has the following advantages.

Advantages of repairing luggage

Let’s imagine you are returning home and just before you come to the airport, you suddenly know that your luggage is damaged. You don’t have enough time to go to bag makers or even to buy new luggage. It is therefore beneficial to know how to repair luggage. Isn’t it great to repair luggage rather than being stressed? Along with skill, if you know luggage repair methods, you also have the following benefits.

Following are the advantages of repairing the luggage by yourself.

It’s very simple to do

Repairing of luggage sounds to be a difficult task but it’s not a challenging task at all. All you need is a proper tool or product and by using some simple techniques you can easily make it look like as it was before the damage.


This is also an attractive thing about repairing luggage because there is no need to travel to bag makers that may charge a lot. Therefore, doing it yourself using some tools is totally budget-friendly. Sometimes it seems that the crack or damage is not possible to repair and you have to buy replacement luggage. This is also expensive so if you can fix it yourself again it saves you money.

Save your time

When your luggage is damaged and you send it to a luggage maker the whole process might take one to two weeks and it is impossible for you to wait for your luggage to be repaired and come back after one or two weeks especially when you are traveling internationally or about to leave for a trip. So if you know about repairing luggage, you can do it in no time and save time and make you stress-free.

Reasons for polycarbonate luggage damage

It is also important to consider what causes the luggage to get damaged or cracked. Following are some reasons for luggage damage.

  • During the flight, luggage may be rough-handled by the luggage handler and cracked
  • During translocation, it may fall down and get damaged.
  • Sometimes its material is not high quality and after some repeated uses it gets damaged so it is important to check the reviews about different brands online and buy the one with superior quality
  • It is also possible for the luggage to be damaged after using it repeatedly

The most effective ways to prevent polycarbonate luggage damage

However, after reading the article about repairing luggage you can now repair your damaged luggage yourself. But, it’s imperative to take care of your luggage to prevent it from being damaged or cracked. Take the following measures to keep your luggage secure from damage

  • Avoid overpacking your luggage because overpacking may damage its zip and be worn out
  • Always handle your luggage carefully and make sure it does not fall down and get damaged
  • Use protective covers for luggage to reduce strains or dents
  • Although these cases are waterproof, try to protect your luggage against extreme temperatures because rigid shell luggage can’t withstand high temperatures and get damaged
  • It’s also helpful to wrap your luggage with a luggage strap because if its zippers don’t work properly then it doesn’t open and keeps the items secure
  • Read More

Can you Travel with a Cracked Luggage?

It usually happens when you return home after spending your holidays. If you have cheap luggage, even though it is new, the chances for this luggage to get damaged is much more than a piece of superior quality luggage. If you find out your luggage to be damaged or cracked, then try to repair it on your own by using the above-mentioned methods as by using duct tape or your luggage repair kit.

In the event of damaged luggage, airlines just do some paperwork to ensure that this luggage is already damaged. This is so that after receiving the luggage, if someone claims that this luggage is damaged by the airlines, then they can show that paper as proof.

In most cases, airlines don’t have any problems with your luggage until they determine that it can be handled safely. It may be refused if the luggage is badly damaged or hanging from a single rope and is difficult to carry, but usually, it doesn’t happen.


Q1: Can I repair my cracked polycarbonate luggage myself?

Ans: Yes, you can repair your traveling companion yourself. It is the most effective way. Repairing luggage is not a difficult task. With a few simple techniques, you can do it easily. You can use products you can afford, so it is budget-friendly. If you send back your luggage to the company, it takes 1,2 weeks, but if you do it by yourself, it only takes 1,2 hours, so it’s also time-saving. If you want to repair your luggage, I recommend you learn some basic terms. In the event that your luggage is damaged somewhere and you aren’t familiar with the luggage manufacturer, this will be very helpful.

Q2: What is a luggage repair kit?

Ans: Luggage repair kits are available on Amazon. It mainly contains items that can be used to repair luggage temporarily. It contains duct tape, sugru, safety pins, threads, scissors, and needles. You can also keep more items in it. I recommend you keep duct tape always in your hand carry. You must keep duct tape regardless of whether you keep a luggage repair kit or not. It is very useful.

Q3: Can polycarbonate luggage break?

Ans: Most polycarbonate cases don’t get damaged. Hard side cases are more difficult to compress and less likely to become deformed, but sometimes they also get damaged. At the airport, after checking and being handled by baggage handlers, they are usually tossed badly and damaged. Rough handling by baggage handlers causes dents, scratches, and even small holes. I recommend you buy a piece of durable quality luggage because some cases have such poor-quality shells that they get damaged after a few uses.


Polycarbonate luggage is the primary choice of many travelers because of its durability and high quality. However, sometimes it gets damaged and causes stress, so you should know “How to repair cracked polycarbonate luggage?” It’s better to repair luggage on your own. It has benefits, as I mentioned in my post. Repairing luggage is not a very difficult task. By having some basic knowledge you can repair your luggage on your own.

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