How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel – Complete Processing Explained

Luggage damage, misplaced or theft are very common nowadays. Almost every airline has reported several luggage theft cases annually. It’s very stressful to stand in front of a conveyor belt, waiting for a long time and not getting the luggage. Misplacing luggage can spoil the whole trip.

Luggage is the only source to get all the essential items during the trip. If you want to have an idea about “How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel” then firstly calm yourself and don’t be overstressed. Airlines usually recover the suitcases in 2,3 days. Read my article thoroughly to know all the possible things in detail that you can do if in case, your luggage gets lost.

How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel

How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel

Loss of luggage is a mis happening and don’t be afraid of it. You should pack your luggage in a way to minimizes the chances for your luggage to get stolen or misplaced. However, you must know how to recover the stolen luggage from the carousel so that airport staff start searching for your luggage as soon as possible. Airports have a lot of cameras to minimize the ratio of luggage theft.

It’s very difficult to steal the luggage from the carousel. Usually, suitcases get misplaced during transit and loaded in another plane mistakenly. It usually happens in connective flights and airlines recover that luggage in 3,4 days. You can do the following things to recover your luggage.

Inform your Airline

If you don’t get your luggage then immediately go to the airport staff. You can simply go to the reception and inform them about your luggage lost. Usually, airlines accept the luggage loss report within 24 hours of its loss. In the airport you can’t find your luggage on your own so is good to go to inform the airline and let them do their work.

Make sure to file a written report. Mention the basic information there like your flight number, the timings of your flight, and some information related to your luggage. Try to keep one copy of this report to you as proof. If the staff asks you some questions related to your luggage then answer them in detail. You can also show a picture of your luggage it’ll be helpful. Additionally, give them the details about all of your items it’s also good to show them the pictures of your items too.

Tip: Must take a photo of your luggage after completing the packing

Be in contact with the Airline

Once you file the report the airport gives you a claim number. Usually, you’ll get your luggage back in 1,2 weeks but in case, you are not getting the luggage back then you can contact the airline by using that number or their official website or their app to get updates. You can also remind them once a day and get each update it’ll keep them activated to find your luggage and also, you’ll remain motivated that you’ll get your luggage soon.

Each airline has its specific rules and regulations and it’s important to know those rules and behave accordingly. If you find the response of baggage claim agents unsatisfactory or if they mention to you that airlines can’t do anything to recover your luggage then tell them to give these words in writing and also note their name. After this, you can directly go to any supervisor and show them the report that you filed to recover your luggage and the response of the baggage claim agents. It’s fruitful and there are 100% chances for you to get your luggage back.

Consider your insurance policies

Almost all the people are enrolled in various insurance policies. If you have a travel insurance policy then you can simply inform them it’ll be helpful in the recovery of your luggage. There are also some items that are under an insurance policy like your laptop. So, review all the policies the select the most effective one. Contact your insurance company and tell them everything in detail. If you have an office nearby then you should visit that to file your report however you can also do this online. Also, get a copy of this report and stay in contact with them.

It’ll be helpful and you’ll get your luggage back in a few days. You can also submit the airline’s luggage recovery report and a police report. Some insurance companies demand a police report so if it’s compulsory then must file a report of your luggage loss with the police too.

Check your Luggage Thoroughly

After getting your luggage back make sure to check the luggage completely. If your luggage gets damaged then you can also talk to the airline and show them pictures of your luggage before damaged. If your luggage is new and you bought it online then you can submit the purchase recipient of your luggage.

If your luggage is fine and some of its items get misplaced then you can tell them to give you a replacement item in the same way if any item gets damaged you can complain to the airline or also to its manufacturer company if it’s under warranty.

How often does luggage get Lost?

How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel

The ratio of luggage lost varies different for different airlines. Most airlines have a lot of cameras to record every single movement in the airport. They also have security so there’s no chance to steal the luggage easily. If luggage gets misplaced during transit or is exchanged with anyone’s else luggage then you’ll usually get it back in 4-5 days. However, the ratio of complete loss of luggage at the airport is very low.

If you pack your luggage properly, inform the airport staff in time, and provide them with all the needed information then you’ll recover your luggage easily in less than a week.  All the airlines have their own policies to search the lost luggage or to deal with damaged luggage. It’s compulsory for you to read the policies of your airline thoroughly. Learn More


Q1: How often do checked bags get searched?

Ans: Checked luggage can be checked manually due to security risks. Sometimes TSA randomly selects some bags for manual checking to make sure that these bags are totally safe to be taken on the plane. There is just a 5% chance for this checking because usually after checking-ib there’s no specific need for checking the luggage again. If you are traveling internationally then your bags are also checked by customs. Actually during immigration if they find you confused or suspicious then they must check your luggage otherwise they let you go without checking. Learn more

Q2: Is it possible to get my lost luggage back?

Ans: If your luggage gets misplaced at the airport then you’ll get your luggage back in 2,3 days. Now in the era of advanced technology airports find and return the luggage in 36 hours because the airport has proper security so it is very difficult to steal the luggage and take it out of the airport. You have to inform the airline immediately after the loss of your luggage. It’s also good to file a report with the police. If you bought any insurance policy then you should contact those companies it’ll be very helpful. Don’t panic and let them do their work you’ll definitely get your luggage back within some hours.

Q3: What can I do to keep my items safe during traveling?

Ans: You can do these things to keep your items safe.

  • Firstly, it’s very important to pack all of your precious items in the carry-on luggage so that if you accidentally lose your checked luggage your beloved items will remain safe.
  • Must use TSA locks. They are safer to use than any other ordinary lock.
  • Take a picture of your items after packing them in the luggage or you can also prepare a list of those items so that after reaching your destination you can compare the items and can inform the airport in case of missing any item.
  • Always use good quality, attractive luggage because they are less likely to be stolen.


Hopefully, after reading my article you have a piece of complete knowledge of “How to Recover Luggage Stolen from Carousel”. You just have to follow the mentioned steps and then wait for some hours. It’s really common for the luggage to get misplaced, stolen, or taken by someone else so stay calm and active during the whole process, airlines find your luggage within some hours.

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