How To Protect Luggage From Damage – Keep Your Luggage New

People are fond of traveling. Almost all of us take a flight by air 1,2 times in our lives for work or recreation. If you are a frequent traveler, you are aware of the risks associated with air travel. When we reach the airport for traveling, many things can happen. Any journey ultimately becomes a memory and if there’s any worse thing that happens at that time it is remembered forever. Two main things can ruin a trip’s happiness and excitement in a few seconds: theft and damaged luggage.

If you are reading this article it means that you are well aware of the fact that your luggage can be damaged while traveling. You want to learn how to protect luggage from damage. That is great, I appreciate your concern about your items. Keep reading my article. I’ll guide you through different luggage protection methods.

How To Protect Luggage From Damage

How To Protect Luggage From Damage

Keep your luggage safe while traveling

Imagine that after 4 or 5 hours of watching movies, enjoying food, and taking naps on the plane, you excitedly arrive at the luggage carousel and you find damaged and broken luggage instead of your brand-new luggage. The day finally comes when you reach your destination and you are just a few steps away from your dream trip. However, you find your luggage in bad condition.

To avoid such a stressful situation, you need to pack your belongings in such a way that they can remain safe. There is a clear possibility of them getting damaged during loading and after check-in as baggage handlers often throw bags over each other. Here are some tips for keeping your luggage and accessories safe.

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1. Keep duct tape

Duct tape is like a best friend. Whenever you find your luggage a little damaged, put some tape there. It’ll keep your items safe from falling outside and protect your luggage from further damage. Don’t worry if your luggage looks odd after applying the tape. It’s a temporary solution but keeps your items safe. Duct tape is affordable and is available everywhere. It is also very handy and keep the tape in your carry-on bag.

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2. Use fragile stickers

If you have a fragile item in your luggage, use fragile stickers. Baggage handlers keep the luggage carefully that has these stickers. Using fragile stickers doesn’t guarantee that your luggage is not mishandled further. Sometimes these tags are torn or replaced, increasing damage risk.

I recommend keeping your most valuable and fragile items in your carry-on. Instead of being damaged, luggage is also at risk of being stolen. So keep your money, jewelry, and most vital items in your carry-on or cross-body bag.

3. Luggage protection covers

It is best to protect your luggage with luggage covers. They are available in different sizes and fit properly on luggage. They are available on Amazon. Some high-quality luggage covers are also waterproof, so they will keep your luggage safe from moisture during the rainy season. These covers protect your luggage from scratches, dirt, and dust. You should use these covers since they are so affordable.

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4. Buy good quality luggage

Make sure you buy luggage of good quality when buying. Read reviews of luggage online. Quality luggage matters a lot. Good luggage withstands mishandling and environmental conditions. Hard-sided luggage is safer. Their material can’t push inward and is durable, protecting the items from damage.

 5. Wrap your luggage properly

To protect your luggage it is highly beneficial to wrap it in plastic. It is also the most effective way of protection if you don’t have a luggage cover. You can wrap your luggage at home, but many airports provide this service. Wrapping services are relatively not expensive and the work done by professionals is far more beneficial.

6. Use Wheel protectors

There are many rubber and plastic wheel protectors available on the market today. However, these covers don’t cover the entire wheel but give additional support to protect the wheels. They are made of rubber so they don’t break easily. However, these wheel protectors are not easy to find on the market but available at several online stores. They protect the wheels from dirt and small stones.

There are many reliable quality luggage covers available that also cover the wheels. Rather than purchasing wheel covers separately, choose a luggage cover that covers the wheels.

7. Use TSA locks

How To Protect Luggage From Damage

On the carousel, some bags open during loading and shifting. It is very critical to lock the luggage properly so that it can’t be unlocked easily. TSA locks are more reliable as they are of a higher quality. Along with inhibiting your bag from being opened they also prevent your items from being stolen.

How to protect suitcase wheels?

Luggage wheels are a very important part of luggage because you translocate your heavy luggage with the help of these wheels. Sometimes passing through the uneven road, your luggage is exposed to the small stone that can cause it to get damaged. So it is very important to protect them and clean them properly.

Use wheel protectors and check out luggage wheels each time you return from the trip. Use a tweezer and pull out small stones or treads if stuck inside. If you see your luggage wheel break down, then change the wheels of your luggage.

How to keep luggage safe in the hotel?

You have to take care of your luggage throughout your trip. It is also important to be careful when staying in a hotel. You should remember the following things:

  • There is no guarantee that your valuable items will be kept safe in the room safes at your hotel as they are not always reliable. There are a few tricks that professional robbers can use to decode them easily.
  • Keep your luggage under the bed or someplace where it’s away from sight.
  • Don’t share your personal information with anyone outside of your family or friends.
  • Always keep your luggage with you but in case you have to leave the hotel for some time and leave your luggage behind, it’s helpful to give your luggage to the hotel staff. Your luggage should be properly locked.


Q1: Can I wrap my luggage myself?

Ans: Yes, you can wrap it yourself, but I suggest using a wrapping service. That would be more beneficial.

Q2: How can I protect my luggage from damage?

Ans: There are several ways to protect luggage from damage. You should use luggage covers, wheel covers, and duct tape. It is very imperative to protect luggage from damage.

Q3: Which kind of luggage is more secure?

Ans: According to me, hard-sided suitcases are more beneficial. Soft-sided cases can be cut easily with a knife or any other sharp tool. Instead of theft hard cases, also protect your items from damage if they fall. Hard cases also have an inbuilt TSA system that soft-sided suitcases don’t have. However, should follow the above-mentioned methods of keeping luggage safe and take care of your luggage.


 you can choose any method that suits you best from the methods mentioned in this blog post. Hope all the tips mentioned above will be helpful for you. It is also worth mentioning that along with taking precautions, you should also try to reduce checked luggage use. Whenever possible, pack all of your essentials in carry-ons or backpacks and use your checked luggage where they are needed.

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