How To Pack Toiletries For Carry-on and 3-1-1 Rule

Every time we pack for a trip, we always wonder what we should put on the list. We all want to make our journey flawless and stress-free and that’s why we need to pack only the items that are allowed. According to TSA, we can carry solid items freely, but there are some limitations to packing liquid items. You should know “how to pack toiletries for carry-on“. Firstly, in the case of solids, you also need to read the rules of TSA and your airline. Just pack the items that are allowed by both TSA and the airline, otherwise, you might have to face some problems during the screening of your items.

Despite TSA’s prohibition on taking liquids on flights, here is a fact about it. Some years back, there was no limitation on bringing liquid items on the plane. However, once in London, some passengers took some chemicals on the plane. They experimented with liquid there and caused serious problems for other passengers. As a result of their arrest, all airlines around the world prohibit liquid products on planes because hundreds of chemicals are contained in liquid products.

I’ll give you a complete guide to keeping liquids with you while on a plane in my article. If you are packing your bags and want to know the rules surrounding liquids, read my article.

How To Pack Toiletries For Carry-on

How To Pack Toiletries For Carry on

What toiletries can you take on a plane?

There is a ban on carrying liquids on the plane by the TSA, but there are some things like your toiletries that you can carry. There are also some limitations to carrying these toiletries that I’ll discuss below in the article. You can keep your contact lens solution, sunblock, hand cream, lip balm, mouth fresheners, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and perfume.

Rather than taking face wash, you can bring a soap bar. In the same way, you can replace conditioner bars with conditioners. By doing this, you can place these items freely in your hand carry because soap bars and conditioner bars come under the category of solid items and there is no restriction on the quantity of the bars by TSA and airlines.

In fact, products in the form of gel fall under the category of liquids. Your makeup products like eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm are also considered liquids and there are limitations to carrying them on the plane.

I would like to mention one thing: if you travel in business class, airlines provide you with a bag of good-brand toiletries. The amount of these products is enough to use on the flight. For females, this vanity kit contains perfume, a small mirror, a comb, a dental kit, moisturizer, hand lotion, eye serum, and body lotion. For males, you’ll find perfume, small body spray, comb, razor, and foaming spray.

Tips For Pack Toiletries

How To Pack Toiletries For Carry on

When you have to pack toiletries in your carry-on bag, you have to remember the following things:

  • During the flight, you can keep one quart of a plastic bag of toiletries in your hand luggage.
  • Keep your liquid in clear bottles and make sure they are smaller than 100 milliliters.
  • It’s also incorrect if the container is 150ml and the product in it is about 50ml. There is no concern that airlines care about how much liquid is in the container because they only consider the container’s limit.
  • You’ll find several containers that are less than 100ml or you can also buy a pack of such containers from the market. They should be transparent.
  • Put all of your bottles in a clear plastic bag secured with a zipper that won’t allow them to open during the flight.
  • In most airlines, you can only carry one bag per person. If you require more liquid with you, you must check in your checked luggage. During the screening, you have to give this bag to the screening staff for checking. I recommend you inform the screeners by yourself that you are carrying liquids with you. They’ll check them by visual screening, X-ray screening, or testing the sample. If you use a clear bag, then the screening process would be quite easier and quickly done.
  • Lip gloss and mascara fall under the category of gels. The same rules apply to gel as they do to liquids.
  • Packing containers less than 100ml is necessary for other items such as peanut butter, jam, and jelly since airlines also categorized them as liquids.

What is the 3-1-1 rule for packing liquid items?

To guide travelers properly about packing liquids, the TSA tells them to follow a rule of 3-1-1. If they pack their carry-on according to this rule, then they’ll definitely walk through the security check freely. This is because it can be very stressful when your favorite products are taken out of your carry-on in front of other travelers.

Let’s look at the 3-1-1 rule:

  • In 3-1-1 rules, the number 3 means that your products should be less than 3.4 ounces. If you go beyond the limits, then you can’t take that product on a plane.
  • As far as this rule is concerned, the “1” means that you can keep more than one product not exceeding 3.4 ounces in weight. You can also carry these items in just one plastic bag. You should use a plastic pouch that is transparent, clean, and secure with a zipper to ensure that your items remain safe while being transported.
  • The second “1” of this rule means you can take one toiletry bag with you. By TSA only one bag is allowed per person.

Types of packing Containers

If you don’t have packaging of your products less than 3.4 ounces, then you have to buy such bottles and fill your liquid in them. There are a variety of such containers available on the market, but you should know which container suits you best. Read about the features of the following liquid container and choose the one that is perfect for your liquid.

  • There are pump containers readily available on the market. With these amazing products, you can easily apply your cleanser, foundation, and moisturizer.
  • The unicorn pen bottles are slim and clear. These bottles are easy to handle and you can fit more than one bottle easily into your pouch. They look small but can contain a sufficient amount of your liquid product. They are also leakproof.
  • There are also soft tubes available. You can fill your product in it with the help of syringes. Lip gloss and lip balm are usually stored in them.
  • If you want to keep your lip balm in a bottle, transparent round containers are perfect. They are available in packages of 15-20 pieces. Don’t worry about your liquid leaking because of its cap that fits firmly. You can also keep your concealer in it.

  • You can also use squeezable silicon tubes. These are effective if your liquid’s consistency is thick. You can easily squeeze them. The most common use of these tubes is to store sunscreen and face wash.

Can you bring deodorant on a plane?

How To Pack Toiletries For Carry on

Most people think that whether they can bring deodorant on a plane or not, the simple answer is a definite yes. However, you also have to follow some rules if you want to carry deodorant on a plane. You can keep a deodorant under 3.4 ounces. If you are carrying a liquid or semi-liquid antiperspirant, you are allowed to carry less than 3.4. ounces container of it. Many companies that manufacture deodorants and antiperspirants also sell these products in travel-friendly packaging.

Does toothpaste count as a Liquid TSA

Yes, toothpaste comes as a liquid or gel product. The carrying of toothpaste in 3.4-ounce containers or smaller may also be permitted. All airlines have similar carry-on liquid rules. If you have to carry some prescribed toothpaste with you, it should have to be less than 3.4 ounces. Several toothpaste brands design their packaging to make it easy to carry during travel.

How to Pack Toiletries in Checked Luggage


There’s no limit to the quantity of liquids stored in checked luggage. Suppose you have to carry large liquid containers with you. You have to place them in checked luggage rather than carry-on luggage. The reason for doing this is that once you submit your luggage to luggage handlers, you are not allowed to use that luggage throughout the flight. However, you must pack your liquids carefully in the luggage so that they do not leak during baggage handler rough handling. Keep your products in a zippered bag that is leakproof.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to pack shampoo in checked luggage?

Ans: You can keep shampoo and conditioner bottles in your checked luggage. Tie your bottle caps firmly so they can’t open during travel. Place your liquid containers in a separate plastic bag and place them in your luggage carefully. Read More

Q2: How do you define liquid items?

Ans: Liquid items include those listed below.

  • The liquid includes all drinkable liquids like juice, soft drinks, and alcohol.
  • Some food comes in the category of liquids and semi-liquids. Peanut butter, ketchup, yogurt, and honey are examples of such foods.
  • All of your toiletries that may be in the form of gel, paste, and foam come into this category.
  • Most of your makeup products, like mascara, contact lens solution, and lip balm, are in the form of a gel. You can only pack them by following the TSA liquid rules.

Q3: Is it necessary to pack toiletries in plastic bags?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to pack them in a clear bag so that if TSA agents want to check your carry-on they can easily inspect all the items. The first step is to pour your liquid into transparent containers, and then pack them in a transparent zippered bag.


In conclusion, you can pack solid items in both your carry-on and checked luggage. For liquid items, you can also pack them in checked luggage, but the TSA and airlines have rules about packing them in carry-on bags. Read my article to learn about “how to pack toiletries for carry-on”. TSA only allows 3.4 ounces of liquid to be packed into a clear bottle. Pack all liquid containers in a clear zipper bag.