How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage and Carry-on (Complete Guide)

There are a number of reasons that people want to take food on a plane. If you are wondering whether you are allowed to bring frozen food on the plane or not, according to the TSA you are allowed to keep frozen food with you in both your carry-on and checked-in luggage.

The next most asked question is “How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage?” Simply you have to pack your frozen food in a way that it can’t get leaked and spoiled. Always use plastic containers for packing food and don’t go with glass utensils because they are risky to carry. If you want to keep your baby food or favorite food with you on the plane, read this article because, in this article, I’ll give you a complete guide to packing frozen food in your checked luggage.

How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage

How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage

TSA says that you can pack and keep your frozen food in your luggage but they should be frozen entirely, especially at security checks. If during checking they find your food partially frozen or has liquid in it, you can’t carry this food with you. For carry-on luggage, you have to be very careful while keeping frozen food because airlines strictly prohibit keeping liquids in hand carry. In checked baggage, you can use a cooler and spread a layer of ice on top of your food. Frozen food can spoil very soon at high temperatures.

Here is a complete step-by-step procedure for packing frozen food in checked luggage.

  • Put your food in a plastic container having a lid or plastic bag secured with a zipper and keep it in the refrigerator for freezing. Make sure to use a leak-proof plastic container or bag.
  • Now prepare your cooler. You can also use dry ice but don’t exceed the limits that are allowed by your airline. Keep your frozen food in this cooler and completely cover it with ice cubes or dry ice. You can also wrap your food in aluminum foil because it prevents your food from warming up.
  • Now your favorite food is ready to go with you on the plane. You can decide whether to carry it in your carry-on luggage or checked luggage according to its size.

How to prevent food from smells and spills?

Food items are at direct risk of being spoiled during a long flight of 8-10 hours. You can do these things to keep your food fresh throughout the flight.

  • Sometimes it happens that the smell of food spreads into the whole luggage so make sure to pack your food into a hard-side container and wrap it in many layers of newspaper before packing.
  • As you know checked luggage is usually mishandled by luggage handlers so it’s good to keep your food in the middle of your luggage so that it can’t get leaked through mishandling.
  • Make sure to keep enough ice bags in the container so that if your checked luggage gets delayed by something your food remains safe from spoilage.

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Can You Take Frozen Fish On a Plane?

How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage

This is a frequently asked question and according to the TSA, you can take frozen fish on a plane. Airlines will not prohibit you however you have to pack it carefully. In the same way, you can also travel with frozen meat. You can keep frozen meat in both your carry-on or checked luggage however you just have to pack it very carefully in a leakage-proof plastic bag or a hard-sided container. Airlines just prohibit liquid items in carry-on luggage. However, you can take them in travel-sized containers. For solid items, you have no restrictions on both your carry-on and checked luggage.

Many people travel with frozen fish and it’s really very simple to pack and carry frozen fish. You can simply pack your fish in a hard-sided container or cooler. It is also good to pack the fish in plastic bags and then place them in the cooler. Make sure that the fish is fully frozen before packing. In short, you have to pack your frozen fish in the same way as you pack your frozen food.

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Is It Possible To Eat Frozen Food On The Plane?

There are a number of reasons that people want to eat frozen meat on a plane. There might be a diabetic patient who needs to eat food after each hour or there might be a food lover who can’t stop eating all day. Airlines allow you to bring some food or snacks with you but you must follow the rules and just bring the allowed items on the plane.

In the same way, you can also eat your frozen food during the flight but don’t create a mess. Pack the food that doesn’t need to be pre-heated before eating because some airlines don’t have facilities to heat the food so keep the food that can be eaten frozen. It’s not necessary to keep some food for the flight because airline staff serve food, coffee, juice, and tea throughout the flight.

Tips For Packing Frozen Food in Luggage:

How To Pack Frozen Food In Checked Luggage

There are no limitations on the amount of frozen food that you have to carry with you but make sure that it doesn’t exceed the weight limit allowed by the TSA and airlines. However, still, it’s still good to check the rules of your airline regarding the amount of frozen food. You must pack your frozen food properly to have a smooth flight. Follow these tips for flying with frozen food.

  • Fully freeze your food before packing it in checked luggage. It’s good to keep it in the freezer for 14-15 hours before packing. Just take it out of the freezer when you are about to leave for the airport.
  • Keep your food in a box having ice cubes in it. Also, make sure that these ice cubes are fully frozen and are not partially melted. Take duct tape and secure the box completely so that the ice can’t melt.
  • There are also some insulated food containers available on the market. If you want to keep your food frozen for a long period of time, it’s good to keep it in these types of containers.
  • It’s good to pack a few items in the cooler because there’s a risk of spoiling food when you overpack it.


Q1: Is dry ice allowed on the plane?

Ans: According to the FAA, you are allowed to carry dry ice on the plane but still you need to check the rules and regulations of your airline because some airlines find dry ice hazardous and prohibit it.

You can carry 5 pounds of dry ice in either your carry-on luggage or checked luggage. It is good to keep this dry ice in a plastic bag with proper labeling on it.

Q2: Can I travel with baby food, formula milk, and breast milk?

Ans: Yes, you can keep baby food, formula milk, and breast milk in both carry-on and checked luggage. In carry-on luggage, you have to carry it in a container of less than 3.4 ounces. In the same way, you can also carry ice bags or dry ice with you.

Q3: Can I pack frozen soup in my luggage?

Ans: Yes, just like other types of frozen foods you can also travel with frozen soup. Make sure that the soup remains frozen throughout the flight, especially at the time of checking. If your soup is in a partially liquid state, you are not allowed to bring it on the plane. Keep 3,4 ice bags to keep it frozen. There’s also no limit on the amount of soup when it is frozen.


Read my article completely and follow the step-by-step procedure for packing frozen food and the query “How to pack frozen food in checked luggage?” will be solved. Basically, you have to follow the rules of TSA and your airlines and just pack the allowed food in secure packing. The main thing to remember is that your frozen food should not melt during your flight. It may spoil your food.

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