How To Pack For Rainy Weather For A flawless enjoyable Trip

If you are planning a trip this spring, then it is good to check the weather in the destination country and pack your luggage accordingly. If rain is expected there, you have to pack according to the weather. You must know “How to pack for rainy weather?” While packing for a rainy climate you have a variety of items to pack with you like an umbrella, raincoat, luggage cover, and some extra clothes.

No doubt, rainy weather is full of happiness, joy, and freshness but when you are not at home and your items get damaged by the water, it can be an unpleasant experience. Most of the excellent quality backpacks have rain covers in their bottom compartment which are really life-saving if you are caught accidentally in a heavy rain or storm.

How To Pack For Rainy Weather?

How To Pack For Rainy Weather

If you pack your luggage according to the weather, you’ll enjoy that weather rather than stress. During the rainy season place your items in a safe place and then enjoy the weather. A rainy season is very refreshing and it’s good to take a deep breath of the fresh air. You’ll feel a break from the exhausting routine. If you don’t like getting wet in the rain then you should delay your trip and plan it in sunny weather. If you have to travel by air then remember that your flight can be late for some hours so plan your activities in a way that if you get late you don’t face any problems.

However, if you are planning a trip to a rainy area, you should pack your items carefully. If you generally go for packing, you see a lot of items that look important to be packed but you can’t pack all those items in one suitcase. Here’s the list of items that you need to pack with you.

  • Water resistant suitcase
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Accessories

Let’s discuss them one by one for a better understanding.

Water resistant suitcase

You might have to pack your laptop, documents, power bank, and documents in the luggage so your luggage should be water resistant to keep your items safe from water. Usually, hardside luggage is made up of polycarbonate and aluminum material and these are waterproof. Make sure that its zippers are also waterproof otherwise, water can enter the luggage through its zippers. There’s a risk in using fabric luggage because they are not waterproof and your items can get damaged.

You should also keep some plastic bags with you to pack your devices in. If your luggage is waterproof then it’s great but you should also keep good quality luggage covers with you. Go for a luggage cover that can’t tear easily and keeps your luggage safe from water and moisture.

Clothes and shoes

You have made a travel capsule for rainy weather. Keep clothes that can dry earlier. There is some stuff like cotton that can even get wet with moisture. In winter or the rainy season, there’s no need to keep too many clothes. Must keep a hat with you. Pack your clothes in a separate plastic bag then keep them in the luggage so that if water gets into the luggage your clothes remain safe.

If you love to wear denim pants then it may be sad to hear that you can’t wear them during rainy weather because they absorb moisture very quickly and if they get wet then they take several hours to get dry so it’s good to skip them.

Extra clothing

It’s good to keep 1,2 extra pairs of clothes with you. You can get cold and fever with wet clothes so if your clothes get wet you should change. That’s why you should have extra clothes in your carry-on luggage for easy access. Must keep extra undergarments and socks because it’s really very uncomfortable to spend the whole day in wet undergarments. After changing you can simply spread your wet clothes in the hotel room or hang them in the washroom.

Wear a raincoat or a rain jacket

It’s good to have a raincoat with you. You can also pack a rain jacket to keep you dry in the rain. There are a number of raincoats available on the market. Buy a thin, lightweight, and good-quality raincoat made of breathable material. Make sure that rain jackets are not too heavy because, in the case of heavy jackets, you might feel difficulty packing.

Some people are also confused about keeping an umbrella with them. I suggest you skip the umbrella. Let’s imagine you forget your umbrella in the hotel or it gets broken, what will you do in that situation? In the same way, if you have a lot of items to carry in your hand how can you hold your umbrella at the same time? So, you should wear a raincoat because you just have to wear it and after that, you are free to enjoy the rain.

An appropriate pair of shoes

Don’t go for stylish shoes. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes. In the rainy season, you might have to walk through muddy roads full of water so it’s important to keep your feet dry. You can wear leather shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes. There are also a variety of shoes available like hiking shoes, running shoes and rainy shoes so buy shoes according to the nature of your trip and activities. Waterproof sneakers are also a good option.

It’s also a wise idea to wear old shoes during rainy weather. Keep your stylish and expensive shoes in your luggage to wear to a function or party but wear old shoes because if they get wet you won’t have any regrets. Try wearing wool socks because they dry up quickly. You should also keep extra socks with you.


There are a lot of accessories that are needed according to the weather like you need gloves, hoodies, and winter caps only in the winter season. In the rainy season, there is a need to keep a hair dryer with you. Let’s suppose you are caught in the rain and become completely wet but you also have to attend a wedding or a party after a few minutes and then you can’t wait for your hair to get dry. There’s a need for a hair dryer to get quick results.

In the same way, you have to keep any mosquito repellent cream or lotion with you. Rainy seasons are mostly followed by insects and mosquitoes really make you feel uncomfortable at night so you should have anything that can keep you safe from these insects.

Women just love make-up but on rainy days it becomes difficult to carry make-up. You should skip your regular makeup and use waterproof products. Many famous make-up brands offer waterproof makeup like waterproof mascara, lipstick, and even waterproof foundation. Finding the correct shade water-proof foundation is like a blessing for girls.

If you are packing all the essentials for rainy weather, don’t forget rechargeable lights or candles because in most countries power cuts are a common issue in rainy weather. So keep these items with you so that you don’t have to face any problems regarding the power cut.

You can enjoy light rain but during heavy rain or a storm, you might have to go out of your hotel room and have to stay in the room. So if you like reading then you must keep your favorite books with you. You can also read those books online if your luggage doesn’t have extra space in it. You can also watch movies or play games at that time.

Medical kit

There is also a chance in rainy weather to slip, fall down, and get injured. If you are in a country where you don’t know much about the locations of hospitals or medical stores, having a medical kit can be lifesaving. If your luggage doesn’t have much space to keep all the first-aid items, you can keep just basic medicines, ointments, and some bandages. Some people are habitual of specific painkillers that may be unavailable in other countries so it’s good to pack those painkillers. The risk of getting cold, nausea, and fever also increases in rainy weather, especially in children so also keep their medicines in your luggage.

Portable charger

Firstly, just keep the devices that you really need. If you are going to take a trip just for fun, there’s no need to keep a laptop with you. You just need your mobile phone. You should also keep your mobile phone inside the transparent and waterproof mobile cover during your whole trip. When you leave home, make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged and don’t use it too much. Try to keep its battery safe. Must keep a power bank also called a portable charger with you. In case you are caught in the way and don’t access any electric socket there and your phone battery is also about to die, you can use these chargers.

Tips for taking road trips in rainy weather

How To Pack For Rainy Weather

If you are deciding on road trips in rainy weather then it’s an amazing idea but you have to be very careful all the time because driving in rainy weather is very tricky and sometimes risky too due to the wet road. Follow these instructions to have safe road trips in rainy weather.

  • Check your car thoroughly. Make sure your car is in good condition. If you have any doubts about any of its parts, repair them so that you don’t face any difficulty during your trip.
  • Check the fuel in your car. Don’t compromise on its fuel and fill it. I recommend you keep some extra fuel in your car because rainy weather is really very unpredictable and your car might run out of fuel at a place where there’s no gas station nearby.
  • It’s not good to drive a car in heavy rain or storms so keep on checking the weather through weather-checking apps and stay in a safe place during heavy rain.
  • Try to keep some homemade snacks with you and avoid street foods. In rainy weather, street foods are at risk of being harmful or unhealthy to insects and germs.

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How will the trip be affected by rain?

No, if you properly pack everything according to the rainy weather then you’ll enjoy this weather. Having trips in rainy weather is the most special and memorable trip ever. You just have to pack your items properly in waterproof luggage so that if you are caught in the storm on the way to the hotel then your items remain safe. Leave your luggage in the hotel, keep your mobile phone in a waterproof cover, wear a raincoat and go exploring the new city. In this way, if you are caught in heavy rain, you’ll remain dry. During heavy rain, you can plan indoor activities with your friends or family, cook delicious meals, and watch Netflix.

If you accidentally caught in the trip then it might ruin your trip because the weather is unpredictable but I recommend you check the weather forecast before planning your trip. Plan your activities according to the weather conditions.


Q1: How to protect luggage from rain?

Ans: It’s very important to keep your luggage safe from rain and water.

  • Must use a good quality luggage cover.
  • You can also use waterproof spray. This spray will keep your luggage safe from being damaged by rainwater or moisture.
  • Always use hard-side luggage because its surface doesn’t absorb water. You can simply clean hard side luggage with a cloth and it’ll dry. However, soft-sided luggage takes several hours to get dry so go for hard-side luggage.
  • It’s good to use waterproof zippers. You can also cover the teeth of your zipper with wax so that water can’t enter the luggage.
  • You can also use packing cubes. So that if water enters your luggage your items will remain safe.

Q2: In rainy weather, what type of dress should I avoid wearing?

Ans: Firstly don’t wear cotton and denim. These two are the worst choices for rainy weather because cotton absorbs moisture very quickly and denim takes many hours to get dry. Wearing white clothing is a bad idea because it accumulates dirt quickly, and it is also difficult to remove mud stains from it. However, wearing dark colors is a good option.

Q3: If there’s somewhere in the US to visit during the rain, where should I go?

Ans: If you love adventures and want to explore the US in the rainy season, you have many places that are worth visiting.

  • If you want to have stress-free walks with your partner or want to enjoy a hot coffee with her in the refreshing rainy weather then you should definitely go to Seattle.
  • If you want to enjoy your rainy trips in the lap of nature there’s no place better than California and Oregon.
  • You can also visit Kauai and Arizona to make your trip wonderful and memorable.


Hopefully, after reading my article, you have complete knowledge of “How to pack for rainy weather?“. You just have to pack your luggage according to the mentioned tips and then enjoy your trip.

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