How To Pack A Laptop In A Suitcase Safely at Home (Best Guide)

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, the use of electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets increases a lot. Almost every type of work can be done online. When it comes to traveling, people also want to keep laptops with them. During air travel, your laptop can also meet its misfortune during mishandling so it’s important to know about “How to pack a laptop in a suitcase?” so that your laptop can travel with you safely. Read my article to learn about TSA rules about keeping laptops, proper packing of laptops in luggage, and some laptop packing tips.

TSA rules about flying with Laptops

How To Pack A Laptop In A Suitcase

The TSA and airlines usually don’t have any issues regarding keeping laptops in the luggage. You can keep laptops with batteries installed in them and laptops without batteries as well. Laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops fall in the category of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and these devices serve as human extensions so TSA and airlines don’t feel any threat in keeping them. TSA just prohibits the items that are dangerous and can harm others because all the rules and regulations of TSA are based on the safety of the travelers.

Here’s the next confusion that people have on keeping laptops, whether they have to pack these laptops in checked luggage or carry-on luggage. If you visit the official website of the TSA then you come to know that TSA allows you to keep laptops in your carry-on luggage as well as in checked luggage. Learn More

How to pack a Laptop in a suitcase?

How To Pack A Laptop In A Suitcase


Some people find it very difficult but actually, it is not that tricky. You just have to know the proper packing methods and pack accordingly. You have 3 choices to keep your laptop with you. You can pack your laptop in checked luggage with you. If you don’t find it safe then it’s good to pack it in the carry-on luggage. Additionally, if you don’t even want to place your laptop in the overhead bin of the plane then you can freely pack it in your item bag. So mainly you have to learn:

  • How to pack a laptop in checked luggage?
  • How to pack a laptop in carry-on luggage?
  • How to pack a laptop in a personal item bag?

Let’s discuss them in detail.

How to pack a laptop in checked luggage?

As I mentioned earlier you are allowed to pack your laptop in the checked luggage. During screening, you have to take out your laptop from the luggage and have to place it in the screening bin. Many people are afraid of screening but laptops don’t get damaged after passing through the scanners because the screening rays are low-powered and are safe for the laptops. You can keep your laptop in the checked luggage in the following way:

Firstly, shut down your laptop completely so that it can’t turn on during the flight.

  • Use a padded bag, laptop bags are usually padded and specially meant to keep the laptop secure. If you don’t have its original laptop bag then you can also use any other bag but that should be padded.
  • Put the laptop in this bag and close the zipper. It is good to pack its charger in another bag rather than placing it in the laptop bag along with the laptop.
  • Place this laptop bag in the middle of the luggage and don’t put any other item on it.
  • Must use hard-side luggage. Don’t use a soft side luggage because it is not safe for your laptop. It can be risky.

In this way, you can properly pack your laptop in your checked luggage. Hopefully, it’ll remain safe throughout the flight. However, there are also some drawbacks to putting laptops in checked luggage.

Drawbacks of packing laptops in the checked luggage:

Although it’s legal to pack a laptop in the checked luggage many frequent travelers find it unsafe to travel with the laptop in the checked luggage. Here are reasons why you should not pack laptops in checked luggage.

  • TSA officers can also check your check-in luggage at any time for inspection. So it’s unsafe for your laptop because during inspection there’s a chance for items to get damaged or misplaced. TSA officers don’t have enough time to pack the luggage properly after checking so your laptop can get damaged if it isn’t placed properly.
  • Luggage handlers have to transfer and loading of luggage so they just keep in mind to load the luggage usually they toss the luggage very badly one after other and there’s a 100% chance for your laptop to get damaged because the laptop can’t bear this rough handling.
  • Delaying of checked luggage is also a common issue so let’s suppose you have to attend your business meeting right after your arrival and your luggage gets delayed that have your laptop so, in this case, you can get late which is very unpleasant.
  • As you know the cases of luggage theft are increasing day by day.  A laptop is an expensive and personal item and people don’t want to lose it at all. Not only at the airport, but your luggage is also always at risk of being stolen during the whole trip so it’s good to keep it the hand-carry so that your laptop remains with you all the time and no one can steal it.

How to pack a laptop in carry-on luggage?

You can pack your laptop in your carry-on luggage and in fact, it’s more beneficial than packing it in the checked luggage. You can pack your laptop in the carry-on luggage in the following way:

  • It’s good to use a hard-side carry-on. Hard-side carry-on is safer than a soft-side carry-on.
  • Put your laptop in a good-quality padded laptop bag and then place it in the center of the carry-on luggage. Your laptop should be fully charged and shut down, especially during the taking-off and landing of the plane.
  • Make sure that your laptop is fully fitted in your carry-on. Your carry-on should also be not too large sized and it can easily fit in the overhead bin of the plane.

Benefits of packing laptop in the carry-on luggage:

  • Your laptop will remain safe from being rough-handled.
  • Your laptop will remain in front of your eyes all the time and it can’t be stolen, damaged, misplaced, or delayed.
  • If you are getting bored on the plane then you can watch movies or listen to music on the plane and stay entertained. If you are a business person then you can also do your work on the plane.

How to pack a laptop in a personal item bag?

For me packing a laptop in personal items is the best way to travel with the laptop safely. A personal item is a small hand carry that doesn’t contain many items and you can keep it under the seat in front of you or in your lap. Most airlines allow passengers to bring one carry-on luggage and one personal item so you can pack all of your items in the carry-on luggage and place it in the overhead bin of the plane and just pack your laptop in a personal item bag and keep it with yourself.

Make sure that your laptop is fully fitted in your item so that your item doesn’t look bulkier and you can carry it comfortably along with your carry-on luggage. Most of the airlines don’t weigh and measure the carry-on and personal item’s size and weight but if these bags look bulkier then they must check and if your bags exceed the weight and size limits then may have to pay some extra charges or leave some items on the airport.

Tips for packing a laptop in a suitcase:

There are some tips for packing safely laptop in luggage.

  • As I mentioned earlier, you have to turn off the laptop during landing and taking off but still, your laptop should be fully charged because TSA officers can turn on your laptop to check whether it’s working or not, and also, they make sure that there’s no illegal content in it. So, if there’s any illegal content then remove it.
  • Must keep a backup of your data so that if you accidentally lose your laptop then your data remains safe.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi because hackers can steal your data or you can also use a trusted VPN to keep your data safe.
  • The laptop is really a costly item so after keeping it in your luggage be attentive and active all the time. Don’t hand over your luggage to any stranger even for a few minutes. Must use a TSA lock because they are safer than normal locks.

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Q1: Are laptops allowed in carry-on baggage?

Ans: Yes, TSA allows you to keep your laptop in both carry-on and checked luggage. Make sure to pack your laptop carefully so that it can remain safe throughout the flight. Laptops are safer in handbags rather than in checked luggage.

Q2: Is it safe to put the laptop in checked luggage?

Ans: Having a laptop in the checked luggage is risky. Laptop can get damaged and misplaced in the checked luggage however putting the laptop in the carry-on luggage rather than checked luggage is a wise idea.

Q3: Can I pack more than one laptop in my luggage?

Ans: According to the TSA there’s no limitation on the quantity of laptops in the checked and carry-on luggage. If you can carry more than one laptop safely then you can keep them however make sure that the weight of the luggage can’t exceed the allowed weight limits.

Q4: Can I keep a laptop charger in my luggage?

Ans: Yes, you are free to keep chargers with you. You can also keep your headphones and power bank in your luggage but pack them in separate bags and then keep them in your luggage.


Hopefully, you fully know “How to pack a laptop in a suitcase?”. You can pack your laptop in your carry-on as well as checked luggage. Pack your laptop carefully. Use a padded laptop bag and then use a piece of hard-side luggage. Delete all the sensitive and illegal data from your laptop because you can be caught in trouble for having this data. Don’t be afraid to keep your laptop in the screening bin it is safe for your laptop.

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