How To Pack A Knife In Checked Baggage Safely (Complete Guide)

It’s really difficult to choose the items that you can pack for your upcoming trip. You should read the guidelines of TSA and your airline and prepare a list of allowed items accordingly. This list will help you a lot with shopping and packing. When it comes to packing some kitchen items with you, a question sticks in the traveler’s mindHow to pack a knife in checked baggage?”.

Firstly, make sure that the TSA and your airline allow you to carry the knife on the plane or not. According to the TSA, you can carry a knife in your checked luggage. There’s no prohibition but in the case of carry-on luggage, you are not allowed to keep a knife in it. Carry-on luggage remains with you all the time and knives are a dangerous thing that can harm someone so you can only pack a knife in checked baggage but after proper packing. Read my article thoroughly about packing a knife in checked luggage carefully.

How To Pack A Knife In Checked Baggage?

How To Pack A Knife In Checked Baggage

There’s no potential risk in placing a knife in checked luggage but still, you need to pack it very carefully because it can harm the luggage handlers if not packed properly. It’s really important to know about TSA rules and regulations regarding packing knives in luggage. You should visit the official websites of the TSA and your airlines to get complete knowledge and stay updated.

Follow this step-by-step guide to packing knives in checked luggage.

  • As I mentioned earlier before starting packing you must read the guidelines of TSA and the airline. Additionally, you must check the rules of your destination country so that you don’t have to face any issues there.
  •  After reading the rules and regulations, the next step is the selection of a knife. If you are packing a knife to cut fruits and vegetables or to simply use in the kitchen, you can keep butter knives, pocket knives, and knives that don’t have sharp blades. If you want to keep knives with sharp blades or any cutter, make sure that the blade length should be less than 6 cm.
  •   If you are keeping the knife that you use regularly then must wash it completely and dry it using a cloth. Make sure that your knife length is less than 2.36 inches.
  •    Now it’s time to pack the knife. Firstly, secure the sharp edge of your knife by fixing it to a piece of wooden cardboard. Then wrap it in a bubble sheet. You can also wrap it in a plastic sheet or in a piece of cloth. Completely wrap duct tape around it. Your knife is fully secured now and ready to go with you on the plane.
  • After proper packing keep the knife in a wooden or metal box. Secure this box with a TSA lock. Try to keep the box in the middle of your luggage and completely surround it with clothes. Don’t keep this box along the sides or in the corners of the luggage. It can be risky during loading.

Can you carry a knife in carry-on luggage?

How To Pack A Knife In Checked Baggage

According to the TSA, you are prohibited from carrying any sharp object in your carry-on luggage including knives. The only reason behind this rule is the safety of passengers because knives are harmful items and you have to carry them in your hand all the time on the plane.

You can keep a butter knife, a plastic knife, or a round-bladed knife with you. All other sharp objects are just allowed to be kept in checked luggage after proper packing. According to me, you should not have a knife in your hand. TSA indeed allows you to keep a butter knife in your hand carry but I think there’s no need to use it on the plane so rather than spending much time at the security check and getting late it’s better to pack all the sharp objects in checked luggage. Learn More

What happens if you don’t pack knives properly in your luggage?

If you don’t pack the knife properly in the checked luggage then you might have to face these consequences.

  • In addition to checking in luggage, the TSA can also examine checked-in suitcases anytime, so let’s say if they open your bag and get in contact with the sharp knife you threw in there, they could get injured. In order to ensure the safety of others, you must pack your sharp items carefully.
  • Knives can easily puncture soft-sided luggage when placed within it without being packed. This could harm the luggage handlers as well.
  • It may also happen that you get tired after 8-10 hours of continuous traveling and completely forget about the knife and open the luggage In this way you can directly come in contact with the knife and get injured.

You must pack your knives properly and keep yourself and other people safe from these types of sharp objects.

Do you have to declare knives in checked luggage?

No, if your knives are in checked luggage then you don’t need to declare it but for carry-on luggage even if you are carrying a butter knife, you have to declare it. In the same way, in checked luggage, if you are placing a knife more than 6 cm then you also have to declare it. While traveling domestically there’s no need to declare your knife but internationally you have to declare it.

During a security check, checking staff or TSA agents can ask you some questions regarding some of your items. Be confident and answer all the questions honestly. Don’t pack any prohibited items in your luggage. If you need to keep any prohibited item then declare it, do some paperwork and after that, if the airline allows you, then keep it otherwise it’s good to skip that item.

For more details read my blog post “Do you have to declare knives in checked luggage?


Q1: What type of knives can I carry in my checked luggage?

Ans: The knives that are allowed to be kept in checked luggage are as follows:

  •  You can keep pocket knives with you. These knives are usually foldable and are not too sharp.
  •  All the knives that are used in the kitchen are allowed to be packed in checked luggage.
  •  Knives having fixed blades or knives that are just used for decoration are allowed in checked luggage. Plastic toy knives are also allowed to be packed in checked luggage.

Q2: What knives are prohibited from checking in?

Ans: The knives that are prohibited from being kept in checked luggage are as follows:

  •  Some knives have removable blades and are not allowed to be kept in checked luggage.
  • Some knives fall into the category of self-defense weapons and are strictly prohibited in checked luggage.
  • Pen-shaped knives, swords, and throwing stars are prohibited in checked luggage because they are not meant for daily use.

Q3: Is it okay to carry a knife domestically in my checked luggage?

Ans: Yes, if you are flying domestically, you can keep a knife in checked luggage. You also don’t need to declare it. In the case of traveling internationally, you can keep a knife in checked luggage but still, there’s a need to check the rules of your airline as well as the rules of your destination country.


Hopefully, after reading my blog post you are well-known about “How to pack a knife in checked luggage”. You have to wrap the knife in a plastic sheet or cloth and wrap duct tape over it. Please keep it in a sturdy box and then carefully place it in the middle of the luggage. In this way, your knife will remain safe and won’t harm anyone. Strictly follow the rules of the TSA, your airline, and the airline of the destination country. Have a safe flight with your knife.

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