How To Make Luggage Wheels Smoother – Smoothing & Replacing Guide

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to be stressed out. The majority of people who don’t travel frequently are more fearful of mishaps and just want their trip to proceed smoothly and flawlessly. Luggage plays a very significant part in your trip by keeping your items secure. Luggage may get stolen or ruined. Both situations are stressful.

Make sure your luggage is of high quality so it won’t break. Sometimes its wheels don’t work well and it’s frustrating. It is not uncommon for good-quality wheels to get damaged after frequent use. It is nearly impossible to move bulky luggage without smooth wheels. So you should know “How to make luggage wheels smoother”. So that if you find any problem with the wheel, you can fix it yourself.

You will find details in this article about how to make your luggage smooth or even replace it if necessary. So read my post completely to learn everything about this.

How To Make Luggage Wheels Smoother

How to make luggage wheels smoother

It is imperative that the wheels be smooth so that they can roll easily during the transfer process. You can do the following things to make your luggage wheels smooth.

  • Check the wheels and remove dirt, debris, or threads if they are stuck. It’ll also make your luggage move freely.
  • You can lubricate your luggage wheels with WD-40. It’ll lubricate the wheels and make them easy to move.
  • Apply petroleum gel to the wheels with a cotton ball. As a creamy substance, it stays on the wheels for some time, does not evaporate, and smoothens the movement of your luggage.
  • It is also possible to use sandpaper. A fine crystal-like texture is found on the surface, which smoothes the wheels when A pencil eraser can also do the same work.

If the luggage wheel does not roll, what should you do?

A luggage wheel is a part of the luggage that comes in contact with the floor when it is in use. So there are more chances for the wheels to get dirty or worn out than the whole luggage. Wheels can get jammed and stop spinning.

First of all, take a damp cloth and clean the wheels. If there’s any dirt or debris on the wheel, remove it and clean it completely. It may sometimes be necessary to tighten the screw of the wheels if they get loose. Because a loose wheel can easily break after some time, it is a good idea to tighten them. But also do it very carefully because if you tighten the screw very tightly, it may also cause a problem or break the wheels.

How do you clean luggage wheels?

I recommend you clean your luggage wheels after each trip. In fact, you should wash your whole luggage after every use. If you clean the luggage before storing it, there are fewer chances of damage. Cleaning your luggage only takes a few minutes, but increases its age for many years.

  • The wheels of the luggage should be soaked in a mixture of water and soap before cleaning. Because dust is mostly present on the wheel, it would be good to dip it for 10,15 minutes.
  • Take a brush and clean the wheels. The best thing to do is to get a brush that can remove debris from the wheels effectively. Its bristles can easily get inside the wheel covers easily.
  • When you realize the wheels have been cleaned, you should rinse them with clean water. After cleaning, let it dry completely and then store it.
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Replacing luggage wheels

In the case that your luggage wheels are still not working after proper cleaning, it is time to replace them with a new set. You have two options when replacing a bearing, first replacing it with a new one or simply lubricating it. Secondly, if the wheel is damaged, you have to replace it. You should order a new wheel based on the brand and size of your luggage. You can order it from the same brand and get it online.

Things to consider while buying new wheels

  • Suitcases have two types of wheels, screwed and riveted. They both have different fixing techniques. So order the wheels accordingly.
  • Ordering the right-sized luggage wheels is extremely significant because a wheel that is not the exact size can lead to problems during the fitting process and will not function properly.

Fixing the newly purchased wheels

Next, you need to fix your luggage wheel after you have obtained a new one. You can also do it yourself with a few techniques and steps. As I mentioned, wheels could be screwed and riveted, so I’ll explain the process of fixing wheels accordingly.

Fixing screwed wheels

  • Lay your luggage straight on a flat and smooth surface. Make sure that your luggage remains stable while you are table and the floor are the most convenient places for dealing with a piece of luggage. Don’t work on the bed. Flip your luggage so that you can easily access its wheels area and fit the wheels easily.
  • Removing all the screws from the old wheels with a screwdriver and placing them aside. If the screws are not broken or damaged, then they can be somewhere.
  • Pull out the wheel with a little force and separate it from the luggage. Keep it aside with the screws or throw it away because you can’t use broken wheels anymore.
  • Take the updated wheel and place it in the wheel hole where you removed the old wheel. You can check if it is in its place by moving it a little bit. They may be wearing the wrong size if it doesn’t fit well.
  • If it fits correctly, attach the bolt and slide clip to keep it in place. Make sure all screws are tightened with a screwdriver once more.
  • You can now test it by rolling it over a smooth surface and observing whether it works well. If the luggage is moving smoothly, it’s great that you replaced the wheels perfectly.

Fixing a riveted wheel

Replacement of riveted wheels is a little harder than a screwed wheel. For fixing a riveted wheel, you need the following items:

  • Hacking saw
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Ear plugs
  • Riveted wheels

Now replace the wheels according to the following steps.

  • Use a hacksaw to remove the wheel from your luggage while placing the saw between the riveted wheel and your luggage.
  • Separate the washers and bearings from the wheel with a screwdriver and discard the other part of the wheel. It is useless.
  • Put the old washers and bearings in the replaced wheel and insert them into your luggage. Screw a nut at its end and tighten it properly. Now move it and check whether it works well or not. If there’s a need to tighten the nut, then tighten it a bit.

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How to prevent luggage wheels from breaking

It is better to keep your luggage wheels safe from damage. There are several ways to care for luggage wheels so they don’t damage. You can protect the wheels in the following ways:

  • It is possible to purchase luggage wheel covers on the market. Get a wheel cover according to your luggage wheel size. As a result, these wheel covers protect the wheels from dust, dirt, and debris. These covers also support the You have to screw this cover on the bottom of the luggage and slip it over the wheels. There are several online stores that sell these covers at reasonable prices.
  • Use an attractive luggage cover so that the luggage handlers can handle your stylish and attractive luggage in such a way as to keep the wheels of your luggage in good shape as well.
  • There is some high-quality luggage available that also covers and protects the wheels.
  • Make sure your luggage is packed wisely. Don’t overweight it. If you overload your luggage, it will also negatively affect the luggage wheels.
  • During traveling, if you have to cross a rough and wet patch of the road, it would be better to lift it up for a while. If you can do it, it is good for luggage.
  • Use your luggage only when you really need it. If traveling domestically and for short periods of time, use a carry-on and backpack. It’ll also save your luggage wheels from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luggage Wheels

Q1: Which luggage is better, luggage with four wheels or luggage with two wheels?

Ans: According to research, luggage having 4 wheels is more likely to have broken or damaged wheels than luggage with two wheels. I recommend a carry-on or a backpack. If you have to take a piece of luggage with wheels, then choose superior quality luggage.

Q2: Is it beneficial to purchase luggage that comes with a warranty?

Ans: Yes, of course, many famous brands offer warranties on suitcases against damage and manufacturing faults. Most brands give up to 10 years of warranty. When buying luggage, it’s better to have a warranty so that you won’t have to pay if it gets damaged.

Q3: How to remove hairs from luggage wheels?

Ans: Place your luggage on the floor upside down. Take a butter knife and remove the hair. If there’s still some hair stuck on the surface, take a thin tweezer and pull out the hair. Rinse the wheels with water so that if there are any small hairs left, they rinse off.


In conclusion, it’s imperative to keep luggage clean and safe. Luggage wheels can get damaged earlier than any other part of the luggage. After using it many times, the wheels get damaged so you should know “How to make luggage wheels smoother”. You can use different lubricants to keep luggage wheels smooth. Wash the luggage and clean the wheels after every trip. If your luggage wheel is damaged, it would be better to replace it with a new one. You can clean and replace your luggage wheel at home. The only thing you have to do is follow all the methods mentioned in the article. You can do this by saving time and money.