How To Identify Luggage at Airport ? Keep Your Luggage Safe

Nowadays catching a flight by air is the most convenient and trendy way of moving. By using this mode of transportation, traveling becomes quicker and mileage can be reduced to hours. However, the main thing to consider here is that there are also some drawbacks as air transport has many advantages. Compared to traveling by train or road, luggage is at greater risk of damage and misplacement at airports.

Think about how stressful it is when you arrive at your destination and find out that your luggage is missing. In an unknown country, you are left with nothing. It is stressful. These types of things are common at airports. However, there are also some ways to keep your items safe.

There are times when luggage isn’t stolen but just misplaced or taken by someone else because it looks similar to each other. But no worries I’ll guide you thoroughly. Most of the time I observe that the luggage checked in the end comes at the carousel first. This way, one will receive his luggage first, so there is no chance of mixing up. So try to be a few minutes late for luggage checking.

How To Identify Luggage at  Airport

How To Identify Luggage at Airport

How to make your luggage stand out at the airport?

Making your luggage look different is the most effective way to identify it. If you want to make your luggage look different try these tips, there is also very little possibility of luggage being lost after following these 7 tips, Read and implement them for safe and hassle-free travel.

The following tips will help you keep your luggage secure and easy to identify.

1. Buy colorful luggage

Be sure to choose colorful luggage when purchasing your luggage. Most of the luggage is in blue and black colors, so they can easily be mixed with other cases. You can easily identify your luggage from others. As colorful luggage is attractive and instantly recognizable from a distance, the likelihood of it being misplaced or exchanged is reduced. If you’re still confused about which color luggage should be best for you, Read my post and clear your doubts.

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2. Decorate your luggage with ribbons

If you don’t have vibrant and attractive luggage, you don’t need to worry. You can use colorful ribbons or tie colorful clothing. Clothing with colorful patterns on the luggage looks more appealing than luggage with basic colors. In this way, you can also make your luggage different from others. You can also stitch a piece of clothing into your luggage to ensure it will remain in the luggage. This is so you don’t have to tie them all the time when using luggage.

You can also use Colorful and designer luggage covers for your luggage. they make your luggage look different from others and Reduce the possibility of being lost.

3. Luggage tags

Use identity tags to personalize your luggage. You can also mention specific words or your name, phone number, and e-mail address on this tag. It is possible that your luggage tag could fall or tear off during the check-in and loading process. You should therefore put one tag inside your luggage so you can check the other one in case the outer tag is lost.

4. Luggage stickers

You can also use luggage stickers. Your luggage may also have some scratches, which can also be hidden in this way. Stickers will make your luggage look better. This is a creative way to make your luggage look different.

5. Take a photograph of your luggage

Another thing to do is to take a photo of your luggage. Before you leave for your trip take a photo of your luggage and items inside it so if your luggage is misplaced and you want to get your luggage back, you can determine whether all the things are present or if something is missing.

6. Use handle wraps

Handle wraps are also very helpful in identifying luggage. They are available in many bright colors. They are made of soft material so they also give an easy grip without hurting your fingers. It’s a unique idea that you can pursue.

7. Use colorful locks

If you don’t want to buy extra things like stickers, belts, or tape you can use a colorful lock. You already need a lock for your items’ security. TSA locks are available in various colors, so choose a lock of bright color. It’ll help with security and luggage identification.

I hope that after taking the measures mentioned above you’ll be able to make your luggage look different from others. However, in case you don’t receive your package, what should you do?

What to do if you don’t get luggage?

There is no need to worry if you wait at the carousel for your luggage and don’t receive it. It’s normal. Every airline has a baggage service desk, so before starting your search on your own, go to them and tell them about your problem. The airport is a safe building with many cameras and security guards so it’ll take some time to locate your luggage. Your luggage can also be loaded onto another plane. If this happens, they will find out about your luggage and get you back.

Chances of finding Lost luggage

Lost luggage from an airline means that your luggage is delayed. There are very few chances that your luggage will be completely lost at the airport, which means that you won’t be able to get it back. Most airlines take quick action and your returned luggage is placed on the next flight. 96% of luggage is returned within two days. Less than 4% of luggage is completely misplaced.

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Q1: What is the best way to identify luggage at an airport?

Ans: You can easily identify your luggage if it looks different from others. There are several ways to make your luggage different and more appealing, such as using luggage tags or colorful ribbons.

Q2: What to write on luggage tags?

Ans: Your name, phone number, and e-mail address should be written on your identification tag so that if someone finds your luggage, they can contact you and return it.

Q3: where to buy luggage tags?

Ans: luggage tags are easily available in markets. You can easily access them from your nearby store. There are also luggage tags available on Amazon. It is up to you to choose what you want, but I recommend buying a luggage tag of bright color and high quality.

Depending on whether you left your luggage tag at home, you will have the option to get a luggage tag from airport staff. These tags are free and usually made of paper but help you identify your luggage.

Q4: What are luggage tracker tags?

Ans: These tags are very practical to use and highly beneficial. These tags have trackers in them that operate with the app on your smartphone. Let’s imagine you lost your luggage. Then instead of wasting time informing the police or airport security, you just have to track your luggage and find it. However, it’s also a key point to check on the tracker before you travel to the airport. This is because in some cases luggage was stolen and the tracker was not working.

You can place tracker tags both outside the luggage and inside it, but I recommend you place them inside so they cannot be removed. Another thing you must check is whether these trackers work on your devices or not. This is because some trackers only work on Apple devices. It is the best way to find a lost piece of luggage using this method.


In conclusion, there are several methods to make your luggage look different and easier to identify. Read all the methods above carefully and choose the one that suits you best. If you don’t get your luggage, don’t worry, go to the baggage service desk and you will be able to get your luggage back.

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