How To Hide Vape In Checked Luggage – Safely Pack Your vape

It’s a common thing that people find themselves in a dilemma while packing their luggage. If you read the instructions of your airline and TSA then no need to worry and by visiting their official websites you can get complete information regarding your item. If you want to keep a vape with you then you must know “How to hide vape in checked luggage“. Because TSA has strict rules for transporting vape through the security.

Usually, you can’t pack vape in your carry-on luggage so it’s important to know the process of packing or hiding of vape in the checked luggage. Although some airlines allow to pack vapes in the carry-on and restrict it in the checked luggage. After complete research, I recommend you check your airline’s rules about keeping vapes because most airlines have different rules about keeping vapes in luggage.

Can You Carry A Vape on a Plane?

How To Hide Vape In Checked Luggage

For me, it’s more secure to buy these types of items after reaching your destination country. They are easily available in the local store. In case, you don’t have any idea about their stores then you can simply order them online and they are not usually very expensive.

If you want to you want to keep vaping devices on the plane, check the policies of your airline and pack them in your checked and carry-on luggage accordingly. Remember one thing you can’t consume these items on the plane. This is completely prohibited. Must follow your airline’s rules to have a smooth and stress-free flight.

Can You keep a vape in my carry-on Luggage?

Vaping devices contain batteries in them that’s why most airlines prefer to keep them in carry-on luggage. According to them, baggage handlers usually toss the suitcases during loading and they usually bounce into each other and there’s the risk of these devices getting leaked and causing an explosion. In carry-on luggage, if you find any potential danger regarding your device then airline staff can respond to it immediately.

TSA allows to keeping of liquid and batteries in the carry-on luggage. Make sure that the battery of your device is fully charged and turned off. Additionally, keep a charger with them. You can also keep vaping pens in your pockets but make sure that they completely get fit in.

Can You keep a vape in Your checked-in luggage?

During air travel, keeping vaping devices is considered a trend now. If you are willing to travel with vaping devices then remember that it can be risky because TSA is very strict regarding the security and safety of the passengers. However, TSA doesn’t enlist these items as prohibited items because they don’t fall in the category of weapons. If your airline allows you to pack the vaping items in checked luggage then you need to pack them properly. For checked luggage, it is advised to remove their devices to minimize the risk of explosion or any other danger.

Internationally, airlines only allow to pack these devices in the carry-on luggage as I mentioned above.  If your airlines don’t allow you to pack them in checked luggage but you want to pack them, you have to hide them very carefully so that you can’t be caught by checking staff.

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Is it necessary to hide vapes?

If packing vapes in checked luggage is not allowed but you want to pack them, you have to pack them in a way that they don’t look suspicious and attractive. Here are some reasons why hiding and careful packing of vaping devices is important.

  • Vaping objects is not illegal but still, it’s good to hide them to remain safe from legal consequences.
  • Vaping devices are not fragile but still they are flammable so you should be very careful while packing them.
  • If you are a businessman and don’t want other people to come to know about your vaping devices then it’s good to hide them in the checked luggage. In this way, only you can access your devices and don’t feel ashamed. If you keep these devices in your carry-on luggage or in your pockets then there’s a chance of other travelers to come to know about your device.

How To Hide Vape In Checked Luggage

How To Hide Vape In Checked Luggage

If you are simply packing your device in the checked luggage or trying to hide it you need to keep them very carefully. Packing is important to go through airport security smoothly. You can pack your vape carefully in the checked luggage by following these steps.

  • Clean your vape properly
  • Pack the vapes separately
  • Placing the vape in the suitcase

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Clean your vape properly

Cleaning of vape is very important. Not for packing purposes you should also clean them on and off to maintain hygiene. You can simply clean your whole vape but it’s better to disassemble its parts and then clean them separately. In this way, you can clean it perfectly and easily. After disassembling take a brush and remove the dirt. Then take water mixed with soap and wash it. Clean your vape carefully. After proper cleaning take a cloth and dry its part and assemble its parts. It’s not a time-consuming process and if you keep cleaning your vape more often then it’ll be an easier process.

Pack the vapes separately

At home, after cleaning make sure to keep your vape in a cool place. Don’t keep it in a wet area but the temperature should not be extreme. For packing, use a metal box for a safe transfer. In this way, if the vape gets leaked it’ll not damage other objects. You can also put some cotton in the box or anything padded so that during loading vape can stay in its place and not break. It’s also good to pack its parts in the box and assemble them at the time of use.

Placing the vape in the suitcase

If your airline allows you to keep your vape in checked in your luggage. Place this box between some clothes. If your airlines prohibit then you have to keep it carefully. It’s good to keep the parts of your vape in different compartments. Keep the battery and tank in separate boxes. In the same way, hide the coil in your coat’s pocket. In this way, airport staff can’t find your vape.

Is it allowed to vape in the hotel?

Basically, all hotels have their own rules and regulations. It is better to have a complete idea of whether your hotel management allows you to vape or not. If they prohibit you then it’s good to stay away from these devices.

The one good thing about the vape is that its smoke doesn’t have a smell so if you lock your room then no one catches you. Additionally, open the windows in your room to get rid of the smoke. Some devices have a smell but they smell like toiletries so it’s not a big issue to worry about.


Q1: Write the components of a vape.

Ans: Vape is a device that turns the liquid nicotine into a vapor form. Vape is also termed an electronic cigarette. You can simply vape by keeping this device in your mouth for a few seconds then breathing in the vapor, opening your mouth, and exhaling out. A vape consists of the following components

  • Battery
  • Coil
  • Tank
  • Mouthpiece

I recommend you not vape. It is dangerous for your health, especially the lungs. Your heart is also at risk of being damaged because vaping can damage blood vessels and arteries. Vaping is directly linked to destroying mental health completely. In fact, anxiety, depression, and mood swings are more common among vapers.

Q2: How can I get rid of smoking?

Ans: If you want to quit smoking then firstly leave your smoker friends. Keep yourself busy doing work or healthy activities. You can also use some alternatives to smoking like herbal cigarettes which are nicotine-free. After some time, when you realize that you don’t feel nicotine cravings much, you can simply use chewing gum or mint. These two things are legal and are not harmful. In the early days, you’ll have nicotine cravings but be consistent and don’t smoke. Exercise is also a good way to stay healthy and away from bad habits.

Q3: Can I keep e-juice in my luggage?

Ans: Yes, you can fly with e-juice. It’s good to keep them in carry-on luggage because according to the TSA, you can’t keep liquid in your checked luggage. Must keep half-filled bottles of liquid so that they can’t leak due to any pressure. Must keep your products according to the rules of TSA and your airline.

Q4: In the case that I am under the age of 18, can I keep a vaping device with me?

Ans: Yes, you can keep a vape in your luggage. TSA restricts travelers for security risks. They don’t have any concern with your age. If you are keeping objects according to the rules of TSA and your airline then feel free. If you did anything illegal then you might have to go to jail no matter if you are under 18 or above 18.


In conclusion, I hope that after reading my article you know “How to hide vape in checked luggage?” Simply you have to check the rules of your airline if they allow you to keep vapes in checked luggage and then pack them otherwise you can hide them according to the process mentioned above. I recommend you not to do any illegal activity because if TSA catches you then you’ll really get in trouble. So it’s good to vape at home or buy the device after landing in the destination country.