How To Fix Luggage Handle That is Stuck – Quickly Fix Or Replace Handle & Zipper

Luggage handles play a vital role when pulling luggage during translocation. Most pieces of luggage handles open in three steps so that you can pull them up and fix them according to your height and comfort. It is very stressful when this handle gets stuck, unable to move up and down further. Consequently, the first thing that comes to mind is “How To Fix Luggage Handle That is Stuck“.

If you have some time, you should first check the warranty and send it back to the manufacturer. If you checked your luggage just 1,2 day before leaving on the trip and found your handle was stuck, you have to do it by yourself. If the luggage handles are stuck inside the luggage, don’t think you can’t use your luggage anymore. You can fix it.

Whenever you are about to leave for an international trip and discover that your luggage handle is stuck, then this article is for you. Read my article carefully. At the end of this article, you will have complete information about a stuck luggage handle. You can fix your luggage handle yourself.

How To Fix Luggage Handle That is Stuck

How To Fix Luggage Handle That is Stuck

How to repair a luggage handle?

It is really necessary to have a complete idea about the problem before you attempt to solve it. Try to move your luggage up and down 2,3 times. It may be a little stuck, and it may start moving by applying a slight pull. Observe the handle keenly. There might be some debris, a layer of dirt, or any small stones stuck to it. If you find any small stones inside, take a tweezer and pull them outside. After this, pull the handle, and it’ll move.

There are also many reasons for the handle to be stuck. Follow the following instructions to repair the luggage.

  • How to fix the luggage handle button
  • The suitcase handle is stuck in the open position
  • The suitcase handle is stuck in the closed position
  • How to remove the outer panel
  • Luggage handle replacement

How to fix the luggage handle button?

Sometimes the handle trigger mechanism stops working. As a result, your handle is stuck in the open position, as the telescopic pole is not able to touch the trigger mechanism. There is no need to replace the luggage handle. You can fix it.

  • The handle needs to be removed, and a few screws need to be removed and secured.
  • In this case, you’ll find two tubes. However, at the point where these tubes touch the handle, there’s a small piece of plastic that sits on the handle surface. This plastic part is attached to the whole mechanism and controlled by a button on the handle.
  • To check whether the trigger mechanism is functioning properly, you must conduct a simple test. Push the plastic part down and check whether the handle is moving or not. If it is not working, there is a problem with the trigger mechanism.
  • It’s because the tubes weren’t coming into contact with the push button that it got stuck and stopped working. Tape the hole with duct tape and fill it in. In reality, this is not a permanent solution to this problem, but you can fix your luggage temporarily with this method and then, as soon as you return home, you can go to the manufacturer and have it repaired.

The suitcase handle is stuck in the open position

Your luggage handle can become stuck open in some cases. Telescopic pins are stuck in their holes, resulting in this problem. You can solve this problem in less than half an hour.

Firstly, take out all of your items from the suitcase. Check the lining of your suitcase. Here, you’ll find a zipper. This zipper usually opens on the inside. Unzip it. The following is a telescopic handle runner. Here is a hole. Pull out the trigger. If the pins are moving up and down, and now you’ll discover that they are trapped in the hole.

Simply take a tape and cover this whole properly. In this way, the pin will not get stuck here and the handle will move freely. Alternatively, you can do this if your handle is loose.

The suitcase handle is stuck in the closed position

There are times when your luggage handle won’t come out and sticks in place when you pull it out. This seems more difficult to fix, but it is actually quite simple. It is not necessary to open the handle. You also don’t have to get inside the suitcase to fill the hole. You only need to do a simple thing.

Take a screwdriver. I recommend using a flat-headed screwdriver. Slide your screwdriver between your handle’s push button and its back frame. In this way, it will loosen and the handle will start moving.

How to remove the outer panel

Your handle needs to be cleaned properly if you find that it has a lot of dust and debris. Most of the time, it is difficult to clean a panel completely unless you remove it and clean it separately. For those who don’t understand what’s happening, you also have to remove the panel.

You will need to unzip the suitcase lining and remove all screws, then secure them with a suitable-sized screw. Pull out the handle gently so it doesn’t get damaged. Clean the panel properly using a clean cloth. You can also clean it with a brush. You can also use a lubricant to lubricate the handle. Now set the panel again. Now pull up the handle and check whether it’s coming outside or not. If the handle is stuck due to dust and debris, then it’ll start working.

If your suitcase doesn’t have a zip in its lining, then you should contact the manufacturer or luggage maker. They’ll fix your luggage handle.

Luggage handle replacement

After removing the outer panel, if you find that the panel is broken or you still experience the problem, then there is a need to replace the luggage handle. Order the spare part of your luggage from the brand of your luggage. You can also get an updated one from Amazon or any online store.

Replacement of the luggage handle is also a relatively straightforward process. You can easily do it yourself. Take a screwdriver and remove the old panel carefully. Fit the updated panel and tighten the screws. Now check the handle. Now it’s starting to work. You can enjoy your upcoming trips with this luggage because its handle works.

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Does it help to repair luggage on my own?

The repair methods I discussed in the article are temporary methods except for the replacement of the luggage handles with updated ones. It is not guaranteed that repairing your luggage at your home will solve this problem permanently if you do so. Sometimes, after using the luggage handle for a few more trips, it gets stuck again.

Firstly, I recommend you to check and clean your luggage handle when you return from a trip and store your luggage so that if there’s any problem; you have enough time to fix it rather than checking it at the time of packing for a new trip when you are only left with a few hours. Check the warranty of your luggage because some famous brands offer a warranty for up to 10 years. Send your luggage back to its manufacturer. They’ll repair it within 1,2 weeks. No doubt that you can repair the luggage handle by following some simple techniques very well. However, you can’t compete with professional work because they have experience in this work. Learn More

How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper

Along with luggage handles, any problem with luggage zippers is equally stressful. Zippers protect your luggage and prevent items from falling outside and being misplaced. Sometimes they stop working. They can be stuck or broken. Also, you don’t have to replace your luggage’s zipper all the time. You can also repair it if it gets damaged.

What to do when a zipper on a suitcase gets stuck:

It is important to determine what caused the zipper on your luggage to become stuck. Open your luggage as far as it can open. There might be anything stuck in its teeth that stops it from working.

Any cloth or thread that gets stuck might be the cause of this. If this is a large piece of cloth or thread, you can remove it with your fingers. If you cannot do it with your finger, it would be helpful to use a tweezer. Pull it completely with a tweezer. Move the zip from one place to another and it will work.

Make your zipper teeth smooth

Sometimes a zipper gets stuck in its teeth. For this reason, you have to lubricate the zipper teeth. Take a graphite pencil and rub it gently over the zipper teeth. After a while, it will become smoother and the zipper will work.

If the zipper is still not working, you can use a lip balm or petroleum jelly to smooth it. Apply these smoothing materials over your zipper teeth and then start moving your zipper slowly. It definitely works.

Replacement of the zipper

If the slider on the zippers of your luggage is still not functioning properly and don’t close on the teeth of the zipper properly, it is time to replace it with a new one. At the end of the zipper, there are metal stoppers that prevent the slider from getting off. Remove these stoppers and remove the slider. Replace the slider in the zipper and move it to the right place. Use two freshly made zipper stoppers and fit them at the end of the zipper. That’s all you get, a replacement slider. Now the zipper moves flawlessly.


Q1: Can I repair my luggage handle if it gets stuck?

Ans: Yes, you can repair it yourself. There are also videos available on YouTube and you can get guidelines from there. My article also mentions different methods of fixing a stuck handle. The process of repairing the luggage handle is not too difficult, you can do it with some basic techniques in a few hours.

Q2: How to repair cracked polycarbonate luggage?

Ans: There are several reasons for polycarbonate luggage cracking. If you repair it on time, then your luggage will be saved from further damage. You can use duct tape, luggage repair patches, sugru, and fine glass resign. You can also go to the luggage manufacturer for its repair, but it’s better to do it on your own because it saves both your time and money. I recommend keeping a luggage repair kit with you. It helps you to repair your luggage temporarily in an emergency.

To get a complete guide about repairing cracked polycarbonate luggage, you can read my article “How To Repair Polycarbonate Luggage“.

Q3: Is it necessary to remove the luggage handle?

Ans: No it is not necessary to change or replace the luggage handle whenever it is stuck inside. You can also fix it using various methods. However, after trying all that if your luggage handle is still unable to work then it is better to replace it and fit a more suitable handle in it. In this way, your handle is repaired permanently.


In most cases, whenever we return from a trip, we store the luggage without checking it. When we have to use it once again, we come to know about any problem with it. Many times, our luggage handles get stuck inside and stop working, so it is imperative to know “How To Fix Luggage Handle That is Stuck“. No doubt, you can simply send it back to the manufacturer and ask them to repair it. However, if you have less time, it is better to repair it on your own.