How To Clean Tumi Nylon Bag – Quick & Easy Method

Cleaning of suitcases regularly keeps them safe from damage and they also look fresh like new luggage. When we keep on using our luggage for each of our trips it gets jammed with dirt and dust, especially its wheels and handles. If you are using a fabric suitcase then there are more chances for it to get dirty. However, soft-sided suitcases are also a bit difficult to clean than hard-sided suitcases.

If you are using a TUMI fabric suitcase, you must know “How To Clean Tumi Nylon Bag?”. In this guide, I’ll completely guide you about cleaning a TUMI nylon bag on your own. After reading my blog post you don’t need to take a baggage cleaning service for your traveling companion.

How To Clean Tumi Nylon Bag

How To Clean Tumi Nylon BagTumi has been working since 1975 and is known for its modern and stylish suitcases. This brand was one of the early brands that started installing modern features in suitcases. Personally, Tumi is my favorite brand and whenever I need to buy a new suitcase I’ll definitely choose a Tumi suitcase. They offer a variety of suitcases in both hard-sided and soft-sided materials.

If you use a good quality expensive suitcase but don’t keep it clean properly then after sometimes it starts looking odd and also gets damaged. However, Tumi also offers various cleaning products that suit best on their suitcases. Sometimes there’s no need to clean your whole luggage because there are only 1,2 stains that make your luggage look dirty and you just want to remove them.

How to remove a stain from a Tumi nylon bag:

You can clean any stain from the surface of your nylon bag in the following way:

  • Firstly, clean your luggage with a damp cloth to remove dust from the luggage.
  • You can also use a brush with soft bristles or a small broom to clean the surface more perfectly.
  • Apply the Tumi nylon fabric refresher and leave it for a few minutes.
  • After 5-10 minutes clean the surface with a damp cloth and remove the product thoroughly.
  • If still that stain doesn’t remove completely then repeat the process again to get complete results.

How to remove an oil stain from a Tumi nylon bag:

Sometimes your nylon suitcase gets some oil-based stain. An oil stain really looks very unpleasant and it should be removed as soon as possible. Oil stains become more difficult to remove as they dry.

  • Firstly, you should spread tissue paper or any soft cloth over the stain to absorb the access oil.
  • Talcum powder is also very good to use. Try to cover the whole stain with talcum powder and leave it for 5-10 minutes on the stain.
  • Now take a brush and rub the surface gently. Keep on rubbing until the whole stain gets removed.

How to wash Tumi nylon bag by hand:

If you want to clean your whole bag then first remove all the items from your bag and store them in a separate plastic bag so that they can’t get misplaced. Check all the pockets of your bag they should be empty.

  • Add the required amount of detergent or any dishwasher in the water and mix them well.
  • Soak the entire luggage in it. Leave for 8-10 minutes.
  • Rub the whole luggage with a sponge or soft brush. You can also use a toothbrush for this purpose.
  • Now wash your bag with clear water. If you still notice any strain on it then treat it separately until it gets cleaned properly.
  • After cleaning your bag leave it in open air for 4-5 hours to get dry completely. Avoid keeping it in sunlight because its color can fade due to sunlight.

washing of nylon bags by Washing Machine:

Before washing your bag in the washing machine must read its instructions label. It’s better to wash the bag by hand but If your bag is allowed to get washed in the washing machine then follow these steps.

  • Don’t use warm water while washing your bag in the washing machine. Use tap water at having normal temperature.
  • Don’t use a strong detergent because it can damage your bag. Use the detergent that you normally use in washing your clothes.
  • There’s no need to change the settings of your machine. After washing it on a regular cycle wash it with clear water and leave it in the open air for 4-5 hours to get dry.

How to store a bag?

After washing your bag properly it’s time to store it with great care so that you can get fresh luggage on your next trip. If you use your bag regularly then there’s no need to store it however, if you use it just for your trips or occasionally then you must store it properly. Following are some tips that you need to follow while storing your nylon bag.

  • Firstly, your bag should be completely dried. It should not be moisturized even a bit.
  • Fill your bag with clothes or papers so that it can remain in its shape.
  • Place your bag in a plastic bag. Don’t hang your bag. Try to place it in the upper cupboard.

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Q1: How can I clean my Tumi leather bag?

Ans: If you want to clean any spot from your Tumi leather bag you simply have to use  Tumi leather conditioner. You can apply this condition very simply on your bag. Firstly, clean your leather bag with a cloth. Apply leather conditioner on it and leave it to get dry. After proper drying, clean your bag with a soft cloth.

Always do a patch test before applying any detergent or cleaner to your luggage. Select the hidden part of your bag for this patch test. If your bag seems to get damaged after applying that product then don’t use it.

Q2: How can I keep my nylon bag clean?

Ans: It’s good to take care of your bag and keep it clean. A clean bag looks very attractive and fresh. Nylon bags are really very durable and a bit expensive compared to other bags. Just use your bag when you really need it. Must apply 2,3 layers of fabric protectant. Clean your luggage with a damp cloth after every single use and if you notice any stain then treat it separately.

Q3: Should I use Tumi suitcases?

Ans: Yes, of course, you must use Tumi suitcases. Tumi offers premium quality suitcases. This brand is among the most trusted brands of frequent travelers. Tumi has a lot of permanent customers just because of the quality of its product. The quality, features, and warranty of the Tumi suitcases are really exceptional. However, Tumi suitcases are more expensive than the suitcases of some other brands but they are worth it. If you can afford good quality luggage then you must go for a Tumi suitcase. Buying good quality expensive luggage for the time is far better than buying cheap luggage for every new trip.

Hopefully, after reading my blog post you know about “how to clean tumi nylon bag”. You just have to read the methods of cleaning the nylon bags mentioned above and can clean your bag very easily.

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