How To Clean Polycarbonate Luggage – Easy & Effective Method

Most of us love traveling and know how important luggage is. When we buy luggage we look for good quality. However, sometimes even superior quality cases are damaged earlier because along with quality, it also matters how we maintain our luggage. Maintaining our luggage with care, keeping it clean, and preventing it from falling will extend its life expectancy. Keeping the luggage clean and disinfectant also helps to maintain our hygiene because during our travels we come into contact with our luggage many times.

Most of the trips will result in dirty luggage, but it is mandatory to clean it after returning. In this blog post, I’ll share the easiest ways to clean your luggage at home.

How To Clean Polycarbonate Luggage

How To Clean Polycarbonate Luggage

Clean The Handle:

It is the handle of the luggage that comes into contact more than any other part because we have to pull the luggage through it, and that is the part we come into contact with most. Make sure you check the handle thoroughly before cleaning it so you don’t feel stressed when using it next time.

Using a damp cloth, clean all the handles properly, removing all the dirt. You can also use cleaning wipes. They are available on Amazon. Then take a disinfectant spray and spray the whole handle. Some suitcases have side handles usually made of leather. It is important to clean them and finely clean the inner corners of the handles. These corners typically contain dirt, so be sure to clean them carefully.

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Clean The wheels:

The luggage wheels are imperative for its translocation. They usually get dirtier than the whole luggage because luggage rolls over from different types of roads. As a result, dirt, debris, and small stones can get stuck inside them and are difficult to move. Thus, it is mandatory to clean them regularly.

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Clean the zippers:

Zippers should always work since if they break, all items fall. I suggest checking the zippers at the beginning of each trip. In most cases, dress threads are caught in zippers during packing, making it difficult to unzip the suitcase. Pull out all the threads using tweezers. if you notice small threads at the sides of the zipper that might be sewing threads, cut them with scissors. Also, clean them with damp clothing at the end so they don’t look dirty. You can also use a toothbrush to clean it more effectively.

Clean Luggage Interior:

The interior of the luggage is the most difficult to clean and it is usually dirty. First of all, take all the items out of the suitcase and store them in a plastic bag. This is so that nothing is left inside the suitcase. Some cases come with removable pockets. Remove them. Also, take into account all the additional pockets inside the luggage. Let’s shake the luggage 1,2 times so that if there are any items left to be found, they’ll fall.

If you find any specific stain on the interior, first remove that stain separately before cleaning the whole interior. Apply a mixture of detergent and water to the stain, rub it gently with a brush or scrubber, and wipe it clean with a damp cloth or cleaning wipe. If this stain still exists, repeat the procedure. If you feel that the detergent is too strong and might harm the luggage material then you can also mix shampoo or conditioner with water.

Then thoroughly vacuum the luggage check all the corners of the luggage and clean them properly. Also, check all pockets. If you don’t want to vacuum it, you can also clean it with a small brush or a damp cloth.

Clean Luggage Exterior:

In comparison to the luggage interior the luggage exterior is easy to clean there are no extra pockets or corners. Simply you have to make a mixture of soapy water in a tub and dip your luggage in it. Leave it for 15-20 minutes take a soft cloth and rub it thoroughly. When you rub it completely then rinse it with clear water. Let it dry completely and then store it.

Store luggage after cleaning:

Once you have cleaned your gear and it has also dried completely, the next thing is its storage. Take a plastic bag or luggage cover and pack it finely. Make sure to pack it properly so it doesn’t get dirty again and keep it in a safe place. Now your luggage is clean and fresh till the next trip you just have to unpack it and use it when needed.

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Which Luggage is easier to clean Hard-sided or Soft-sided?

The material of hard shell luggage is usually durable and stain-resistant. It is tough and usually kept with more care than soft-sided luggage in fear of dents. If there is any strain on the surface, simply take detergent mixed with water and rub it with a soft cloth. Don’t use a brush or something else with harsh bristles because it will leave scratches on it. Taking care of stains on hard luggage doesn’t take much time.

Soft side luggage often gets dirty most of the time people put many items in it as it is flexible and gives extra space and fits more objects and makes it bulkier and difficult to move. This act affects its zipper and wheels and when it is handled carelessly due to being too heavy the risk of getting dirty increases. The fabric of this luggage can be difficult to remove stains, so brushing is recommended. You can also use strong detergent here, but first test it on a small area. Avoid using it if you notice any changes to its color or material.



Q1: Can I wash my luggage at home?

Ans: Yes, you can even I suggest cleaning your luggage at home and giving the best care. The task is not complicated. Just follow some simple steps and you can wash it. I already mentioned the easiest ways to clean your luggage at home so hopefully, you can do it at home without any hassle.

Q2: Can I use detergent while cleaning my luggage?

Ans: Yes, you can use detergent but make sure it is not so strong that it damages your luggage or fades its color. You can use good quality detergent with precautions to prevent any damage to your luggage color and fabric.


Luggage cleaning is very important, and the interesting fact is that it is not difficult. By following the tips and methods mentioned in this blog post you can easily clean your luggage yourself. Keeping your luggage clean will keep it new for a long time. If you want to learn more cleaning methods for popular luggage brands Like Tumi, Samsonite, and Away. You can Read Them.

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