How To Clean Away Luggage at Home (Best Guide)

Nowadays there are a lot of brands that offer good quality traveling gear but still Away is among the foremost choices for travelers. People love using Away luggage for its durability and premium quality. You might notice one thing: the Away suitcases are a bit more expensive than other brands’ suitcases. So, it’s imperative to keep it clean so that it can last for many years and you don’t have to buy such expensive luggage again and again. You should know that “How To Clean Away Luggage?” Read my article till the end to clean your luggage on your own and make it look like brand-new luggage.

How To Clean Away Luggage?

How To Clean Away Luggage

This brand offers you a variety of suitcases. If you need to buy carry-on luggage, backpacks, duffel bags, diaper bags, or checked luggage, this brand offers you these cases on both the hard side and the soft side. One more thing about this brand is that it is amongst brands that start introducing advanced features of suitcases and in fact, those features make this brand viral. This brand is mainly famous for its carry-on bags.

It’s common for the suitcases to get dirty after a few trips. It’s important to clean the luggage after each trip to keep it clean and disinfected. Away offers both hard side and soft side suitcases so let’s see the method of cleaning hard side and soft side luggage.

How To Clean hard-side Luggage:

Cleaning Away luggage is not very difficult. You just need a few basic items to wash your hard-side luggage.

  • Remove all items from your luggage. Inside the luggage, you might have some extra compartments so also check them and make them empty. Separate all the removable pockets and clean them separately.
  • It’s good to vacuum the interior of your luggage. All the dust will be vacuumed. You can also use a small broom or brush to remove dirt and dust completely. Mostly the inner of the luggage is not too dirty but still, if you notice any stain there then treat it separately with detergent mixed with water. If there’s a need for washing the interior of the luggage then you can simply dip it in detergent mixed water and rub it with a brush. After this wash it with clear water 2,3 times.
  • Reattach the removed pockets close the zipper and move towards the exterior of the luggage.
  • If the exterior of the luggage doesn’t have stains, you can simply clean it with a damp cloth or clear water. If you notice any stain, treat it with detergent mixed with water. Dip the sponge in this water and rub it all over the surface of your luggage. Don’t use any strong detergent as it can damage the surface of your luggage.
  • Now your away luggage is completely clean. Keep it in open air for a few hours and then store it in a dry place. Use a luggage cover or cloth to cover your luggage completely.

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How To Clean Soft Side Luggage:

How To Clean Away Luggage

In comparison to hard-side luggage, soft-side luggage gets more dirty. Soft luggage is usually lightweight and flexible and can carry a lot of items but at the same time, you need some extra effort to clean it.

  • A soft-sided away luggage contains a lot of compartments so make sure to clean them properly.
  • You need to be more careful in the case of soft side luggage because its material can’t bear any strong detergents or cleaning chemicals.
  • You can simply mix detergent or dishwasher in the water and let your luggage get a swim in it for 10-15 minutes. Then take it out and gently rub it with a piece of cloth or a sponge. After this wash it with clear water 4,5 times and make sure that there’s no residue of detergent left on the luggage.
  • After this let your luggage dry in the air for some hours until it gets dry completely. A soft side luggage is not sturdy so I recommend you fill it with clothes and then store it so that it can’t get out of shape.

Tips for cleaning away Luggage:

Follow these tips to clean your away luggage:

  • Away luggage is usually stain-proof and doesn’t need much effort for cleaning. You just need to be careful while cleaning and you can clean it simply by using any dishwasher or detergent.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals at all. They can really damage your luggage.
  • Before applying any cleaning agent to it, you must do a patch test. For this use any hidden corner of your luggage and apply the cleaner there it doesn’t harm that corner then use this otherwise skip it.
  • For hard-side luggage, you can use a mild polishing agent to keep its surface shiny.
  • After each trip, if you don’t want to wash your whole luggage, simply wipe it with a damp cloth so that loose dirt or debris can be removed. In this way, your luggage will remain clean and you won’t need to wash it again and again.
  • During washing your luggage don’t use hot water. It can also damage your luggage. Just use warm water so that your luggage can be cleaned effortlessly without being damaged.
  • Along with the interior and exterior of the luggage, you must clean its wheels, handles, and zippers. For the wheels of your luggage, you can use a tweezer to pull out any debris and treads stuck Must clean the handles of the luggage properly because they really contain a lot of germs on them.

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Q1: Which Materials Are Best For Cleaning Luggage?

Ans: There are a variety of items that you can use to clean your luggage. For me, a mixture of detergent and water is best to use. You can also use a dishwasher and a sponge. There are also a number of cleaners available on the market you can buy that suit your luggage and don’t harm it.

Q2: Does Away Provide Waterproof Laundry Bags?

Ans: Yes, their laundry bags are waterproof. They are made of nylon. The main purpose of laundry bags is to keep clean and dirty clothes separate. It’s good to pack dry clothes in them because they are made up of water-repellent nylon but are not 100% waterproof.

Q3: Is it possible for the Luggage to get scratched?

Ans: Yes if you don’t take care of your luggage and toss it carelessly it’ll definitely get scratched. Although hard-sided suitcases are durable and can withstand rough handling, there’s still a chance for them to get dents. If your luggage gets scratched, you can simply use an eraser to remove them. It’s also good to use stickers to hide scratches. In this way, your luggage looks more attractive and beautiful.


Hopefully, after reading my article you are well known about “How To Clean Away Luggage?” It is not a difficult process. You can easily clean your away luggage on your own at home with a few items. For me, if you take care of your luggage and clean it with a damp cloth after each trip, there’s no need for deep cleaning or washing. Don’t wash your luggage in the washing machine and in the same way, avoid using a dryer and let your luggage dry in the open air.

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