How Much Does An Empty Suitcase Weigh and weigh Limits For All Airlines

Most people think that lightweight suitcases are not durable, but they are wrong. A piece of luggage that is heavy doesn’t necessarily mean it is strong and lasts for years. They should be lightweight so that you don’t have to face heavy pieces of luggage at the airport. Sometimes you might need to take an empty suitcase with you because you have planned a lot of shopping at your favorite place.

Whenever you take an empty suitcase with you, it is very important to consider “How Much Does An Empty Suitcase Weigh?” Airlines don’t have problems keeping empty luggage with you while traveling. You only have to follow their rules and regulations.

If you are planning a trip to an exciting country and wish to bring gifts for your partner, family, and friends, you must carry an empty suitcase with you. You only have to keep a suitcase according to airline size and weight recommendations. If you want to know how to keep an empty suitcase on a plane, read my article completely.

How Much Does An Empty Suitcase Weigh

How Much Does An Empty Suitcase Weigh

People don’t care about the weight of the suitcase. They might think they can pay for luggage of this weight, but this is not wise. Charges for a heavy-weight suitcase depend on the airlines. Some airlines charge more for luggage that weighs a lot, so you should be careful about this and take the luggage according to your airline’s weight limits.

Airlines have the same weight and size limits for empty and filled luggage. It’s important to note that your empty luggage is not subject to any additional weight or size restrictions.

Here’s the list of weight limits for checked and carry-on luggage according to different airlines.

AirlinesHand carry weight limitChecked luggage weight limit
Air France26 ponds50 ponds
Air Asia15 ponds70 ponds
Air  Canada22 ponds50 ponds
Wizz Air22 ponds70 ponds
British Airways50 ponds50 ponds
Virgin22 ponds50 ponds
South West AirlinesNo weight limits50 ponds

As different airlines have different weight limits for suitcases, they also allow weight limits on soft-side suitcases and hard-side suitcases. Following is a list of weight limits for sturdy and soft side suitcases. Because this list is based on the most renowned international airlines, I recommend checking your airline’s weight limit.

Soft side suitcasesThe weight limit for soft-side suitcasesHard side suitcasesThe weight limit for hard-side suitcases
Under-seat suitcases5.78 lbsUnder-seat suitcases8.19 lbs
Hand carry6.55 lbsHand carry7.11 lbs
Medium-sized checked luggage8.63 lbsMedium-sized checked luggage9.23 lbs
Large-sized checked suitcases9.91 lbsLarge-sized checked suitcases11.19 lbs

Which Luggage Material Is Lightweight?

If you want to buy a piece of lightweight luggage, make sure to check the material. For soft-sided luggage, some fabrics are heavier than others, so you should skip them. The weight of a piece of luggage will definitely increase if it is made of heavy material, so make sure to check the material in advance if you want a lighter piece of luggage.

Suitcases made of materials like nylon, polyester, ABS, Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene are usually lightweight and durable. It is important to note, however, that aluminum and ballistic nylon are heavy materials. Learn More

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Is It Durable To Carry Lightweight Suitcases?

Yes, they are durable. Some lightweight suitcases are not of the highest quality but it is not true for all lightweight suitcases. First of all, choose an excellent luggage brand and find luggage of good lightweight material. Find out which lightweight luggage you want to carry by reading reviews online. I have used many lightweight suitcases for many years. They are highly durable and beneficial. I recommend you buy a piece of lightweight luggage but do research before buying it.

Things To Do While Purchasing A Travel Bag

It is very wise to consider a piece of luggage that doesn’t cause any weight limit issues when you need to purchase luggage for yourself. Keep these things in mind.

  • Purchase bags according to your trip nature. Short trips require only a lightweight handbag or backpack. If you are taking short trips, there is no need to purchase large and heavy luggage.
  • Also, look for luggage that can stand up to the weather of your destination country. For example, if you are moving to areas where the weather is mostly wet, it would be helpful to take a piece of waterproof luggage.
  • Do complete research about famous brands and only choose luggage with good ratings and reviews on Amazon. You can find a piece of luggage with a low budget if you do some research. Not all the expensive cases are of good quality and not all the low-cost cases are of poor quality.

Lightweight Your Suitcase 

There are various tips and tricks to pack lightweight luggage and avoid problems during security checks. You must follow them.

  • It is a good idea to take light luggage first. A lightweight suitcase is easy to carry and if you pack more things in it, it will still not become heavy.
  • Pack the necessary items. Don’t pack useless items with you. If you find any old materials from the last trip in your suitcase, you should throw them away.
  • Alternate your items with the most suitable items, for instance, if you want to keep a laptop with you, it is better to keep a tablet rather than a laptop. Tablets will take up less space and are also lighter than a laptop. The heavier books can also be replaced by downloading them on your phone or tablet.
  • Shoes are heavy, so if you are traveling for a short period, you should choose shoes that work with all of your outfits. It is better to wear them rather than pack them and make the luggage heavier.
  • If you are confused about choosing the right luggage like you want to travel with a piece of carry-on luggage with you but you have items a bit more than carry-on, so what should you do? In this case, I recommend using the rolling method for packing clothes. In this way, you’ll get more space for packing and packing your items in a carry-on quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is aluminum luggage considered lightweight luggage?

Ans: No, aluminum is hard-sided luggage. It is also a very heavy piece of luggage. This is the heaviest luggage material out of all the hard-sided luggage materials. If you are looking for lightweight luggage, you should not consider aluminum luggage.

Q2: Is there any brand that offers lightweight luggage?

Ans: Yes, there are also some brands offering lightweight suitcases. These brands include Osprey, coolife, Showkoo, Travelpro, Rock Land, It Luggage, lipault, and Eagle Creek. The luggage you should buy should be from these brands. Their suitcases are durable, strong, and lightweight.

However, some brands offer heavy-weight luggage. These brands include Tumi, MonoS, Away, London Fog, American Tourist, Delsey, Hartmann, brings & Riley, and Rimova.

Q3: Can I take an extra suitcase with me when traveling?

Ans: Yes, you can carry an empty suitcase with you. TSA and airlines have no restrictions. It is only important that you follow the rules and regulations regarding carrying an empty suitcase. Its weight and size should be according to the airlines’ rules. Don’t keep any illegal items in it. If you want a complete guide on keeping an empty suitcase then read my article”Can I take an empty suitcase on the plane“.


In conclusion, the answer to the question, “How Much Does An Empty Suitcase Weigh?” Depends on your airline. The weight limit of an empty and filled suitcase is the same; however, filled luggage becomes heavier than a vacant one. But if we look at the suitcase dimensions, they are the same. If you want to buy lightweight luggage, I recommend it. In addition, lighter suitcases are likewise durable and long-lasting. You should also search for lightweight luggage materials. Some brands offer lightweight luggage. Only those brands should be taken into account.