Does White Luggage Get Dirty – Pros & Cons Of White Luggage

When we buy luggage for a trip, its color is one of the things that we consider before looking at its features. It is common for people who want to buy luggage that is stylish and modern. Suitcases are available in many colors but the white suitcase looks more stylish than the others. White suitcases are rare as most suitcases come in basic colors like blue, black, and green, which is why white cases attract more.

If you are extremely conscious of your style, then white-colored suitcases are for you as this white suitcase could easily be combined with white sneakers. If you are wearing a basic color scheme, this luggage also looks classy. White luggage will never be called old-fashioned luggage. This luggage will remain classy and fashionable forever. No matter whether you are going on a business trip or traveling around the world for fun, this luggage stands with you on each trip.

Another benefit of using a white suitcase is that it protects your items and makes them more secure. As the white color is eye-catching and easy to distinguish, thieves will definitely hesitate to steal them. Somehow, these cases are also considered anti-theft cases.

Along with all of the benefits I mentioned about having a white suitcase, I’ll also tell you that there is more chance for them to get dirty. So it is often asked does white luggage get dirty earlier than basic luggage. So let’s solve this one first.

Does white luggage get dirty?

does white luggage get dirty

Yes, white suitcases get stained. In fact, dirt and stains are more visible in lighter colors. White luggage doesn’t get dirty more quickly than other types of luggage, but dark spots of dirt are more visible on a white background. I have observed that some black suitcases also get dirty and are less likely to be washed. However, because of the dark color, they don’t look that dirty, so we think it’s clean.

Benefits of white luggage

It’s true that a piece of luggage that is white starts looking dirty earlier, but for me, it doesn’t seem like a logical reason to skip white luggage. You can’t refuse a product just because of a single drawback, so it’s very worthwhile to discuss the benefits of white luggage so that you can get an idea of its positive points. White luggage is available in both rigid and soft versions. Having luggage in white is more beneficial than having luggage in black or any other basic color. These are some benefits of white luggage.

  • Looks attractive
  • Looks stylish
  • Easily identified
  • Lower theft risk

Looks attractive

In a pile of black luggage, a piece of white luggage looks more appealing. There’s no need for using stickers to make it attractive because its color itself makes it attractive and distinguishable from any other blue or black luggage.

Here, one more benefit of using white color is that if you attach any colorful ribbon to it, it becomes more eye-catching and looks more appealing. However, there’s no need to tie anything to make it attractive. However, there’s also a chance of 1, or 2 other white luggage there, and then if you tie a colorful ribbon or cloth it’ll attract a lot.

Looks stylish

The white luggage color looks more classy and stylish. The white suitcase looks fresh. Some suitcases have a material that is easy to clean. You can take white luggage with you on every trip and it would be equally stylish for both men and women. You can also pair it with any type of clothing, and it will always enhance the appearance of your looks whether you want to look stylish or decent.

Easily identified

When you are standing in front of a carousel and waiting for your luggage to be delivered then from a stream coming of black color luggage you immediately find your white luggage. Additionally, no one pays attention to the white luggage because they easily conclude that it’s not their luggage.

In addition, if someone is waiting for you at the airport, you can inform them that you are carrying a piece of white luggage. This will enable them to recognize you from the crowd even when you are at a distance from them. Along with being easily identified on a conveyer belt, white luggage also makes you look different, attractive, and easily identified. It saves time and effort.

Lower theft risk

While traveling, it is very common for suitcases to be stolen, misplaced, or accidentally taken with someone else. Thieves usually look for luggage that looks normal. If someone catches them they can say it’s just a misunderstanding because of the primary color and they don’t steal it. White pieces of luggage are easily distinguishable from dark luggage no matter how many they are, so no one claims they were taken by mistake.

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Drawbacks of white luggage

Using a white luggage set is not an unwise idea. You can buy it and make your journey flawless. Having a piece of white luggage has remarkable benefits, as I mentioned above, but the pros and cons of white luggage lie side-by-side, and it’s critical to take into account its disadvantages along with the advantages. The following are some disadvantages of having a piece of white luggage you should consider before buying it.

  • Along with dirt, scratches and dents are also more visible on white luggage. These scratches look very poor. The solution for it is to buy a piece of good quality luggage that doesn’t show scratches that much.
  • As you know the proper cleaning of a piece of white luggage after each trip is mandatory but the material of some cheap white luggage can be difficult to clean, so make sure you find a piece of luggage that is easy to clean because if you don’t clean your luggage it becomes unable to use.

How to clean white luggage?

It’s imperative to keep white luggage clean. Even a minor spot looks odd on white luggage. Make sure your luggage is clean and stored carefully after each trip.

  • If you have soft luggage then use white sneakers cleaning spray. These sprays are not recommended for hard-side luggage.
  • Magic erasers are used for tough stains and scratch marks. It is easy to use. Put a wet sponge on the stain and rub it over it. Your luggage will be stain
  • You can also wash it with detergent mixed with water. Wash the entire luggage in this water. Before washing remove all items from the luggage and shake it 1,2 times
  • White vinegar is also effective in cleaning white luggage. You can remove stains by spraying vinegar on them and rubbing them with it.

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How to store white luggage

White luggage gets dirty even without being used because of its light color. After returning from a trip remove all marks and dirt. Wrap your luggage in a luggage cover. In the event that you are not able to find your luggage cover, you can cover it completely with a big cloth. Keep it away from damp places and at a reasonable height. In this way, your luggage will be clean and ready for use.

Sometimes people try to adjust a piece of luggage in a small place along with other objects and when they need to use it again they find that it becomes deformed due to the stress of other objects so it’s good to use your luggage and place all the extra objects in it then store it in this way luggage will get enough space to be placed and don’t get deformed at all. You can also store it under the bed.

Should I buy white luggage?

In terms of what you want to buy as your traveling companion, it totally depends on your choice. In my opinion, you can buy white luggage. As far as I can tell, white luggage isn’t something you need to skip. In fact, white luggage looks more classy than black. You should experiment and instead of buying traditional basic color luggage, you should go for white luggage. If you keep it with proper care and clean it after each trip, it should last for many more years.

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?

No, white luggage is not an awful idea. In fact, it is the most effective one. People refuse to buy it because they think it gets dirty earlier, but it can be cleaned. For me, it is not appropriate to refuse a product due to one incorrect assumption about it. There are a lot of advantages to having white luggage. White cases also serve as anti-theft cases. That’s really a great thing about these suitcases. Most people want basic color cases and white luggage is very difficult to see. If you are going to buy luggage for yourself, then you can buy a piece of white luggage.


Q1: Which color suitcase is most suitable for traveling?

Ans: Bright suitcases are more practical. They are easily identified and less likely to be stolen. You don’t need to decorate it further. I recommend you to buy a piece of colorful luggage. It looks very attractive and is also very useful for use. White suitcases are also a great choice for traveling. They look modern and classy. Read More

Q2: Is it possible to remove white luggage stains completely?

Ans: Yes, you can clean your white luggage completely. It is possible to clean luggage in a variety of ways, but you can clean it thoroughly on your own.

Q3: If I want to buy luggage rather than white luggage, which one should I buy?

Ans: If you want to buy luggage but you are not satisfied with the white luggage, then you can do two things

  • You can buy a piece of basic color luggage like black and green. They are available in every brand. These colors are well-liked by travelers as they are less likely to be dirty.
  • If you don’t want to go with basic color luggage, you can pick luggage in pink, yellow, and bright red colors. They are fresh in color and look attractive. They also look stylish.

Q4: What color luggage is most likely to be stolen?

Ans: Most of the time basic color luggage is more attractive to thieves. In most cases, suitcases come in primary colors and are not easily distinguishable, so thieves are more likely to steal them.

Aside from luggage color, there are other factors that contribute to luggage theft for me. You should take care of your luggage all the time during the trip. Use the TSA lock and your luggage. Keep your essential items in your carry-on luggage. Read More


Does white luggage get dirty? The answer is yes. But there is only one drawback along with its numerous advantages. Hope you understand all the aspects of white luggage. Having white luggage depends on personal choice but for me, you can choose it.