Do You Need a Luggage Tag

In the baggage claim area, it usually happens that people are waiting for their luggage but they get it after 2,3 days because the ratio of luggage theft has increased in the last few years. Here you need to place a durable luggage tag on your luggage so that airlines can find your luggage easily.

Many people thinkDo You Need a Luggage Tag?” The answer to this question is a big Yes. A luggage tag works like an identification card for luggage. It’s really very unpleasant that you land on an international dream tour but have no luggage. Firstly, it’s good to pack basic items in your carry-on. Most airlines offer 2 carry-on bags so it’s a wise idea to carry 2 handbags rather than checked luggage.

Sometimes it also happens that people take your luggage mistakenly and your luggage has a luggage tag then it becomes easier to return your luggage. In this article, I’ll give you detailed information regarding the luggage tags.

Do you need a Luggage Tag?

Do You Need a Luggage Tag

Yes, because checked luggage is at risk of being misplaced or stolen. You must put a luggage tag in your luggage with basic information. A luggage tag is not just a small piece of paper having basic information on it. It is the ID card that proves that it is your luggage if someone claims that it is his luggage.

It might happen that at the conveyor belt, your luggage gets matched with other 1,2 luggage so by the luggage tag you can easily identify your luggage. Use durable luggage so that it can’t be misplaced during luggage transit.

What to write on a luggage tag?

You can simply use a piece of paper having basic information and you can also customize it. While preparing a luggage tag keep the following things in mind.

  •  Basically, you have to write your name, mobile number, and email address on the tag. Make sure that you have written your active mobile number and email address and if you change your mobile number then you must update your luggage tag.
  • You can also attach your photograph to it but it’s not necessary. If you don’t like to attach your photograph, there’s no problem. Don’t attach it.
  • Some people also want to write their address on the luggage. It’s a nice idea but don’t mention your home address. You can mention the address of your hotel or workplace. Don’t mention your home address. It can be a bit risky.
  • If your mobile network doesn’t work well in some places, it’s good to mention the phone number of your friend or family member.

Do I also have to attach a luggage tag to my carry-on?

Most people think that they just need a luggage tag for their check-in because they can take carry-on luggage on the plane. That’s why the carry-on doesn’t have a luggage tag. It’s not true. On the plane, you have to place your carry-on luggage in the overhead bin and your luggage can easily be mixed with other luggage so you also need a luggage tag to identify your carry-on.

If you are carrying more than one then still all of your bags need a luggage tag. If you write all of your information on the card, make sure to write it in neat handwriting so you can read it quickly and easily.

What should you consider while buying a luggage tag?

There are a number of luggage tags available on the market and you can also purchase them on Amazon. These tags are not much expensive however their cost is according to their material. You need to keep in mind the following things while purchasing a luggage tag.

  • Firstly, go for a durable and high-quality luggage tag. Don’t compromise on the quality of the tag because if the tag gets misplaced or torn during transit then there’s no benefit of having it.
  • Purchase a waterproof luggage tag so that it can’t be damaged by moisture or rain.
  • Along with the quality of the luggage tag, you must check its strap quality. If its strap is not strong enough to stand against the rough handling of luggage handlers and can be broken, replace its strap with a good-quality strap.
  • Buy colorful luggage tags because they help you recognize your luggage easily and also decorate it. You can also go with funny or cartoon-shaped luggage tags. Use an eye-catching luggage tag because on the conveyor belt luggage tags also help in finding luggage.

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Types of Luggage Tags

Do You Need a Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are available in a variety of types. Firstly, you have to choose according to your personal preferences. However, the following are some of the most preferred types of luggage types.

  • Foldable luggage tags: These tags are available in different materials. Its main feature is that it is foldable. In this way, your personal information will be hidden all the time and someone can know this information when it is needed.
  • Leather tags: A leather luggage tag really looks very stylish and classic. If you want to have a durable and stylish luggage tag at the same time, you should go for a leather luggage tag. These tags are also not very expensive and are easily available too.
  • Smart luggage tags: Luggage theft and misplacing are increasing day by day. So, if you use a smart luggage tag, it’ll keep you stress-free regarding the security of your luggage. They have an in-built tracker in them and if your luggage gets misplaced you can easily find it with the help of these luggage tags.
  • Waterproof luggage tags: These tags are also well-liked by travelers because as you know, the weather is very unpredictable and if you are caught in heavy rain, these tags will not get damaged. It is good to use waterproof luggage and luggage tags, especially for international trips.
  • Silicon luggage tags: These luggage tags are simple and durable. If you want to have a premium quality luggage tag at a very affordable price, silicon luggage tags are the best choice ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where should luggage tags be placed?

Ans: For me, it’s good to use two luggage tags. Attach one tag on the outside of the luggage and another on the inside of the luggage because in case the outer tag gets misplaced, you can show the inner tag and claim that it’s your luggage.

Q2: Is it possible to get luggage tags at the airport?

Ans: It’s good to attach the tag at home but in case you forget the luggage tag, you can take it from airport staff. It’s free of cost. Basically, this tag is just a piece that can be torn very easily so it’s not durable.

Q3: What luggage tag would you recommend?

Ans: A durable, waterproof, and vibrant color luggage tag having all the basic information i.e., name, mobile number, and email address is the best luggage tag.

Q4: What is the best place to get luggage tags?

Ans: A luggage tag is easily available on the market. You can also buy them online. These tags are not expensive and they are available in a number of colours and designs.


The one-word answer to this question “ Do you need a luggage tag”? Is YES. Luggage tags are important as you can recognize your luggage through the tag on the conveyor belt. If your luggage gets misplaced, people can contact you through the information written on this tag.