Do I Have To Take Off My Belt Through TSA Airport Security

There are many things at the airport that you need to keep separate for security checks due to safety purposes. The things that trigger the alarm are getting separated from the luggage. People also want to ask, “Do I have to take off my belt through the TSA airport security?” The simple answer to this question is yes. As you know these belts have a metal buckle and this buckle triggers the alarm that security officers can ask you to remove your belt. In this article, I’ll give you complete details that why you need to take off the belt through the security check.

Do I Have To Take off My Belt Through TSA airport security?

Do I Have To Take Off My Belt Through TSA Airport Security

If you particularly talk about the TSA rules then there are no specific rules to take off the belt at security check but due to its metal buckle, you need to take it off. If you take off the belt then you don’t have to face any issues during the security check. In case there’s something in your luggage that is prohibited by the TSA and airline then you have to pay some extra charges which is really stressful so I recommend you to check the official website of the TSA and your airline to pack the items accordingly.

It’s also a good idea to take out the items from the carry-on luggage and keep them in the screening bin for checking so that the checking of items can be done in minimal time without making any mess. You can also keep all of your gadgets there like your laptop or tablet.

Is it necessary to remove belts without buckles?

Do I Have To Take Off My Belt Through TSA Airport Security

There are also some belts available in the market that don’t have metal buckles or buckles that can be removed. Actually, at the security check, the Staff simply said to separate accessories like jewelry or belts. There are no specific parameters to conclude what type of belts are allowed to go through the security check without putting them off. If we talk about the metal buckle of the belt then it’s true that all the metals are not detected by the metal detector. A heavy metal like gold doesn’t trigger the alarm but rather than categorizing the belts on the basis of their buckle’s material TSA officers simply ordered travelers to take off the belts.

As I mentioned earlier TSA has no specific instructions regarding putting off the belts. According to the TSA, belts are allowed to keep in both checked luggage and carry-on luggage and there’s no instruction written there regarding the packing or putting off the belts.

Is it necessary to remove the money belt?

Yes, along with your belt, you also have to remove your money bag. Most people think that there’s no metal kept in their money bag so there’s no need to remove it but still the TSA officers ask you to remove the money belt. People also use money pouches and hang them along the neck but remember you have to put off your belt, jewelry, and money pouches. TSA officers can also enquire you about your items so I recommend you, stay calm and answer their questions honestly. They just do these inquiries for safety purposes.

Personally, I like to use money pouches or money belts because they keep your money safe from being misplaced or stolen. You can also request the TSA staff to inquire about your money belt separately so that no one comes to know about your money because the person standing next to you can be a thief. You can also use money belts that can be hung along your waist or chest and remain under your clothes so that no one can figure out whether you have a money pouch or not. Using a travel bra having pockets is really an amazing idea to keep money or credit cards safe.

Can you bring a belt on a plane carry-on?

Yes, you can keep your belt in both your carry-on and checked luggage. TSA allows you to keep the belt in hand as well as in checked luggage. Additionally, TSA doesn’t mention any limitations regarding the quantity and type of belt. In the case of carry-on luggage, TSA just wants you to keep in mind the weight and size limits As you know a carry-on bag remains with you during the whole flight so be careful about its packing and don’t pack anything that can cause a threat during the flight. Always pack your heavy-weight items in the checked luggage so that you can easily pick up your carry-on luggage.

Are You Allowed To Bring a Lifting Belt on a Plane?

Do I Have To Take Off My Belt Through TSA Airport Security

Yes, you can bring a lifting belt with you. I recommend you check the rules of your airline regarding weight-lifting belts. It’s also good to keep it in your carry-on luggage especially when you are going to a competition so that if your checked luggage gets late sometimes you don’t face any stress. Most airlines term this belt a personal item and you can keep it in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Whether you are packing this belt in carry-on or checked luggage make sure that it fits in properly. During checking airport staff might ask some questions related to this belt so get ready for that and give answers to those questions confidently and honestly. For me, it’s a wise idea to take out your lifting belt from your luggage and keep it in the screening bin along with other accessories. This practice will show that you are sure and confident about having this belt and save you from extra.

Is a Pouch Belt Allowed in Carry-on Luggage?

Yes, you can keep them in your carry-on luggage if your airlines allow you because there are many airlines that prohibit keeping them in your luggage. No doubt that the pouch belts are designed to make traveling stress-free as it has many spacious compartments with zippers so they store your accessories and keep them safe from being stolen or misplaced. But still, it’s necessary to check the airline’s rules and regulations. At the airports make sure to keep them in the bin for the screening process because as I mentioned, these bags have various compartments so some dangerous items can be stored in them very easily.

Pouch belts are available in various sizes and designs. Their compartments help you to keep your items organized. You can easily pick up the items you need without making a mess. Always go for a pouch belt that is made of good quality material. Your pouch belt should also be lightweight and of good quality.

What do you have to take out of your bag at airport security?

As you know, airport staff keenly check both your carry-on and checked luggage for security purposes but you also have to put out the things that you keep in your pockets. Following is the list of items that need proper screening you have to take them out and put them in a separate bin for checking.

  • If you are wearing a watch you should have to remove that because watches are metal objects.
  • You also have to keep your electronic items in the screening bin. No doubt that lithium batteries are allowed to be kept in carry-on luggage but there are certain limitations and you must place them for screening.
  • In terms of wallets, it is advised to keep them in the pockets so that they can’t be fallen down, stolen, or forgotten at the security check. If your wallet contains coins in it then there’s a need to take the wallet out because coins are made of metal.
  • If you are wearing a leather jacket or overcoat there’s also a need to put them off because TSA staff want to make sure that there are no harmful items in their pockets.
  • If you have toiletries and liquid items in your luggage then you should take them out because TSA has specific rules for liquid items that’s why there’s a need to take them out for separate inspection.

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Q1: Is it permissible to have a belt in my carry-on luggage?

Ans: Yes, TSA allows you to keep the belt in your luggage. In fact, you are allowed to keep metal in your carry-on as well as in checked luggage. However, you need to keep your metal items like watches or belts in the screening belt. Weapons are prohibited in the carry-on luggage due to security purposes but you can pack them in the checked luggage after proper packing.

Q2: What happened with the prohibited items at the security check?

Ans: TSA is very strict regarding security purposes. They clearly mentioned the items and whether they were allowed or prohibited on the plane. It is really very important to read the rules and regulations of TSA about the items before packing your luggage. During security check, if TSA found any prohibited item in your luggage then they kept the item and didn’t return it back.


In conclusion, after reading my complete article you can easily conclude that “Do I Have To Take Off My Belt Through TSA Airport Security“. According to the TSA, you can keep the belt in your carry-on but it’s also important to check your airline’s rules.