Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs – Is It Safe to Carry Drugs ?

People are fond of air travel but frightened about their luggage because most of the time they reach their destination but their luggage doesn’t. There are several reasons for that like the luggage might be taken by thieves, someone else took the luggage, transported to a different flight, or even your luggage might be caught by baggage staff due to any illegal object in it.

As a rule, bags are not opened after screening. However, airlines can randomly check any bag to check if there is any drug inside it or not. So luggage might be opened if something looks suspicious. In this way, objects can be lost.

If you are worried about ‘Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs‘ and don’t want it to be opened by someone else. If you are using drugs and wondering whether you can keep drugs in your luggage or not then read my article thoroughly. This blog is a complete guide for you.

Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs

Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs

Do Checked Bags Get Searched?

No most of the time checked luggage is not searched again after scanning. However, the airport scanner can’t detect drugs until they are not packed in a metal container. Airport staff has drug-sniffing dogs so if they find any suspicious items in the luggage, they open and check that luggage. If they found drugs in the suitcase, then the individual can be arrested on the spot.

One more thing to consider here is that if you are going on an international tour and have to visit more than one country then check the rules of all the airlines because if you pack anything legal in your state but not allowed in your designated country then you might be caught in trouble so pack your luggage carefully.

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What Happens If TSA Finds Drugs In Checked Baggage

During random inspections, if TSA finds any drug or illegal object in your luggage, they collect the item and file a warrant for arrest. It is considered a crime and police are looking for you. Drug enforcement agencies and the FBI also search for you. Drugs are also kept in the criminal library and tested.

How often do checked bags get searched?

The airport staff usually searches checked bags only if they find anything suspicious in them. The main reason for checking is not to check for drugs in particular, but to make sure that not even a single hazardous or illegal item is carried in the luggage. They want to keep travelers safe and the flight flawless.

If airline security asks any questions related to your luggage, you should answer confidently and honestly. If you want to hide anything, they will become suspicious of you and check your luggage. You should also pack your luggage lightly rather than making it heavy. In general, bulkier bags attract more attention and are more likely to be checked if they are large. Read More

What does The TSA really see?

During scanning TSA gets a rough idea of the contents of the package. Usually, they recognize the objects but if they cannot figure out what is inside, they instruct passengers to unzip the luggage and see the items. To ensure travelers’ safety, the TSA ensures that your luggage does not contain explosives or hazardous objects. If they find any inappropriate items in your luggage, they simply discard them and go through your luggage to make sure it is free of them.

Can I hide things from airport scanners?

Nowadays it is usually impossible to hide illegal objects at the airport if you still want to do this then you need the help of a person from inside. The handbags you carry must pass through X-ray scanning, so there is no way to hide anything. They’ll catch you in no time. For checked baggage, airlines also do random checks. It is recommended to take only legal items if there’s a need for anything that is prohibited at the airport. Inform the airport staff if there’s any paperwork that needs to be completed, do that, and take the item.

Do carry-on bags get searched?

Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs

Yes, your handbags are also passed through X-ray equipment during the security check. You have to take out the most significant electronic items like laptops and tablets for inspection. You must check the airline’s size and weight limits for carry-on luggage and prepare it carefully. Just pack the airline-allowed items. The most critical thing is to keep all of your items organized after proper packing so that nothing can clatter on the X-ray image. If you pack any sharp object in it, make sure you pack it properly.


Q1: Is it possible for my items to be misplaced during the inspection?

Ans: There is a possibility that items can be misplaced during the inspection. However, make sure you pack your items in an organized way so that they can easily see the items without making a mess in the luggage.

Q2: Can dogs sniff all drugs?

Ans: Yes, dogs can sniff all types of drugs including marijuana, heroin, opium, and cocaine.

Q3: Can you take alcohol on a plane?

Ans: Yes, you can carry beverages that contain alcohol in your checked luggage, but there are some limits set by the TSA. You are not allowed to consume beverages containing at least 70% of alcohol. If TSA finds any drink having 70% alcohol, then you are considered to be doing illegal activity. However, you can take beverages that contain less than 40% of alcohol. There’s no restriction on it.


In conclusion to the question “Do checked bags get searched for drugs?” I can confirm that they do. It’s the right of TSA staff that they can inspect any checked luggage at any time for security purposes. When checked luggage is checked, they usually don’t inspect it, but if they find the inspection necessary, they do so. Pack your luggage in such a way that during inspection your things remain safe. Read the rules carefully and don’t pack anything prohibited in the luggage.