Countries that don’t allow Autistic immigrants And Countries That Allow Immigrants

Autism is a mental condition that affects the behavior of an individual. Autistics usually like to stay alone and they are uncomfortable with social interactions. However, they also need to travel internationally due to various reasons. If you have to travel with your autistic child then you must know “Countries that don’t allow Autistic immigrants” along with knowing the immigration policies of the countries that allow autistic.

Autism usually starts at an early age and lasts throughout life. However proper awareness regarding the proper care and treatment of the autistics is very crucial. If you give proper attention to your autistic child then you’ll definitely see improvement in their behaviour. In this article, I’ll discuss the countries that don’t allow autistics to migrate there. Read my article carefully to get complete information about those countries.

Countries that don’t allow Autistic immigrants

Countries that don't allow Autistic immigrants

Many countries welcome happily to stay there but on the other hand, some countries don’t allow them to immigrate there. There are several reasons for this prohibition like they might not have enough resources to treat the autistic separately because there’s a need for special education and an encouraging environment for the autistic. They also need some therapies to improve their behavior and those therapies or treatments also have some charges.

New Zeeland:

New Zealand has very strict immigration policies. They didn’t compromise the health. If you have an autistic child and want to move to New Zealand then unfortunately your child will not get a visa. They mentioned in their policies that autistics are not allowed to stay in there.

Still, it depends on the immigration because in some cases they can also allow autistics but it depends on the disease level. If the patient is not in severe condition then they might allow him to immigrate there. Along with a visitor visa, the residential visa is also allowed for autistic persons who are not in severe condition.


Singapore also has very strict rules for immigration to that country. In fact, in terms of health, no country can compromise. As you know autism is a severe disorder that lasts throughout life and autistics need proper attention and care all the time that’s why various countries that don’t have proper facilities for autistics usually hesitate to allow autistics to immigrate there.

Singapore also forbids persons with severe autism to migrate there. However, 1% of its population is affected by autism.  Indeed, they don’t welcome severe autistics there but they have proper resources and support for autistics. They give speech, hearing, and physical therapies to early autistics. They also give proper training to autistic parents so that they can deal with their children more effectively. This training is very helpful in improving the behavior of autistics.


Australia is also among the countries that prohibit autistics from moving and staying there. If we look some years back then Australia didn’t prohibit an individual with autism or any other disability but over time they made a change in their immigration policies and prohibited autistics from staying there. Immigration policies are flexible, they can be changed over time so it’s good to stay updated and plan your trips accordingly. Always visit the official websites of Airlines or countries to get the latest information regarding immigration policies.

If your child is not suffering from severe autism then you might be allowed to take him there because in that case, there’s no need for special education and proper medical treatment. After all, special education and a separate medical setup for autism are supposed to cost a lot.

United Kingdom:

The UK is a country that welcomes a lot of immigrants from various countries annually. The UK provides all the basic facilities like residency, health, and education to immigrants. They also don’t prohibit disabled persons or individuals from having any specific disease however they hold a medical test and after that, they decide whether that person should immigrate there or not.

Autistics can also stay there but there are some limitations. A person having severe autism isn’t allowed to go there. They usually permit a visitor visa to autistics. Autistic persons can stay there for six months and can get proper medical treatment and educational services.

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Countries you can immigrate to with Autism

Many countries are ready to give visas to autistics. They are also trying their best to facilitate the autistics to give them a better living. This disease usually lasts throughout life but still, there are some chances for autistics to recover completely by proper care, attention, and therapies. No doubt, all countries have their own rules and regulations but the main purpose of their efforts is to facilitate autistics through special education and proper attention.

Sweden, Canada, the UK, Germany, the US, and the Netherlands are the countries where you can immigrate with your autistic child and stay there. These countries usually give you both visitor and residential visas. However, you can also visit Canada, India, New America, Austria, and Iceland along with your autistic child.

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Q1: What are the symptoms of an autistic child?

Ans: An autistic child usually starts showing the symptoms of autism before the age of 2 years. Mainly they are socially inactive however, the following are some of the symptoms of an autistic child:

  • The autistic child usually likes to play alone and some of their behaviors are very repetitive like aligning the toys while playing.
  • They usually hesitate to make eye contact.
  • These children are very sensitive to touch, noise, and bright lights.
  • Autistics usually don’t respond to verbal communication.

Q2: Why do countries prohibit autistics from staying there?

Ans: All countries have their immigration policies. It depends on their government whether they allow the immigration of autistic or not. If a country prohibits autistics from staying there then there are various reasons behind that like they might don’t have proper health care facilities for autistics or they might consider autistics a burden for them. There’s no specific reason to get fit in all countries that prohibits autistic to staying in their countries.

Q3: which countries are the worst to immigrate with autism?

Ans: Countries usually prohibit persons with severe autism from immigrating there. If the child’s health test doesn’t meet their requirements then they don’t give them a visa otherwise they grant them a visit visa. However, some countries are very bad for living with autism. It’s challenging for autistic people to live there. These countries include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Haiti
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia


Hopefully, after reading my article you are well known about the “Countries that don’t allow Autistic immigrants” and it’s good to choose the countries that welcome autistics rather than selecting these countries. There are a number of countries that have all the resources to take proper care of autistic so must choose those countries. After selecting the suitable country must visit their official website so that you can get updated information.

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