Can You Text On A Plane In Domestic and International Flights?

In an airplane where you are alone, it is challenging to spend 4,5 hours sitting quietly. Some people like to sleep during the flight so that they don’t get tired and also remain safe from being bored. It is common knowledge that most airlines instruct passengers to switch their devices to airplane mode during take-off and landing. They announce clearly 2-3 times that you should turn airplane mode on.

You aren’t allowed to use cellular data according to those airlines, so if you have to connect with someone on the ground, what should you do? So here’s the question “Can you text on a plane?” its answer is not as simple as yes or no because each airline has its own rules and regulations and it’s imperative to read about your airlines thoroughly. I was hoping you could read my article carefully to get a comprehensive understanding of it.

Can You Text On A Plane

Can You Text On A Plane

Can You text on a plane?

While flying by air, you can use the airline’s Wi-Fi to watch movies, listen to music, or entertain yourself. This facility is enough to avoid you from getting bored on the plane but sometimes you also need to connect with any person by texting him. So what should you do then? You have to know the following things.

  • Can you text on a plane without Wi-Fi
  • Can you text in airplane mode with Wi-Fi
  • Is it possible to text WhatsApp on a plane?

Can you text on a plane without Wi-Fi?

If you want to text without a Wi-Fi connection, you are using cellular data. Mobile data use during air travel is prohibited because mobile data interferes with ground towers. It is hard to imagine what would happen if everyone started using mobile data. This is a very risky activity, and the interference may interfere with the plane’s control room signals, resulting in a disaster.

No doubt that when you are at an altitude of more than 40,000 feet there are no worries, but during taking off and landing, you are not at much height. The towers can catch your device signals very easily, so you must keep your phone in airplane mode at that time. Airlines also tell you to do the same thing.

Can you text in airplane mode with Wi-Fi?

It is important to understand that you should turn on airplane mode, but you can still connect your phone to Wi-Fi. While in airplane mode, most people think you can access the internet regardless of whether you’re connected or not. You won’t be able to send texts or make calls on the phone in airplane mode but you can access various phone applications. Different apps are used for texting and calling. You can use those apps and communicate with people.

Is it possible to text WhatsApp on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to make texts or calls through WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, even if your phone is in airplane mode, you can still use the Wi-Fi of the airline. Along with WhatsApp, you can also use other applications for communication like Viber, i-message, IMO, and Facebook. Thus, you can use the app according to your preferences using the internet connection provided by your airline.

When traveling internationally, can you text?

Can You Text On A Plane

It depends on the airlines. Some airlines allow cell phones and text and calls during flying. This is because, according to them, their control system is so strong that it will not be affected by any interference. Many advanced airplanes now can stay stable even when using cellular data from your cell phone.

However, there are still some planes that can get affected by using cellular data either by making calls or texting. So I recommend you follow the instructions of your airline. If they instruct you to turn on airplane mode while flying, consider it seriously and turn it on. Don’t take it for granted because if all passengers think the same, it could cause trouble.

When you get a text while your phone is in airplane mode, what happens?

It usually happens when you turn on airplane mode and someone texts you. It is really helpful to know whether you get that text or not.

Your calls and texts usually fall into two categories. One is through a cellular connection, and the other is through apps that use Wi-Fi. If you are getting calls or texts that need Wi-Fi, you will be able to receive that call or text.

If you are getting a text that needs a cellular connection then you’ll not get that text at that time however when you turn off the airplane mode and enable your cellular data then you’ll receive the text that was sent when your phone was in airplane mode.

How to turn on Wi-Fi and airplane mode at the same time?

Firstly, it depends on your phone’s settings. This setting is very different on different phones. It also depends on whether you are using an Android or an iPhone.

  • Turn-on Android Wi-Fi
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone

Turn-on Wi-Fi Android.

Although all Android phones don’t have the same settings, the basics remain the same for all cell phones. To access the menu bar on your cell phone, swipe down the home screen. For some phones, you might need to swipe up. Tap twice to fully open it.

Here’s the airplane option and the Wi-Fi icon. Click on airplane mode. Now all the network options are turned off. Now turn on Wi-Fi. In this way, you’ll switch on Wi-Fi mode while switching your phone to airplane mode.

Turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone

By turning on airplane mode on your iPhone, you can also connect to a wireless network. Go to the control center on your iPhone and turn on airplane mode just like Android. Now click on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options and turn it on. In this way, you can connect Wi-Fi to your cell phone by turning on airplane mode.

What are the policies of different airlines on texting while flying?

Different airlines have different rules as some airlines give free Wi-Fi for texting or calling during the flight. Nevertheless, some flights strictly prohibit the use of cellular networks on the plane. Below are some responses from various airlines.

  • JetBlue is amazing. It provides its passengers with high-speed, unlimited, and free internet. When you fly on a plane, you needn’t worry about the internet.
  • Qantas is another famous Australian airline. It also provides free internet. You just have to select their network and by enter in your browser to access the free internet easily.
  • Alaska Airlines also allows free texting, but there’s a limitation. You can’t send photos or videos, however, you can send texts. You also have to sign up to the Alaska Wi-Fi portal and after selecting the free Wi-Fi option, you can easily communicate by text. Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines also have the same texting rules on a plane.
  • To access Wi-Fi on other airlines, like American Airlines and United Airlines, you must pay a fee. Their Wi-Fi is not free. The fee is different according to different airlines.
  • If we talk about Frontier and Hawaiian Airlines, both don’t provide Wi-Fi. Entertainment is not available on these airlines.

When flying, is it safe to use text messages or phone calls?

Businessmen need to keep in touch with their clients and employees all the time, so texting or taking calls is a good thing. However, it may not be the best thing for the following reasons.

  • As you can take calls in the air, most people make calls for no reason. They don’t know they should talk in a low voice because they are sitting with other passengers and disturbing others.
  • Some social media enthusiasts keep recording the whole journey to keep their followers updated on their activities. This thing also looks odd and some people are also irritated by it.
  • It is also possible for terrorists to be in contact with criminals and end up caught in trouble when they contact them.

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Q1: What is airplane mode on a cell phone?

Ans: The airplane mode on your cell phone allows you to disconnect the phone from the transmitter by turning it on. If you turn on airplane mode, you will no longer receive calls or texts. Furthermore, you can’t access the internet by turning on mobile data. The only way to access the internet is by connecting your phone to the wireless network.

Q2: What does the FAA say about texting on a plane?

Ans: The FAA prohibits texting while flying. They do so to maintain security. If you keep using your mobile phone data while flying, it can be a potentially dangerous situation, as I mentioned in the article. So it is better to turn on airplane mode when you are flying. The FCC also prohibits texting while flying and instructs passengers to turn on airplane mode.

Q3: What are the different types of airplane modes?

Ans: When you turn on airplane mode, there will be two types.

  • One is airplane mode with Wi-Fi on
  • The other is airplane mode with Wi-Fi off

 If you turn on airplane mode with Wi-Fi, you can get access to the internet and can make calls and text messages by using various applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you turn on airplane mode without Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to receive a text or call.

Q4: Can you receive calls and texts on the plane?

Ans: It has the same rules as the rules of sending texts or making calls on the plane. If your cell phone is on airplane mode, you can’t receive texts or calls via a cellular connection. However, if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then you can also receive calls and texts.

Q5: Can you charge your cell phone while flying?

Ans: Yes, planes have charging ports where you can charge your phone. I recommend trying to keep your cell phone fully charged when you left for the airport. Some planes don’t have this option so in that case, switch off your cell phone to save its battery. Don’t call and text in planes because your phone charging is also used in this way.


In conclusion, most people like to use their phones all the time while flying. They want to stay connected with their friends and family. So they wondered “Can you text on a plane?” The answer is probably yes. You can’t send or receive texts or calls using mobile data. However, you can communicate with your loved ones through various apps connected to the airline’s Wi-Fi