Can You Take Pencils On A Plane

In this era where almost all office work is done electronically, it is still possible to need a pen sometimes. If you are embarking on an international business trip, you should keep a working pen with you. Airlines and TSA allow you to keep these writing materials with you. Sometimes if you are traveling with children and going to spend summer vacations, then while packing their stationery you might need to know “Can you take pencils on a plane”. Yes, you can bring them. Although these pencils have sharp nibs, that’s why people are confused about keeping them TSA doesn’t consider them threatening objects because these nibs are not sharp enough to cause harm to someone.

If you are a student or love sketching and drawing, you just need to keep a box of pencils, a pen, and colorful markers. But as you know, you can’t take everything you wish to bring or need with you on a plane. The TSA and airlines have different rules and regulations about bringing various objects onto the plane. You have to follow them otherwise you have to pay the fine for those restricted items. Read my article to get a comprehensive understanding of taking pencils and pens on a plane.

Can You Take Pencils On A Plane

Can You Take Pencils On A Plane

Can you bring pencils on a plane?

Yes, you can keep pencils with you while flying. If you visit the TSA website, they don’t clearly mention anything about pencils. However, in one of their tweets, they declare on Twitter that pencils are allowed on the plane. You can keep them. You can pass the security check with pencils.

Several people also want to know whether they can pack pencils in both carry-on and checked luggage or only in checked luggage. Yes, you can keep your pencils in both checked luggage and hand luggage.

Organizing colored pencils

Some people just hate the mess among their things. They just want to make sure everything is organized and properly arranged. Pencils are among the smaller things that spread quickly. You should be very careful about packing and organizing them for a flight or storing them at home.

This seems a bit tricky, but now there are many holders and organizers available on the market that can hold your pencils very easily. The following are some ways to keep your pencils organized all the time.

  • Plastic containers
  • Use stationary pouches
  • Use pencil holders
  • Keep colored pencils in their original packaging

Plastic Containers

You can simply take a plastic box and keep your pencils in it. Don’t use glass containers. They are dangerous to use. There are several square-shaped and rectangle-shaped boxes available on the market. You can simply use them. If you have a lot of colored pencils and you want to organize them in a way that you can easily access pencils of lighter color and darker colors, you can just take two jars. The length of the jars should match the length of your colored pencils. Keep pencils according to the lighter and darker colors, then wrap duct tape around them. You can also decorate and paint your jars in different ways to make them interesting and attractive.

Use Stationary Pouches

There are also several pouches designed to store colored pencils. Small sections are usually included in these pouches, which are used to hold pencils. Some high-quality pouches are also secured with a zipper so that if pencils come out of the spaces, they still remain in the pouch. Roll the pouch once you have filled it with colored pencils. This is a travel-friendly pouch. These are specifically designed for storing colored pencils.

Use Pencil Holders

If you frequently use colors, it’s good to keep them on your table. If you keep colored pencils in a box or container, you still need to find the color you need. No worries you can use a pencil holder. The pencil holders should be placed on the table. These holders are made of wood and plastic. They have small holes in them to hold pencils. It is not ideal for traveling, but you can do one thing, which is take a small bag and put the colors and holders in it so that after you reach your destination you can use the holders.

Keep Colored Pencils In Their Original Packaging

Excellent quality color pencils are available in sturdy packaging. They are usually in plastic containers or are packed properly and fully fit in their packing. If you are buying colors specifically for your trip, then I recommend you don’t unpack the colored pencils and keep them in your luggage as you bought them.

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Are pencils allowed on domestic and international flights?

There are no differences between pencil and pen rules on local and international flights. Most people carry more pencils on domestic flights. When traveling internationally, people often purchase pens, pencils, colored pencils, and markers after they have reached their destination. However, they are allowed on both domestic and international flights. If you want to fly with pencils, then pack them properly and store them in your carry-on or checked luggage.

In the same way, there are no restrictions on the number of pencils on both domestic and international flights.

Can I bring solvent on a plane to blend coloring pencils?

Solvents are considered liquid items to be carried by airlines. You can keep them in a limited amount of liquid that should not exceed 3.4 ounces. These solvents are not flammable and are safe to carry on board the plane. You should only use solvents that are not flammable and without alcohol. There are solvents that contain oils as their basic solvents, and those solvents are completely safe.

Can you bring a pencil sharpener to the plane?

Many people also want to know whether they can keep a sharpener with them or not because it also has a blade in it. But if we talk about TSA and airlines, there’s a big yes from them. Sharpeners can be easily carried with you wherever you go.

It is also possible to keep a sharpener in your handbag without restriction. You can pack sharpeners in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Can we carry a ball pen in flight?

There’s no restriction on the ball-point pen. The design is very basic and simple, so they are totally safe. The TSA’s main purpose is to prohibit dangerous items or tools that come into the category of weapons and constitute a threat.

If you are having a large number of pens, or if you are carrying them for selling purposes, then it is better to keep them in checked luggage, otherwise, you can also pack them in hand carry. There are no restrictions. You are free to place them both in your carry-on and checked luggage.

Can you bring colored pencils on a plane?

Can You Take Pencils On A Plane

Yes, you can also bring colored pencils with you. No restrictions are imposed on these pencils. They are available in different sizes and you can keep them for as long as you like. Along with colored pencils, you can also keep markers, colored markers, and highlighters on the plane. You can keep them in both carry-on and checked luggage. The most convenient way to store them is to place them in a clear plastic box or to store them in their original packing.

How many pens can you take on a plane?

If you want to carry pens on the airplane, you are also allowed to keep them. If you want one or two pens, you can have them. It is not necessary to limit the number of pens. You can keep pens according to your needs. If you have pens that need to be refilled repeatedly, you also need to carry ink with you.

Ink comes in the category of liquid items and you know there are some limitations on liquids on airplanes. You only need a clear ink bottle. It can’t be increased by the airlines’ limit. Your ink container should be less than 3.4 ounces. Tighten the ink bottle cap firmly. So it doesn’t leak during the trip. It’s better to keep them in carry-on luggage along with other liquids.

Can you keep other art items on the plane?

If drawing and sketching is your passion, then along with pencils and colored pencils, you will need other items like a paintbrush, paint, drawing pads, crayons, and sketchbooks. You can also keep them. Watercolors are also allowed while flying.

Is it okay to carry a tactical pen while flying?

If you want to know whether you can keep tactical pens on the flight or not, the simple answer is no. Tactical pens are designed to be stronger, stronger, and sharper than regular pens. It is categorized as a dangerous item, as it can easily harm a person. In spite of the fact that its manufacturing purpose is not to harm anyone, its design puts it in that category.

According to the official website of the TSA, it is strictly prohibited to keep these pens in your handbag. In order to keep them with you, you must pack them in your checked luggage properly.


Q1: Do I have to declare pencils while checking?

Ans: No, there’s no need to declare pencils during the security check. They are not dangerous. You can keep them in both carry-on and checked luggage. There are also no restrictions on the number of pencils that you can keep. While you must declare sometimes, there are no such restrictions for pencils.

Q2: How to pack colored pencils during a flight?

Ans: The most convenient way to store colored pencils is to keep them in clear plastic containers. However, there are a number of other methods of storing colored pencils. As I mentioned in the article. Read them carefully to get a complete understanding of them.

Q3: Can I keep pencils in my handbag?

Ans: Yes, you can keep them in your carry-on. There’s no restriction on keeping them in carry-on and checked luggage.


In conclusion, you also need to understand the rules and regulations of different airlines on keeping pens and pencils on the plane. Most people ask “Can you take pencils on a plane?” The simple answer is yes. TSA has no specific rules about keeping pencils but in their various tweets, they also say that pencils are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage. However, TSA clearly states that pens are allowed in both handbags and checked luggage. It’s better to refer to your airline’s rules for complete information.

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