Can You Lock Your Checked Luggage During International Flights

Having a trip makes you feel relaxed from the same hectic, busy, and boring routine. Spending some days in the lap of nature or on a beach is just like therapy which helps you to release your stress and feel calm and relaxed. Everyone wants to spend these days without any mis happening. There are some factors like luggage theft or misplaced that can ruin your trip so be attentive to your surroundings to keep yourself stress-free. Many people think “Can you lock your checked luggage?”.

Obviously, you can lock your luggage due to security risks. If you lock your luggage properly then your items will remain safe from being stolen or misplaced. There’s also a variety of luggage locks available in the market you can buy a lock according to your need and budget.

can you lock your checked Luggage?

Can you lock your checked luggage

Yes, you can lock your checked luggage because it’s important for the safety of your items. In fact, many checked suitcases have an in-built TSA system. If your luggage has an in-built TSA lock system then there’s no need to buy a separate lock. If you travel internationally then you must buy luggage with a TSA lock because if TSA agents or airline staff need to open your luggage then they can simply open it by using a master key.

Many people get confused, thinking that locked luggage can’t be properly screened, but it’s a misconception. Airports have X-ray screeners and airport staff can inspect the luggage through monitors. If they don’t get a clear picture of any item and can’t be able to recognize that object then they check the luggage manually. It’s a rare thing and in this case, if your luggage has a TSA lock then it gets open easily.

Can I lock my carry-on luggage?

Yes, you can also lock your carry-on luggage. Many people think that the carry-on will remain with them all the time so there’s no need to lock them but it’s wrong. Many people keep their most expensive and important items in their carry-on luggage so it should also be locked. No doubt that carry-on will remain with you all the time but you also have to store it in the overhead bin of the plane and in the same way you might have to stay at the airport for some time and airport is a crowdy place so it’s good to lock your carry-on luggage along with locking your checked luggage.

Most airlines allow one personal item along with one carry-on so I recommend you pack all of your essential items in the carry-on luggage and lock it properly. Pack your toiletries, medicines, make-up, and other mostly used items in the personal item bag, and don’t lock it. In this way, if your personal items bag gets misplaced accidently your items you’ll not have to bear a big loss.

Is locking a luggage keep it safe?

Yes, if you lock your luggage properly then any stranger or thief can’t open your luggage. No one can get access to your belongings. Lock keeps your items safe but it doesn’t give 100% security. Your items are still at risk of misplacing due to the following reasons.

  • Professional thieves know how to open a lock without a key.
  • If you have soft-sided luggage then it can be easily cut with any sharp object.
  • Always use a good quality luggage lock because if the lock gets damaged during baggage handling it can get stuck when you open it. In this case, you’ll also have to face problems.

No doubt, a lock protects your items but still, you need to be careful. Must use hard-side luggage because hard-sided luggage can’t be cut down because it’s made from hard material. You can also wrap your luggage with duct tape for additional protection.

What happens if I forget to lock my luggage?

If you are traveling by air and forget to lock your luggage and it gets checked in then it can be opened by TSA agents during random checking but they usually leave a note that they inspect your luggage so that’s not a big deal. However, if someone gets access to your luggage before you at the conveyor belt then your luggage items can be misplaced. After getting your luggage, check it properly and if something is missing then immediately inform your airline.

Unlocked suitcases are at the direct risk of being misplaced or stolen. If you have to travel by train or bus with your unlocked luggage then be careful and watch your luggage.

People usually forget to lock their luggage because they think that they will lock it after screening and eventually they forget. It also happens that people leave their homes without locking their luggage and go to the airport. If it happens to you then whenever you realize that your luggage does not have a lock then immediately purchase duct tape and wrap your luggage properly. If you have any rope or cable tie in your access then also wrap your luggage with it.

Different types of Locks:

Can you lock your checked luggage

Ans: There are a number of luggage locks available in the market and you can also buy them online.

  • Key locks
  • combination lock
  • Cable locks
  • Key card lock

Let’s get more information about these locks in detail.

Key lock:

Key locks are the most traditional ones. You can simply open it with its key. For me, it doesn’t give much protection to your items as there are a number of methods taught on the internet to open key locks without their key. There’s also a hassle to keep its key carefully because once you lose its key you can’t open the key lock.

Combination locks:

Combination locks are good to use. There’s no need to take a key along with you all the time. There’s a combination of 2-4 words that you need to remember for the opening of a combination lock. However, after setting the combination of your luggage’s lock take a picture of it or note it separately so that you don’t forget this lock and you can open this lock effortlessly.

Cable lock:

Cable locks are more practical to use than key locks and combination locks. Their cable is flexible and is more versatile. You need a key to open traditional cable locks but modern cable locks need a combination to open them. These locks are more beneficial.

Key card locks:

These locks are opened by using a card. These cards look like ATM and identity cards and can easily kept in your wallet. There’s no other way to open these locks so they are also safe to use. However, there’s one drawback of using these locks, if the card of your key card lock gets misplaced you can get into trouble. Otherwise, this lock is also good to use.

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Q1: What are the advantages of locking luggage?

Ans: The following are some advantages of locking your luggage:

  • when you lock your luggage properly it keeps your items safe from being theft as nobody can get access to your luggage items without your permission.
  • The thief usually stays away from the luggage that is properly packed.
  • When you lock your luggage properly, you get relaxed mentally and become stress-free regarding the security of your item.

Q2: Can I lock my luggage on both domestic and international flights?

Ans: Yes, you are allowed to lock your luggage for both international and domestic flights. In fact, you should lock your luggage all the time when you are away from your home whether you are traveling or have a stay in a hotel. The main reason for luggage locking is the security of items and keeping items safe is important in domestic and international trips equally

Q3: How can I keep my items safe while traveling?

Ans: You can do the following things to keep your belongings safe:

  • Always use hard-side luggage because nobody can cut it and your items will remain safe from being theft.
  • Must use any moneybag or cross-body bag and keep your cash and costly items in it. Don’t keep any precious items in your checked luggage.
  • Try to use TSA-approved locks. They are safer than ordinary locks.
  • It’s also good to take wrapping service it’ll give some additional protection to your items.


In conclusion to the question “Can you lock your checked luggage?” the answer is a big “YES”. You can lock your luggage on both domestic and international trips. In fact, locks protect your items inside the luggage and keep them secure. There are a variety of locks available, choose the lock that suits you best. Must use a TSA-approved luggage because only you and the TSA agent can open it.

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