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While planning a romantic trip with your partner or embarking on a world tour for recreation, you also want to know the rules of carrying condoms while on air travel. It is critical to note that not all countries have the same condom brand. People may choose specific condom brands for several reasons. That’s why people want condoms in their luggage while flying.

As you know, different airlines have different rules for different items, so most people search Google for “Can you bring condoms on a plane?” Yes, you can bring condoms on a plane. The TSA has no limits on taking condoms on planes and no restrictions on condom quantity. Additionally, if you want to pack flavored condoms, choose any flavor. There are no restrictions. My article covers all of the most important questions regarding taking condoms on the plane and provides a comprehensive guide about taking condoms on the plane.

Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane?

Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane

Can you take condoms on a plane?

Yes, you can travel with a condom on a plane. There’s no restriction on condoms on airplanes. Most of the popular airlines allow passengers to take condoms and don’t have strict rules on condom numbers. In terms of keeping it in your handbag, there is no restriction. If you want to keep it in your checked luggage, you can also do so. If TSA officers ask about condoms, don’t worry; it is legal to carry condoms.

The TSA regulates the transportation of solid objects, and liquid items are generally forbidden. Some condoms have lube but are still considered solid objects and are not considered liquid objects and are allowed on the plane. If you want to take lube with you, you have to take some precautions. Always carry it in your checked luggage and don’t place it in your handbag. Keep this lube bottle with other liquids and tighten its cap properly. Keep all of your liquid bottles in a separate plastic bag equipped with a zipper.

Is it safe to carry condoms on a plane?

Yes, it is totally safe. You can place luggage that contains a condom in the overhead bin if you want to keep it with you. If you don’t want to keep condoms in your luggage, you can easily keep them in your wallet and pockets. It is completely safe to carry condoms on domestic and international flights. Airlines do not restrict condoms, as they are not harmful objects.

Some sexually active people also want to take adult toys with them. Some of them are allowed to take, but others are strictly prohibited. Pack these toys carefully and keep them in their original packing. It is more secure. These toys may need additional screening at a security check. Vibrators and dildos are not allowed to take in luggage because they come from the category of weapons. Handcuffs, whips, and novelty gags are also not allowed to take during flying.

How many condoms can I take on a plane?

There is no restriction on the number of condoms. It totally depends on you how many condoms you need during your entire trip. There is no problem even if your luggage has a higher number of condoms than the sum of all other items. As I mentioned earlier, the condom is a safe thing. TSA doesn’t have any prohibition against taking condoms, so you are also free to keep as many condoms as you want.

TSA rules about condoms

TSA allows you to carry condoms on the plane. There are no restrictions on the type and quantity of condoms. However, you have to pass the condoms through a security check, like other objects. You can carry condoms in both your carry-on and checked luggage without restrictions on their type and quantity.

However, you need to pass the condoms through a security check, just like any other object. If the TSA prohibits anything on the plane, they only do so for security. In most cases, TSA prohibits hazardous materials or flammable materials. You can take condoms, but it is imperative to check the rules of your airline and your destination country.

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Can you keep condoms on the plane if you are underage?

Yes, you can keep condoms. It is totally legal. TSA and airport staff will not inquire about your age if you carry a condom, because the use of condoms does not have an age limit. If you are under 15, you can still keep a condom. You should keep condoms in a location where they can quickly scan without cluttering the image during an X-ray screening.

Can you buy condoms at the airport?

Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane

Yes, you can buy condoms at the airport. Condoms are available in pharmacies everywhere. They are easy to access. Most general stores have condoms. If you want to buy condoms at the airport, keep these two things in mind.

  • Most airport things are more expensive than their actual price.
  • Condoms of every brand don’t need to be present in each store, so sometimes it is nearly impossible to get your favorite brand at the local store.

I recommend you take condoms from home. By packing your condoms in your luggage, you won’t forget to take them with you. Also, if you try to purchase condoms at the airport, you might be late for the flight and it really makes you anxious.

How to pack condoms while flying?

As you know, the TSA allows you to keep a condom with you, but you still need to be careful when packing them. Following are some tips for packing condoms.

  • Whenever possible, store condoms in your hand luggage, first in a zippered plastic bag and then in a rigid box. This is if you are using a carry-on bag with a soft case. Condoms can burst during transit, as they also contain lubricants that contaminate other gear.
  • I recommend you keep the condoms in the front or upper pockets. This is so that if during the inspection they need extra screening, you can easily access them without messing with the other items.
  • Before taking condoms to the airport, do complete research about whether your destination country allows you to take condoms or not. Read all the rules and regulations carefully.
  • If you have 1,2 condoms then you can also keep them in your pocket but most condoms have foil packaging and metal detectors can beep while screening so you have to take out condoms in front of other travelers which could be embarrassing so it is better to keep them in the luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I take birth control pills while flying?

Ans: Yes, you can pack these pills in your luggage. Keeping the pills after someone packs them is an excellent idea. TSA allows medications to be carried in handbags and checked luggage. You can take all the prescribed medicines. I recommend keeping medicines in your handbag for easy access.

Q2: Can you pass a bag full of condoms through a security check?

Ans: Your luggage and carry-on bags have to be screened at the security check to ensure that you are traveling with legal items. If they found any prohibited item, then they simply removed it from your luggage or if you want to carry it, you have to pay a fine and do some paperwork. Condoms are legal products. You can easily pack them in your luggage. Depending on the airline, condoms can be subjected to additional screening, but it does not prohibit them from being taken on the plane.

Q3: Are condoms considered liquid?

Ans: In the United States, airlines consider condoms solid. TSA also allows solid objects during traveling. Condoms contain a small amount of lube in them but don’t fall into the category of liquid objects. However, you need to pack them properly. In the case of lube, there are also some specific rules and regulations set by the airlines, but they are still allowed to be taken during the flight.

Q4: Which is the most ideal place to keep condoms?

Ans: You can keep condoms in your pockets, checked luggage, and carry-on luggage. For me, carry-on luggage is the most suitable to keep them. You can bring your carry-on luggage with you during the flight and also condoms are easily accessible in carry-on luggage. They are safer in handbags than in checked luggage or even in pockets.

Q5: Do international flights allow condoms or not?

Ans: Yes, condoms are allowed on domestic and international flights. Most countries allow them to be taken in luggage. However, sex toys are not as free as condoms. The TSA prohibits many sex toys from being kept in carry-on and checked luggage. If you want to take sex toys, check the airline’s rules thoroughly.


Finally, to answer the frequently asked question “Can you bring condoms on a plane” the answer is a big yes. You can keep your condoms with you. After reaching the destination country, finding the condom of your favorite brand is a hassle, so it is a good idea to purchase your favorite condom from your hometown. It is the packaging that is most important. Pack your condoms properly so that your condoms remain safe during traveling and then enjoy your trip.