Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security – Which food is not allowed by airlines

The reasons for taking homemade food during traveling are numerous. One of the biggest problems is that the food served at the airport is expensive and sometimes it’s also not of good quality. Some patients are allowed to eat only prescribed food and cannot eat anything else. This food might not be served at the airport so it is a necessity for them to bring homemade food. Sometimes there is also a need to take babies’ blended food. All these things end with the question “Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security“. A simple answer to this question is a big yes but there are some rules and regulations that’s need to kept in mind while bringing food.

Make sure to pack your food in a sealed container. Also, you should always use plastic containers. Glass containers are not a good choice. The first thing that you need to do is pack the items that can be sealed airtight.

If you click on my article it means that it is necessary for you to take homemade food for any reason. Read my article thoroughly so that you don’t face any issues with your luggage during checking.

Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security

Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security

Can you bring food on a plane?

Yes, you can bring food on a plane but it is advised to check the rules and regulations of the airline because each airline has different rules. If they allow you to bring food, make sure that it is for domestic or international travel. At the security check, all homemade food prepared in the kitchen must be approved. In some cases, airlines may also require paperwork, so if the airport staff asks questions about the food, answer them in a mannered and patient manner.

You can bring fresh vegetables with you but some airlines prohibit them because of plant parasite risk. Apples, bananas, mangoes, and any fruit can pass the security check. There is also a big yes for steaks, oil, vinegar, yogurt, eggs, pet food chips, a jar of jelly, salsa, and sandwiches. You can take these items with you. There are no limitations on food quantity.

Can you bring snacks on a plane?

TSA allows solid foods. You can pass these items through the security check. Airlines advise you to keep these snacks in your checked luggage. When people carry carry-on luggage, the image may be obscured in X-ray machines. Airlines suggest keeping items organized in carry-on bags so they can’t obstruct X-ray screening.

Can I bring cookies on a plane?

Yes, airlines allow you to keep cookies. You can take chocolates, candies, and cakes. Airlines allow solid items. There is no limit on the number of sweets. If you want to keep these items, you can do so in accordance with your choice and needs, but be mindful of your luggage’s weight limit.

Can you take fast food through airport security?

Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security

Yes, you can carry fast food with you. Ensure that food like sandwiches, pizza, and burgers is properly wrapped in plastic wrap. You should always keep food in an extra bag so that it is easy to pick up and remains in that bag if it opens. In the case of cheese, you can take solid cheese but it should be packed nicely. Creamy cheese is not allowed however cheese needs extra screening.

Which food is not allowed by airlines

All solid foods are allowed on airlines. All solid items like cakes, brownies, candies, homemade sandwiches, and fast food are allowed. You only have to be careful about its packing. They should be packed properly.

If you want to take liquid food, you can freeze it so that it becomes solid, but it is a risky process. It is possible for liquid to melt before the security checks and cause problems. However, alcohol is strictly prohibited in carry-on luggage. TSA categorizes peanut butter as liquid, so it cannot be transported in luggage.

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When food passes airport security, is it safe to eat it?

Yes, this food is completely safe to consume. X-rays don’t make food radioactive, however. These rays are electromagnetic rays that are different from atomic radiation. These X-ray scanners operate at very low energy levels. However, your food is a bit safer after the X-ray exposure because these rays kill bacteria and parasites in your food.


Q1: Can you bring chips through TSA?

Ans: Yes, you can bring potatoes and vegetable chips. You can pack them properly and keep them in a carry-on bag. Pack them in a sturdy plastic container so they can’t be crushed during travel.

Q2: Is it allowed to carry food in a carry-on?

Ans: Yes, you can carry your food with you in a carry-on. Keep them in the proper arrangement. There are some foods like canned foods, cheese, and others that are allowed to be packed in checked luggage. Before packing read the airlines’ rules about the items you want to keep in your carry-on.


If you want to take delicious food with you then no matter what the reason is? There is no doubt that the answer is a very big yes. For me eating homemade food is far better than eating food served at airports or hotels because homemade food is of premium quality and hygiene When it comes to air travel, you must check the rules and regulations of your airline and also the airline of your landed country so there’s no risk of any issue left regarding homemade food. Pack your food properly in a sealed container and keep it in checked luggage.