Can I Take An Empty Suitcase On a Plane – Charges For Carrying Empty Suitcase!

Some people enjoy shopping when they go abroad, and they want to purchase everything they see. They buy many products because they cannot resist the item that attracts them. Sometimes they have a lot of stuff but there is no suitcase to pack them in and they think they should pack an empty suitcase with them. If you are also fond of buying lots of stuff and wonder “Can I take an empty suitcase on a plane?” then, according to most airlines, you can travel with an empty suitcase. They have no particular rules or restrictions on carrying an empty suitcase while flying.

There is a possibility that airlines will check your empty suitcase thoroughly for security reasons. They do so to confirm that your suitcase is empty or that you have anything suspicious inside. They might ask you some questions about your suitcase. However, check the weight and size of your suitcase. Is it according to the airline rules and regulations or not? Your suitcase must be lightweight. If you want a complete guide to keeping an empty suitcase, this article is for you. Read my article completely for a better understanding.

Can I Take An Empty Suitcase On a Plane

Can I Take An Empty Suitcase On a Plane

Do airlines allow me to keep an empty suitcase with me?

Yes, airlines don’t prohibit empty suitcases from being taken on a plane. Check your airline’s rules. Airlines don’t care about it. The airlines just want you to bring a suitcase of the appropriate weight and size that is allowed by them. If passengers don’t follow the luggage’s weight and size rules and cross the limits, it becomes stressful for them. They have to pay an additional fee for that luggage. Airline staff can’t load unlimited weights on the plane. It is also for safety. Airline workers generally accept empty suitcases, but they ask that you bring cases that are within the recommended weight and size range. Additionally your suitcases

Do I have to pay for empty suitcases?

Yes, you must pay additional charges to bring an extra suitcase. Most airlines allow you to keep one additional handbag with you and don’t charge money. If you want an extra suitcase, you have to pay a fee. These charges are affordable and not too high. Different airlines charge different fees. If you are traveling internationally, your airline charges according to your route, but mostly these charges are between $15 to $50.

Can I bring an empty suitcase without paying?

Firstly, be honest and pay the charges if you carry an extra suitcase with you.

If you have a big suitcase with you, you can’t pass the security check without showing it. You can keep a laptop-sized bag with you that can be kept in the overhead bin and you might not have to pay for that. You can keep two bags with you and have to hide one at the time of check-in so that if you do that, you can pass through the boarding easily.

You can also select an airline where there are no additional charges for extra empty cases. But for flying in the USA domestically, you have to pay for it and the charges are relatively high compared to other international airlines.

It is really reasonable if airlines charge for extra space because there’s limited space in the plane for storing luggage during flying and no matter whether your suitcase is empty or not it takes up the same space and if the airline’s space overloads the plane, then it will also be risky.

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Can I nest luggage inside other luggage?

Yes, you can keep one empty suitcase inside the larger one. But I think it is not practical all the time because in this case, you have to store your accessories in hand luggage. You can do one thing: keep your items in the inner small suitcase and leave the larger one empty.

It is an effective way to keep an extra piece of luggage with you since airlines don’t care what you have inside your luggage. You don’t have to keep two suitcases with you. Another attractive thing is that you don’t have to pay an additional fee for an empty suitcase. Your luggage will also remain safe from misplacement.

The simplest way to nest one suitcase inside the big one

Can I Take An Empty Suitcase On a Plane

As I mentioned earlier, you can keep a piece of smaller luggage in the big one by keeping all the accessories in it. In this way, you can store it easily.

You don’t need to always have a small suitcase in the bigger one. It is primarily to save some space when you return home that additional luggage is kept. There are many duffle bags available that can fit and be packed inside their covers. On Amazon, you can easily find them. You can keep these duffle bags in your handbag too. They don’t take up extra space and when you need them, you can unpack them and use them. This method helps you a lot when you visit countries worth a lot of shopping like Tokyo, New York, Kaula Lam Pur, Dubai, Paris, and Turkey.

Is there a specific weight for an empty suitcase?

Empty suitcases are not subject to any specific restrictions or rules. Most airlines allow suitcases that weigh about 9 pounds. You don’t need to worry about the weight and size limits of the empty suitcases. If you follow all the airline rules and regulations, you will not experience any problems.

Always consider the weight when you are returning home, so choose a lightweight suitcase so that if you need to pack more items during the flight, your luggage still does not cross the weight limits suggested by the airlines and saves you from extra fees.

How To Fill Empty Space in the Suitcase?

Research shows many people think that packing is the most difficult and stressful thing about a trip. However, if you pack with proper planning, you can pack your luggage better. Before packing, make a list of all the items you want to take with you.

During packing, firstly pack all of your big items. Organize them properly. Then if you see any small spaces left over, you can fit your accessories there. You could also roll the T-shirts and tuck them there if there is still space available, instead of adding accessories. In this way, you will be able to fill all the space in your bag and ensure that your items remain in their places. If you are done packing your items and have nothing left to pack, you can fill these spaces with newspaper and extra clothes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I carry two empty suitcases on a plane?

Ans: Of course, you can keep two empty suitcases with you at any time. Pay the fee accordingly. Make sure that you don’t pack any prohibited items in your suitcase. Airlines don’t impose unnecessary laws. They just want the flight to be safe and flawless. Obey the laws and enjoy your journey.

Q2: Is there any travel trick for flying with empty luggage?

Ans: Yes, you can do two things.

  • The smaller suitcase can be placed inside the larger one and filled with your items, so you don’t have to pay for extra empty bags as well.
  • You can use duffle bags that are collapsable and can easily fit in your carry-on. These duffle bags are better than extra suitcases.

Q3: Can I bring a suitcase and backpack on a plane?

Ans: Some people want to bring backpacks along with their carry-on and would like to know that are they are allowed to do so or not. Oftentimes, airlines allow passengers to carry backpacks on the plane because backpacks have a lot of hidden pockets, making them more practical for storing all the accessories inside. If you want to skip the luggage and just carry it on and a backpack can accommodate all of your belongings, you can do so.

If you are going on a 3-day trip and a backpack and a small suitcase fit better for packing instead of a carry-on and a piece of luggage, then you can bring them on the plane. Airlines have no restrictions.


In conclusion, if you are a frequent traveler and collecting new items is your passion, you must ask “Can I take an empty suitcase on a plane?” and the answer is a big yes. You can fly freely with an empty suitcase. You are not restricted by the TSA or by the airline. The only thing you need to do is understand and follow your airline’s rules and regulations.

Remember that you have to pay an extra fee if you bring extra suitcases on the plane, so also keep some extra money with you so that you might not face any problems at the airport. If you want to enjoy your trip, pack all your favorite items, but keep in mind the luggage’s weight, otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fine if you cross that weight limit.