Are luggage covers tsa approved – What are There Benifits?

No matter how much your luggage is expensive? if you don’t keep it clean, it’ll get damaged and look odd. Keeping the luggage clean increases its age. It’s not easy to wash your luggage after every trip, try to keep it clean throughout the trip so that you need to wipe it with a damp cloth rather than wash it thoroughly.

The best way to keep your luggage safe from dust and dirt is to use a luggage cover. Luggage covers protect your luggage from dust, dirt, and even scratches. While traveling internationally, many people ask “Are luggage covers TSA approved“. Yes, almost all the luggage covers are allowed by TSA but you should keep some points in your mind while purchasing them. In this article, I’ll tell you everything regarding the luggage covers.

Does TSA allow Luggage covers?

Are luggage covers tsa approved

For a smooth flight, it’s very important to follow all the rules of TSA and the airline. The rules and regulations of TSA and airlines are just for the security of passengers. Must follow all the rules to have a stress-free flight.

If we talk about the terms of TSA regarding the luggage covers then “Yes” TSA allows luggage covers on the plane. TSA allows luggage for both carry-on and checked luggage equally. According to the official website of TSA, they say that if there’s a need for manual checking of the luggage’s items then they remove the luggage cover and will repack the items properly. So, there are no restrictions on using luggage covers on the plane for both carry-on and checked luggage.

Are luggage covers TSA-approved?

Yes, almost all kinds of luggage covers are allowed to be used by TSA. TSA just wants you to consider the following few things while buying a luggage cover:

  • You should buy a clear luggage cover so that TSA can easily inspect your luggage. Some luggage cover cause a problem during security check so try to avoid those type of luggage cover.
  • You must use a cover that fits perfectly on your suitcase. Don’t use an oversized or extra small luggage cover. An inappropriate luggage cover makes suitcases difficult to handle by baggage handlers.
  • Your luggage should have proper zippers so that it can be opened easily if there’s a need for additional checking of your luggage.
  • Always choose a good quality luggage cover that can’t get torn off even if the suitcases get mishandled by luggage handlers.

Benefits of using a luggage covers:

Are luggage covers tsa approved Everyone wants to receive their luggage in good condition after having a trip. Luggage covers are the best way to keep the luggage clean. They are also not too expensive. You can easily get a luggage of your choice from the market according to your budget. Luggage covers are also available at Amazon so if you don’t want to go to the market then order them. However, the following are some advantages of using luggage covers.

  • Luggage covers protect the luggage from scratches, stains, dust, and dirt. They keep your luggage clean throughout your trip whether you are at the airport or walking over muddy roads. Let’s suppose if you have a soft-sided bag then these covers also protect your luggage if any liquid spills on it accidentally.
  • Good quality luggage cover also protects your luggage from being damaged. Zippers of luggage will remain secure all the time and won’t get damaged during mishandling.
  • If you want to decorate your luggage then you simply need to buy a colorful and attractive luggage cover.
  • You might see that at the conveyor belt, almost all the luggage with basic color looks alike and it’s really very difficult to find your luggage so if your luggage has an attractive luggage cover then you can easily recognize your luggage.
  • Luggage covers also reduce the risks of luggage theft. A luggage having an attractive luggage cover can be recognized from a distance and thieves usually avoid those suitcases.

Things to consider while buying a luggage cover:

Are luggage covers tsa approved

There’s a variety of luggage covers available in the market but you have to select one that is more appropriate. Following are some factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a luggage cover.

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the luggage cover. Choose a good quality luggage cover that protects your luggage from scratches properly. Luggage covers are not a useless thing they give protection to your luggage and keep it clean.
  • Must select the right-sized luggage cover. If you buy a cover online then try to measure it by yourself before using it. If it seems to fit properly on your luggage then keep it otherwise return it and go for any other luggage cover.
  • If you have a good budget for the luggage covers, try to buy a PVC-coated polyester. They are expensive than ordinary covers but they are highly water-proof and scratch-resistant. It’s good to invest in a good-quality luggage cover rather than buying a piece of poor-quality luggage at a low cost.
  • If you want to have an affordable but good-quality luggage cover then the luggage covers of spandex are a good choice. These covers are made from good quality material and are also available in a number of colors and designs.

Can luggage covers cause difficulty in security check:

There are some luggage covers that have specific patterns on them and might cause problems during scanning. X-ray scanners might not be able to scan all the objects inside the luggage due to that luggage cover.

However you use clear luggage covers then you don’t have to face any problems. If there’s a need for manual checking of your luggage and TSA officers ask you to open the luggage then remove the luggage cover very carefully. After inspection cover your luggage properly with this cover and make sure to pack all the items back in your luggage. Don’t miss anything there.

Can I do plastic wrapping of my luggage?

If you don’t want to purchase luggage covers and prefer to take a wrapping service instead then yes you are allowed to plastic wrap your luggage. You can also plastic wrap your luggage by yourself at your home and you can also take its service, it totally depends on your choice and budget.

In this process, a good plastic cover is wrapped tightly around the luggage and secured with duct tape. This wrapping provides 100% safety to the items inside your luggage and prevents them from being stolen or misplaced.

There’s one drawback to this plastic wrapping if TSA needs to open your luggage then they have to cut this wrapping and can’t wrap your luggage again. For me, it’s better to use a luggage cover than plastic wrapping.


Q1: Do luggage covers protect my luggage?

Ans: Yes, Luggage covers protect your luggage from getting dirty. If you use a good-quality luggage cover then it’ll also provide additional protection to the items inside your luggage. After using luggage cover your luggage will be safe from getting scratches and stains. For me, you must use luggage while traveling internationally or domestically. Learn More

Q2: Does TSA tear off the luggage cover?

Ans: Sometimes, TSA agents need to check your luggage manually so they have to remove the luggage cover for that purpose. If your luggage cover has zippers then they simply open the zippers and remove the luggage cover. After proper inspection, they simply pack your luggage in the luggage cover again. They don’t tear off the luggage covers however make sure to use a transparent luggage cover having zippers so that the TSA can inspect your luggage easily.

Q3: Are luggage covers expensive?

Ans: Usually luggage covers are not very expensive. However, the price of the luggage covers also depends on their quality. Some good-quality luggage covers are expensive but they are worth it. Suitcases are expensive items so if you invest some additional money to buy a luggage cover for it then it’ll increase the age of your suitcase.

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If you want to know “Are Luggage covers TSA-approved” then “Yes” Luggage covers are TSA-approved. TSA and airlines completely allowed you to use luggage covers for both your carry-on and checked luggage. Sometimes suitcases get dirty, scratched, or even damaged by the mishandling of baggage handlers so if your luggage has luggage covers then it’ll remain safe and clean during that rough handling.

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